Ohio Greens call for DeMare’s inclusion in U.S. Senate debates

demareThe Green Party of Ohio has called for the inclusion of U.S. Senate nominee Joe DeMare in the debates that have been agreed to by the Democratic and Republican nominees. The Ohio Green said in a statement, “The primaries have ended; the nominees for all three recognized parties in Ohio have been chosen. It is vital that Ohio voters hear all the voices and have the ability to make an informed decision as to how they will vote in November.”

The party also said the two independent candidates in the race should be invited to debate, and that all Green candidates “for U.S. House and the Ohio Statehouse, as well as local offices be given the opportunity to debate their counterparts, should those debates occur. Only by all the candidates being heard can Ohioans truly have the chance to vote for whom they see as having the ideas and platform that best matches the voters own ideals.”


Democrats cross-endorse Green candidate for Connecticut state legislature

troyDemocrats have cross-endorsed the Green Party candidate for state representative in Connecticut’s 135th District, Bonnie Troy.

Connecticut’s Redding Pilot reports that Troy’s campaign “is mostly focused on the environment and renewable energy issues. … She says if elected her focus will be to raise awareness and help educate people on how to make more educated choices in local commerce, sustainable food, land care practices, and renewable energy choices.”

Troy received 19% of the vote for the seat two years ago against Republican incumbent John Shaban. But Shaban is not running for re-election, and this time, she “will appear in two places on the ballot — on the Green Party line and the Democratic line.”


Sanders backers urged to press for Green inclusion in fall debates

GreenParty2016Green Party of the United States media coordinator Scott McLarty writes at CounterPoint that “now that it’s almost inevitable Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic nomination, the talk is turning to what will come out of Bernie Sanders’ campaign after the Democratic National Convention.”

McLarty writes, “Enthusiasm is growing for a post-Sanders movement,” and it “will face its first test — or opportunity, if you prefer — in September. Will Mr. Sanders and his supporters demand a place for the Green Party nominee in the fall presidential debates? Or will they look the other way while ideas they claim to support are silenced and only the Democratic and Republican nominees are allowed to participate?” He says the Green Party nominee “will argue for many of the same things that Mr. Sanders has advocated, from Medicare For All to dismantling the power of the too-big-to-fail banks.”

Meanwhile, The Philadelphia Daily News reports that Yahne Ndgo, who “has appeared frequently on CNN as a spokeswoman for the Bernie or Bust campaign,” is “urging people to change their voter registration to the Green Party, in hopes Sanders will run as an independent or, if he doesn’t, to direct people to Green Party candidate Jill Stein.” In a report on Jill Stein’s recent Reddit Ask Me Anything session, Upvoted writes that Stein said, “Bernie and I need to talk. … But it has to start with his being interested. … I am committed to independent politics because I know that the goal for the Democratic Party at the end of the day is to sabotage the likes of Bernie Sanders and myself.”


Lavender Caucus’s Dennis: Greens have led the way on LGBTQIA+ rights

lavender_greens logoMichael Dennis of the Green Party Lavender Caucus Steering Committee writes at The Huffington Post that as “the world celebrates International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia,” he is taking the “opportunity to reflect on the contributions that the Green Party has made to LGBTI persons and call upon my party to challenge itself in helping advance justice for this community.”

Dennis says the Green Party “has been ahead of the curve regarding including LGBTQIA+ persons in our policies and values. In 1984, activists nationwide gathered in St. Paul to write a share statement of belief that would become the basis of the Green Party. That statement put forth the importance of the rights of LGB persons and their families — including equal rights in marriage and adoption. This followed the lead of the original German Green Party — and followed by other Greens globally.” He notes that in her 2002 campaign for Massachusetts governor, Jill Stein became the first gubernatorial candidate to call for legal same-sex marriage “in the state that first gave us marriage justice.” Two years later, Jason West, the Green mayor of New Paltz, New York, “was arrested, handcuffed, and charged, for marrying 26 same-sex couples.”


Stein interviewed by New York Daily News

steinpeaceIn an interview with The New York Daily News, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein said, “Polls show that the majority of Americans don’t support either party. Most Hillary Clinton supporters are backing her to oppose Donald Trump. And most Trump supporters are doing it to oppose Hillary. So what is wrong with this picture? If our voices were actually heard, we would be dominating.”

She said she has yet to break through in the polls “because the political system is designed to suppress political opposition. I’m talking about the money it takes to get on the ballot, the rules of ballot access, the rules of debates in which the Democratic and Republican parties control the presidential debate commission itself. When you factor in corporate collusion, it difficult to be heard.”

