Schedule for Green Party’s 2014 national meeting in St. Paul, MN July 24-27

green party earthflowerFrom the Green Party US:

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Green Party will hold several events for the news media during the party’s 2014 Annual National Meeting at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, from Thursday, July 24 to Sunday, July 27 (http://2014greenpartyconvention.org).

Green candidates and officeholders will speak at two press conferences on Friday, July 25. A press conference at 9 a.m. will feature candidates and officeholders from many states around the country. An 11 a.m. press conference will feature Minnesota candidates and officeholders.

The meeting is open to the media and public. A credentialing page for reporters, bloggers, and other members of the media interested in covering the meeting is now online (http://www.gp.org/media-credentials). Members of the media may also register on site at the meeting.

Many of the events will be broadcast live on the Green Party’s Livestream Channel (http://www.livestream.com/greenpartyus). Continue Reading


Minneapolis Green Party endorses slate of local candidates

p kristina gronquistFrom the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

Despite all the attention surrounding DFL endorsements in city races, DFLers aren’t the only candidates vying for spots at City Hall this fall.

The City Council’s official minority party, the Green Party, has endorsed five candidates for City Council seats. That includes current Council Member Cam Gordon, who represents the University of Minnesota and parts of Cedar-Riverside.

The four non-incumbent candidates are running in districts with competitive races or open seats. Continue Reading


Post-election Green Party 2010 ballot access roundup

Last night the Green Party won ballot access in New York and Texas, retained it in Massachusetts and Ohio, lost it in Illinois and Wisconsin, and fell short of gaining it in Arkansas, Maryland, Minnesota, and Nevada. Here are the results by state:

Arkansas: Greens got on the 2010 ballot by petition, but failed to retain a ballot line when Jim Lendall got less than 3% of the vote for governor.

Illinois: Greens lost the ballot line and major party status gained in 2006 by Rich Whitney’s 10% for governor when Whitney got less than 5% of the vote for governor this year.

Maryland: Greens got on the 2010 ballot by petition, but failed to retain a ballot line when Maria Allwine got less than 1% of the vote for governor.

Massachusetts: Greens retain ballot access and party status after Nat Fortune earned 5% for State Auditor.

Minnesota: Annie Young’s 2.7% for State Auditor falls short of winning major party status, but retains minor party status for the Minnesota Greens.

Nevada: Greens fail to gain ballot access after David Curtis got less than 1% of the vote for governor.

New York: Greens gain ballot status through 2014 thanks to Howie Hawkins earning over 50,000 votes for governor.

Ohio: Greens retain ballot status thanks to Dennis Spisak earning over 1% for governor.

Texas: Greens gain ballot status through 2012 thanks to Ed Lindsay earning over 5% for comptroller.

Wisconsin: Greens lose ballot status after not running any statewide candidates who could qualify.


14 Greens to Watch on Election Day

From Green Change:

Tonight, we will be focusing on the campaigns of 14 transformational Green candidates who are building the Green movement across the country. Some of these candidates are poised for history-making wins. Others are blazing the trail for future success by running party-building campaigns for statewide office.

14 Greens to Watch on Election Day

Jeremy Karpen for IL Assembly – Jeremy Karpen’s vigorous grassroots challenge to a Chicago Machine insider has earned him endorsements from the Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Teacher’s Union, Independent Voters of Illinois, and even Chicago Progressive Democrats of America. Karpen, a strong supporter of single-payer health care, affordable housing, mass transit, and progressive taxation, has run a clean-money campaign as part of his commitment to reforming Illinois’ notoriously dirty pay-to-play politics.

Ben Manski for WI Assembly – Ben Manski’s insurgent run has earned the support of Madison’s teachers union, the Madison Capital Times, and leading progressives including Jim Hightower, Medea Benjamin, and Thom Hartmann. The outgoing Democratic assembly member revoked his endorsement of Manski’s main opponent, a Democrat who left the Sierra Club to lobby for the coal industry. Manski is racing to the finish line with the support of a broad transpartisan coalition of elected officials, unions, students, newspapers, and activists committed to renewing Wisconsin’s trailblazing progressive tradition.

