Rocky Neptun calls for a “radical, populist movement”

Peter Orvetti reports at Independent Political Report that Rocky Neptun has issued an “Open Challenge to San Diego Green Party Members” at Indy Bay

While we squabble like spoiled brats and all too often are plagued by mouse warrior type “leaders” who talk to hear their heads rattle; the Green Party, for me, is all that is whole and decent in a corrupt political system that is owned by powerful corporate interests. The Democratic Party hierarchy will, time and again, as agents of privilege, squash true economic or political change in this country.

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Green Party 2009 and Beyond (open thread)

Many have asked in previous posts and threads, “Why the low numbers?  What have we learned? What do we do now?”  With respect to the numbers, I believe that one reason is the distractions and changes in the political landscape.  If you were looking for a reason not to vote Green, you could easily find one between Obama Mania, Nader’s Crusade, the Green Party speaking to its key values outside of environmentalism, the Green Party presenting a face that is younger and not so anglo, or the fact that the Green Party is not the hip, trending thing for progressives.

But what we gain and learn from this data is incredible.  It demonstrates that we take our registrants for granted at times, and assume who they may vote, assume why they register, assume what they think.  These numbers also demonstrate that we need a stronger, more informed base.  We can’t wait until the green convention happens to start getting ready.  We need to education people on the issues.  We need to be ready for Obama/Clinton/Bush/Palin Mania.  We need ammo ready to shell out and dollars.  We need to network.  We need to compete with the duopoly in terms of multimedia, websites and user generated material to reach the younger generation.  We need to be informed ourselves to better convince people.  We need, we need, we need.  And we will.  Things start today.  Continue Reading