The New York Daily News is the fifth-largest U.S. daily newspaper by circulation.


Funiciello looking to create “a three-way race” in New York’s 21st District

p matt funiciello farmers marketMatt Funiciello, the Green Party nominee for U.S. House in New York’s 21st District, appeared on WWNY-TV, the CBS affiliate in Northern New York, on Tuesday.

Funiciello received 10.6% of the vote in the district in 2014, and believes he can make it a true three-way race this year.

“You do build name recognition if you run more than once, certainly. So it is my intent to get full name recognition,” he said. If you’re looking at a weakened [GOP Rep. Elise] Stefanik and a [Democrat] Mike Derrick polling at 30 or 35, you’ve got a three-way race on your hands. People stop worrying about the spoiler effect and start actually looking at the issues.”

He added, “Very few Americans are in disagreement with the Greens about most of the things we feel would make sense on a policy level.”


Stein polling two percent in Arizona

ArizonaGreen Party candidate Jill Stein would get two percent of the vote in Arizona if the presidential election was held today, according to a Public Policy Polling survey. Libertarian Gary Johnson would receive six percent. Republican Donald Trump leads Democrat Hillary Clinton 40% to 38%.

Stein received 0.34% of the Arizona vote in 2012, the second-best Green Party performance in the state in a presidential election. In 2000, Ralph Nader received three percent.


Honkala to hold news conference over denied Democratic convention protest permit

Honkala_PPEHRCThe Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign is criticizing the city of Philadelphia for refusing a permit for its March for Our Lives rally and march for economic justice protest on July 25, the opening day of the Democratic National Convention in the city. PPEHRC said the “denied demonstration intends to shed light on the city’s unemployment and homelessness issues and demand accessible housing and living wages in Philadelphia.”

PPEHRC National Coordinator Cheri Honkala, the 2012 Green Party nominee for vice president, will hold a news conference on Tuesday, May 17, at 11:00 a.m. at the U.S. Courthouse in Philadelphia.


Romper: Sanders supporters “taking a close look” at Stein

SteinSandersBecky Bracken writes at Romper that supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders “are increasingly rejecting the idea of shifting their support” to Hillary Clinton and are instead “taking a close look at Dr. Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate. So why are Bernie Sanders supporters supporting Jill Stein? Because she’s not Clinton, who has all the baggage of decades of being labeled as ‘corrupt’ by her foes and the media and a less-than-inspiring campaign style. Stein has also been pretty smart about seeing an opening to court Sanders’ enthusiastic legions of followers who deeply believe that a political revolution is the only solution to the problems facing America.”

And in a letter to the editor of The Springfield Republican in Massachusetts, reader Charlotte Burns writes, “If people would stop letting themselves be bullied into voting for Hillary and show some courage by voting for independents like the Greens’ Jill Stein, maybe we could break the stranglehold of corporate controlled Democrats and Republicans. Maybe this country could be ‘great’ again. … A country that spends its riches on taking care of its people and this planet and not on turning people worldwide into corpses and refugees while we create more enemies by wrecking their countries and making their people homeless.”


Pennsylvania Greens call for immediate action on ballot access requirements

pennsylvaniaPennsylvania Green Party members are condemning the “utter failure and disregard for the authority of federal courts” concerning alternative party ballot access. Jay Sweeney of Wyoming County said a July 2015 court decision that found two sections of the Pennsylvania Election Code unconstitutional as applied to Green, Constitution, and Libertarian parties determined that “the extraordinary signature requirement, in combination with the requirement that defending candidates pay the costs of validating those signatures, is unconstitutional. Still, the Pennsylvania General Assembly and the Administration [of Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf] have failed to recognize the power of that judgment.”

A bill pending in the state Senate addresses the issue, but there has only been one committee hearing on the bill. Green Party activist Emily Cook of Montgomery County said, “In September, the State Government Committee held a hearing on the Voter Choice Act, yet most of the senators on the committee failed to even show up for the hearing. Since then no further movement has occurred. In the alternative, the Secretary of the Commonwealth can decree a more reasonable standard for ballot qualification until such time as the General Assembly acts.”

On Monday, May 16, a hearing will be held in federal court in Philadelphia on an injunction asking the federal courts to intervene and instruct the Commonwealth to comply with the decision. The injunction seeks to have Secretary Pedro Cortes, under his administrative authority, place the Green, Constitution, Libertarian candidates on the ballot. A second option would be for the signature requirement for the parties to be reduced to the same number that Republicans and Democrats need, which is 2,000. Cortes is insisting that the minor parties be required to achieve a minimum signature level of 21,775.