Gayle McLaughlin for Mayor of Richmond, CA – With a population over 100,000, Richmond became the largest US city with a Green mayor when Gayle McLaughlin was elected in 2006. Since then, McLaughlin has made Richmond a center of the emerging solar industry, fought successfully to increase taxes on the local Chevron oil refinery while lowering them for small businesses, and brought down violent crime with expanded community policing. Her supporters, including Green For All founder Van Jones, hope that her record of positive accomplishments in office will carry Mayor Gayle to victory.

Hugh Giordano for PA Assembly – Hugh Giordano is a union organizer from Philadelphia’s Roxborough neighborhood whose people-powered campaign has electrified the race for an open seat in a traditionally Democratic district. After a CEO won the Democratic primary with only 30% of the vote, Giordano’s strong support for public education, single-payer health care, and worker’s rights has gained him the backing of local unions and maverick Democrats and made him a contender for the win.

Dan Hamburg for Mendocino County (CA) Supervisor – In a county the size of Delaware on the coast of California, former member of Congress and Voice Of The Environment executive director Dan Hamburg is running for supervisor to build a vibrant, sustainable local economy and protect the beautiful natural landscape for generations to come. Hamburg finished first in the 4-way June primary, and has been endorsed by the third-place finisher as well as local unions and environmentalists in his head-to-head race against the conservative, developer-backed candidate who finished a close 2nd in the primary. Continue Reading


Minnesota Greens to protest exclusion of Annie Young from Auditor debate

From the Green Party of Minnesota:

Protest Exclusion of Green from the Debate!

The League of Women Voter’s will be taping the only debate between State Auditor candidates to be held this yea and is excluding Green Party endorsed candidate Annie Young. The League requires Annie to be polling at more than 5% in the polls in order to appear in the debate. No polls have been done in the State Auditor race so this is an impossilbe threshold for the campaign to meet. As a result only Republican candidate Pat Anderson and Democratic incumbent Rebecca Otto are being invited to appear. Come show your support for a more a fair democratic and inclusive policy on the part of the League of Women Voters!

Saturday, October 16 · 9:30am – 11:00am

Location KSTP TV Studios, 3415 University Ave W, St. Paul, MN 55414-3365

Green Change: 7 Green Campaigns to Watch

From GreenChange.org:

Here are seven growing Green campaigns to watch this week. Our Green candidates are the true leaders of the Green movement.  They are working hard for all of us, and need your help.  Please support them by donating and volunteering today. There are only 38 days until Election Day.



Gayle McLaughlin is up for reelection in Richmond, California, America’s largest city with a Green mayor. Her Green approach to development has drawn challenges from two conservative, developer-backed Democrats. McLaughlin’s first-term accomplishments include increasing tax revenue from the city’s Chevron oil refinery while lowering small business fees, hiring more community police officers, and making Richmond a center of the emerging solar industry. McLaughlin’s supporters include local unions, the trans-partisan Richmond Progressive Alliance, and Green For All founder Van Jones, who has said, “For those of us who are champions for a green economy, there is no more important race in the country.” Learn more about Gayle McLaughlin’s campaign for reelection and how you can help.


When Ben Manski declared his candidacy for the Wisconsin Assembly, the Madison Capital Times wrote that the “veteran Green Party activist and nationally recognized advocate for democratic reform, [has] entered the competition in the west side district where he cut his political teeth.” Since then, the former national Green Party co-chair’s campaign has taken off. Manski has won the endorsement of the teachers union, student groups, and 21 local elected officials. Leading Democrats are supporting Manski, in part because his opponent works for the coal and ethanol lobbies. A member of the Dane County Democratic Party’s Executive Committee said, “If Ben were 50% better than Hulsey, then I would support Hulsey because he is the Democratic nominee… but Ben is more than 50% better than Hulsey.” Manski has raised and spent nearly $20,000, and needs another $25,000 to pay for printing, mailing and radio, tv, and print advertising by October 15th. Learn more about Ben Manski’s insurgent campaign and how you can help.


Dan Hamburg is running for Supervisor in the 5th District of Mendocino County, California. He was the first former Member of Congress to become a Green. Hamburg is Executive Director of Voice Of The Environment, and a committed advocate for sustainable, community-based economics. He finished first in the four-way blanket primary in June, and is now in a head-to-head race with a conservative, developer-backed Democrat, Wendy Roberts, who finished second. Hamburg has earned endorsements from SEIU Local 1021, the North Bay Labor Council AFL-CIO, and Jim Mastin, who finished third in the primary, as well as many others. Learn more about Dan Hamburg’s campaign and how you can help.


