Gayle McLaughlin, Green Mayor of Richmond, CA, on Democracy Now

From Democracy Now’s story “How to Buy a City: Chevron Spends $3 Million on Local California Election to Oust Refinery Critics”:

p gayle mclaughlin democracy nowThe oil giant Chevron is being accused of attempting to buy the city government of Richmond, California. The company has spent more than $3 million to back a slate of pro-Chevron candidates for mayor and city council ahead of Tuesday’s election. According to a report in the Los Angeles Times, Chevron has paid for TV attack ads, purchased space on virtually every billboard in town, funded a flood of mailers and financed a fake “news” website run by a Chevron employee. The move comes two years after a massive fire at Chevron’s oil refinery in Richmond sent 15,000 residents to the hospital. It was the third refinery fire since 1989 in the city. The city of Richmond responded to the latest fire by suing Chevron, accusing officials of placing profits and executive pay over public safety.

We speak to one of the politicians being targeted, outgoing Mayor Gayle McLaughlin. She was elected mayor of Richmond in 2006, becoming the first Green Party official to represent a city of more than 100,000. Due to mayoral term limits, McLaughlin is now running for Richmond City Council.

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Howie Hawkins, Green for NY Governor, on Democracy Now

p howie hawkins democracy nowFrom Democracy Now:

In New York state, the Green Party hopes to make major gains in the race for governor. Its candidate, Howie Hawkins, is taking on incumbent Democrat Andrew Cuomo, Republican Rob Astorino and Libertarian Michael McDermott. Hawkins is one of more than 200 Green candidates running for office across the country on Tuesday. Hawkins is calling for a “Green New Deal” that includes public jobs for the unemployed, single-payer healthcare, a ban on fracking and a 100 percent clean-energy future. Last week, he participated in four-way gubernatorial debate where Democracy Now! co-host Juan González questioned Cuomo about his record of dealing with corruption.

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Canadian Green leader protests detention of American journalist

From the Western Standard Shotgun blog:

Reports of the detention of an American journalist trying to cross into Canada for a speaking engagement have prompted outrage within the Green Party of Canada. Amy Goodman was kept at a British Columbia border crossing for over an hour, apparently because officials wanted to be sure she wasn’t coming to Canada to make negative comments about the Olympics. Continue Reading


Some Carolinian gets an RNC report up, Amy Goodman arrested

The message, analyzing a report at Salon.com by Glenn Greenwald points out that these raids seem to include media that might be inclined to cover the anti-war demonstrations. Included in the media dragnet are leading members of Minnesota’s Green Party and members of the anti-war movement leadership. Greenwald’s site is currently running a front page story about the arrest of Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! Democracy Now! calls her arrest and the arrest of two Democracy Now! producers “unlawful”.