Vancouver elects 4 Greens to city government

From the Canadian Broadcasting Company:

The Green party is celebrating what it called an historic win in Vancouver’s civic election, a vote that saw the largest Green caucus ever elected assert its place on council and the city’s park and school boards.

Four of the party’s seven candidates were given the nod from voters on Saturday in an election with the highest turnout in more than a decade.

“This is a huge win for the Greens,” said former Green party leader and re-elected Vancouver city councillor  Adriane Carr. Continue Reading


Vancouver Green Party wins first city council seat

From Straight.com in Vancouver, Canada:

Adriane Carr calls her win in the Vancouver civic election last weekend a “victory for democracy”.

On a budget of about $15,000, the Green candidate managed to secure a city council seat, narrowly beating out COPE councillor Ellen Woodsworth by 91 votes. The win marks the first city council spot for the Green party in Vancouver. Continue Reading


Canadian Green Party condemns extradition of marijuana activist to US

From the Green Party of Canada:

OTTAWA — Federal Justice Minister Rob Nicholson yesterday confirmed that marijuana activist Marc Emery will be extradited to the United States, a move that the Green Party of Canada condemns.  The decision was made shortly after Marc Emery turned himself in to the authorities as his bail expired May 10, 2010.

Marc was arrested in 2005 as a result of an undercover investigation of his online marijuana seed-selling business.  Last summer, Emery entered into a plea bargain with American authorities that will likely see him thrown in a U.S. jail for at least five years for distributing marijuana seeds.  The extradition ends his 5 year battle to avoid the US drug charges.

“It is wrong that Marc is being sent to a US prison for an offense for which there is almost no penalty in Canada,” said Green Leader Elizabeth May. “We ask the Justice Minister to reconsider. At the very least, Marc should serve his term in a Canadian prison.” Continue Reading


Welcome Canadians!

Well, I was going to do as early Green Party blogger Ken Sain did at his blog and wait until I felt sure we were not set for a back-slide before announcing another milestone, but our visitors from Canada have had such an impact today that I feel comfortable saying this:

Green Party Watch is now averaging over 300 unique visitors a day. Not a lot I’ll grant, but a milestone none the less. We have also burst right through the 25,000 visitor mark, and may make it past 30,000 before the day is out.

Not only that, but today is by far the biggest day we have ever had here at GPW. At noon East Coast Time we have had more than 2000 visitors, most of them drawn by Ronald Hardy’s coverage of the Canadian Greens and their results in yesterday’s election.

This website is focused almost entirely on US Green Party activities, but we are not fools! You are here looking for news about the Canadian Greens, and you shall have it.

The Xinhua News Agency From China points out that the only Canadian Green Party Member of Parliament (MP) lost his bid to remain in office, leaving the Green Party out of Parliament. Blair Wilson, an MP from British Columbia, had been elected as a Liberal and changed to the Greens. He lost his seat to a Conservative. The same article points out that the Canadian Greens won 7% of this year’s vote compared to 4.5% in the last election.

The Globe and Mail says that Canadian Green Party leader Elizabeth May has announced that her agenda right now it two fold: Pay off the Green Party’s debt in preparation for the next election, and promoting her book Global Warming for dummies. In the article May, who lost her race against a sitting MP, is quoted saying

“I can win in this riding. I will next time,” she said. “In the meantime, I will be prepared to win in a by-election.”

The Ottawa Citizen says that May is facing criticism for her decision to run against the Canadian Defense Minister, and includes this inspiring quote:

“We ran an exuberant, a positive and a joyful campaign. We grabbed national attention, not because we were tilting at windmills but because we set out to do something right and we did it for the right reasons.”

The Vancouver Sun covers Adriane Carr, a candidate for MP from British Columbia. She has run twice before as a Green and is quoted saying:

“I’m not going to give up,” she said. “Green politics is in my blood. This country needs it. I really believe we need green solutions in our politics.”

The Canadian Broadcast System reports on the election from a Toronto point of view, and in a message I think we American Greens could learn from, wrote:

Ingrid Sheriff used to be an NDP (New democratic Party) supporter, but was won over by an energetic, grassroots campaign.

Finally (for now) the Collingwood Enterprise Bulletin points to a bright future for the Green Party in their area. According to their article, more than a quarter of 400,000 students voted Green in a mock election, and the students choose the Green Party challenger in Simcoe North over the incumbent Conservative MP by more than 100 votes. More than 4000 schools nation wide participated in the mock election.