Howie Hawkins is a union Teamster who has spent decades organizing for peace, the environment, and social justice. Hawkins is the only candidate in the NY governor’s race to support single-payer health care, banning hydrofracking, and taxing Wall Street to invest in Main Street. He has been traveling New York State to build support for his “Green New Deal” proposal to stimulate the economy with green public works jobs. If Hawkins receives 50,000 votes, the New York Green Party will gain a ballot line for the next 4 years, enabling them to run candidates for peace, justice, democracy and ecology at every level of government. Learn more about Howie Hawkins’ campaign and how you can help.


Jeremy Karpen is running for Illinois State Assembly in the 39th District, which covers Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. Karpen won 21% of the vote in 2008 against incumbent Toni Berrios, the daughter of gambling lobbyist and Chicago Democratic machine insider Joseph Berrios. This year, Karpen’s grassroots campaign and commitment to clean, progressive politics have earned him endorsements from Independent Voters of Illinois, Chicago Progressive Democrats of America, and the Chicago Tribune. Karpen needs money to get his message to voters and pull off an upset. Learn more about Jeremy Karpen’s campaign and how you can help.


Annie Young is running for Minnesota State Auditor. She is one of the longest-serving elected Greens in the US, currently in her sixth term on the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. She is an advocate for using life-cycle cost accounting to make sustainability a key goal of the auditor’s office, which oversees more than $20 billion spent annually by local governments in Minnesota. Among Young’s supporters is renowned environmental and economic justice activist Winona LaDuke. If she earns 5% of the vote, the Minnesota Green Party will regain “major party” status. That means Minnesota Green candidates won’t need to collect petitions signatures to appear on the ballot.  “Major party” status will also help Green candidates meet political debate requirements. Learn more about Annie Young’s campaign and how you can help.


Hugh Giordano is running for Pennsylvania House of Representatives in the 194th District, which covers northwest Philadelphia and parts of Montgomery County. A union organizer who advocates for education, jobs, ethics reform and single-payer health care, Giordano is drawing strong support from organized labor and progressives unimpressed with Democrat Pam DeLissio, a CEO and management consultant. He has been endorsed by United Food and Commercial Workers Local 152 as well as Bill Morris, a Democratic union supporter who lost in the May primary. Watch the compelling video endorsement from “Mothers for Hugh.” Learn more about Hugh Giordano’s campaign and how you can help.


Green Change: 6 Green Women to Watch

From Marnie Glickman at GreenChange.org:

I’m excited to introduce you to 6 Green women candidates who are running hard to bring our values into the halls of power: Laura Wells (CA), Anita Rios (OH), Annie Young (MN), Gloria Mattera (NY), Julia Willebrand (NY) and Jill Stein (MA).

With your help, we will elect these outstanding leaders who reflect – and respect – the diversity of America.

Laura Wells of California is a citizen activist with a background in finance and management. Laura is running for Governor to work for single-payer health care, sustainable water policy, democratic reforms, fixing the budget crisis with fair taxation and a state bank, and more. Her message should resonate with voters unimpressed with political insider Jerry Brown and billionaire businesswoman Meg Whitman. California is mired in a fiscal crisis, and Laura is the only candidate offering ecologically wise, far-sighted economic solutions.

Anita Rios in Ohio is the daughter of migrant farm workers, a passionate social justice activist and President of Toledo’s National Organization for Women. Anita is running for Lt. Governor of Ohio to work for single-payer health care, progressive taxation, quality public education, replacing coal and nuclear plants with renewable energy, and more. With Ohioans tiring of incumbent governor Ted Strickland, Anita Rios and running mate Dennis Spisak offer a forward-thinking alternative to voters. I’ve known Anita for many years.  She has the focused strength and vision necessary to lead the State of Ohio.

