Green Party US 2015 annual meeting in St. Louis July 23-26

p Green Party US new logoFrom Green Party US:

Why should you come to the 2015 Green Party Annual Meeting in St. Louis in July? We’ve all invested time getting to gatherings that end up being great chances to hang out for a couple days … but not much else. This year’s meeting will feature much more than just a gathering. We are planning a shorter but more productive National Committee Meeting on Friday and Sunday morning. We’re working with local activists to provide workshops and possibly events on racial justice in the wake of Ferguson. There will be several days of issue and skill-building workshops, electoral strategy sessions, and panel discussions. This year we are planning a special keynote or panel for Saturday during lunch (included in the cost of registration). The point is this: our Annual Meeting is not just a place to talk about the issues and see old friends (although it is that too). It’s also a place where we continue to work on our strategic plan, begin new projects, and build alliances with local activists. Continue Reading