Greens in Malta glad government is finally tackling real issues.

In an article posted at Malta Today the Green Party in Malta, known as Alternattiva Demokratika welcomed the government’s decision to finally address real issues.

Alternattiva Demokratika Chairperson, Arnold Cassola, said: “After witnessing first hand what dead migrants mean, the Prime Minister gets a reality check and, instead of playing the populistic macho, does the right thing and talks politics.”


International Green Party news: Germany, England, New Zealand, Malta, Canada

Earth Times is reporting that the German Green Party is applying pressure on the Angela Merkel government to persuade the US government to abandon cluster bombs.

Children are often victims of the weapons, which can remain lodged in the ground for years after being fired, since they sometimes mistake the so-called bomblets for toys.

According to the Laotian government, more than 300 children a year die because of “bomblets” left over from the war in Vietnam and the surrounding nations.

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