Annie Young is a six-term elected member of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board with an extensive background in environmental, health and justice advocacy. Annie is running for Minnesota State Auditor, an office charged with overseeing more than $20 billion in annual spending, to advocate for sustainability, life cycle cost accounting, and more holistic economic indicators. Among supporters of Annie’s campaign is renowned economic and environmental justice activist Winona LaDuke. With many voters ready to toss out political insiders, Annie Young should do well against incumbent auditor Rebecca Otto and former auditor Pat Anderson. I volunteered with Annie on a national campaign in 2004 and was impressed with her attention to detail and kind spirit.  She is ready for the next step in her political journey.

Gloria Mattera is a public health worker and activist for peace, universal health care and community-based development. Gloria is running for Lt. Governor of New York to work for renewable energy, green jobs, mass transit, single-payer health care, and more. With heir apparent Andrew Cuomo leading Wall Street favorite Rick Lazio by a huge margin, Gloria Mattera and running mate Howie Hawkins should do well among New Yorkers looking for fresh ideas. I volunteered with Gloria on Reverend Billy’s campaign last year.  She’s a dynamo.

Julia Willebrand is long-time activist for peace, social justice, the environment and political reform. Julia is running for New York Comptroller, the state’s chief fiscal office to advocate for sustainable, socially responsible investment and address issues such as affordable housing. She is likely to build on her performance in her 2006 campaign for comptroller, when she earned well over 100,000 votes. Over the past 10 years, Julia has impressed me with her relentless commitment to transforming our world.

Jill Stein of Massachusetts is a pioneering environmental health advocate and community leader. Her record of public service and passionate advocacy for healthy communities makes her an exceptional candidate for Governor of Massachusetts.  Jill is the sole challenger to three candidates widely considered business-as-usual insiders, meaning that she could win with as little as 26% of the vote.  Jill is eligible to receive public matching funds when her campaign raises at least $125,000.

Read Green Change’s endorsement of Jill Stein for more about her race and why she will be a transformational governor. Continue Reading


Results of Minnesota Green Party nominating convention

From Green Party of Minnesota:

At a nominating convention held May 1 in Red Wing, Minnesota Green Party delegates voted unanimously to endorse Annie Young for the office of state auditor. According to Cam Gordon and Rhoda Gilman, members of her campaign team, if Young wins election to the office, it will be a victory for both her and the Green Party. If she receives at least five percent of the vote it will still win major-party status for the Greens in Minnesota. Continue Reading


Minneapolis Greens endorse 5th council candidate

The Green Party of Minneapolis has endorsed Andy Exley for city council in Minneapolis’ 6th Ward. The 6th ward was one of the first in Minneapolis to elect a Green when voters elected Dean Zimmerman to the council in 2001. Exley is campaigning on a platform of favoring local businesses over national chains, removing restrictions to small business creation, reverse measures that criminalize homelessness, protect tenant rights, strengthen civilian review of police conduct, increasing accountability on the council, preserving the independent park board, and improving public transit options. Continue Reading


Green for Greens: Jeanine Estime, Minneapolis City Council

This is an exciting year for Minneapolis Greens: the city is using instant runoff voting for the first time, and the Minnesota Green Party is running an energetic slate of candidates to join Green stalwarts Cam Gordon and Annie Young in Minneapolis city government. One of those candidates is Jeanine Estime, an education assistant at her daughter’s school in South Minneapolis who is running for City Council in Ward 8. Jeanine’s biography includes volunteer work for an impressive array of community organizations, including the Boys and Girls Club and Clean Water Action.

Jeanine EstimeJeanine Estime is running on a comprehensive platform that includes expanding youth programming to prevent gang violence, creating affordable housing solutions to the foreclosure crisis, investing stimulus money in local renewable energy, reducing the kind of police misconduct that characterized the Republican National Convention, supporting single-payer health care, and much more. Her campaign manager is Farheen Hakeem, who earned 30% of the vote for State Representative in 2008 against a Democratic opponent, despite running on a shoestring budget in a district that voted overwhelmingly for Obama.

If Jeanine Estime and other Green candidates for City Council like Marcus Harcus and Dave Bicking succeed, the Green Party will become Minneapolis’ official second party. Please help Jeanine win by donating $20 or whatever you can afford today. Green candidates are known for doing a lot with a little, and in this local race, your donation will go a long way towards propelling Jeanine Estime’s grassroots campaign to victory.