NY Green Matt Funiciello declares success, plans to run for Congress again

From Matt Funiciello for Congress:

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Glens Falls – Matt Funiciello declared his race for the NY-21 as the Green Party’s Congressional candidate a success. Funiciello cited the 11% of the vote he received district-wide, the 24% he polled in Warren county, his inclusion in the debates and media alongside the corporate party candidates, the ratio of money raised and spent to votes garnered, and the success of Howie Hawkins’ campaign as major wins for district and New York voters. Funiciello also said he will run again in two years and use the strength of his campaign to build the Green Party across the district.

“What happened last night showed us that a significant portion of the district is no longer interested in corporate candidates from the Democratic or Republican parties. Over $5.5 million was spent on the race this year, most of it from my opponents and the outside corporate interests trying to buy this seat. Where Elise Stefanik’s campaign spent nearly $40 a vote, and Aaron Woolf’s $37 a vote, we spent only $2 a vote. Now Elise will go to Washington to serve the special interests controlling her, and Aaron will go back to making movies. I’m going to stay here and build on our success; with 11% of the vote we managed to energize people across the district. Now it’s up to us to build on that, establish a strong Green Party presence in CD-21, run again and win in two years. I’m proud of everyone who worked on the campaign and who cast a vote for change yesterday,” said Funiciello. Continue Reading


NY Green calls on Dem opponent to drop out of NY-21 congressional race

p matt funicielloFrom Matt Funiciello for Congress:

Glens Falls – Citing the news that House Majority Democratic SuperPAC has pulled $300,000 worth of ad buys, Matt Funiciello renewed calls for Aaron Woolf to drop out of the race and endorse him. Funiciello said the ad pulls were a clear sign the Democratic Party had given up on NY-21 and Aaron Woolf. Funiciello argued that he is the only candidate capable of defeating Stefanik, and that Woolf’s poor poll numbers after spending nearly a million dollars on the race show Woolf stands no chance of winning, and that he should drop out and stop spoiling the race for Funiciello.

“Today the national Democratic Party openly signaled it no longer cares about the NY-21 race, but the truth is the Democratic Party gave up on this election when it selected a Manhattan multi-millionaire as its candidate for Congress. Aaron Woolf has run a campaign that has excited no one, spews out nothing but the standard corporate Democratic line, and offers little to the voters of NY-21, which is why he’s polling at 33% after months of spending. Meanwhile I’m at 10% after spending almost no money, and we have energized people around the district. Continue Reading