Green Party National Meeting – Livestream and GPW Video

The Green Party of the United States’ Annual National Meeting kicks off Thursday June 24, running parallel and within the US Social Forum in Detroit, Michigan.

“Another U.S. is Possible, Another Party is Necessary”

The Green Party Media Committee will be livestreaming a number of events with the ability to participate through chat at:



I will be arriving in Detroit Thursday afternoon. I am bringing a small handheld video recorder with the ability to upload short (1-3 minute) videos to youtube which I am hoping to embed here on Green Party Watch.

My question to our readers is: What do you want to see? Candidates? Green Party ‘leaders’? US Social Forum stuff? They won’t be live because I have to find a wireless and upload them, but they will be fresh. I have been thinking about doing 90 second “GPW Update” videos interspersed with general written updates, insights, etc.

Please comment here and tell me what you want to see on Green Party Watch from the Annual National Meeting.

-Ron Hardy, Green Party Watch


National Convention website up

This year’s Annual National Meeting is set for June 24-27, 2010, in Detroit, Michigan. The first three days of the 2010 Green Party Annual National Meeting will run concurrently with the U.S. Social Forum, a gathering of thousands of activists organizing people’s solutions to economic and ecological crisis. When you register for the 2010 Green Party meeting, you will automatically be registered for the U.S. Social Forum.

The convention website can be found here. Registration costs range from $105 to $175.


Greens Wrap Up 2009 Nat’l Meeting In Durham, NC; Video Clips Of Highlights

Release from the Green Party (US):

Green Party wraps up its 2009 Annual National Meeting in Durham, NC; video clips of meeting highlights posted online

• Among the videos: a forum on health care reform, an address by Cynthia McKinney, and West Virginia’s Jesse Johnson speaking on mountaintop removal for coal

WASHINGTON, DC — The Green Party of the United States concluded its 2009 Annual National Meeting in Durham, North Carolina, on Sunday. The meeting was attended by at least 95 delegates from at least 33 state Green Parties and caucuses, as well as many party leaders, candidates, officeholders, and observers.

Video highlights of the meeting have been posted at the Green Party’s web site and at LiveStream.com and include:
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Steering Committee Elections

This will be the first year that the Green Party (US) National Committee elects its Steering Committee via Online Voting rather than at the Annual National Meeting itself. However, nominations had to be made and accepted by noon today at the Annual National Meeting.

Four of the seven co-chair positions are being elected, as well as the Secretary position. The following National Committee Delegates are running for Steering Committee:
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Green Party Natl Meeting Live Coverage

Our Gregg Jocoy is in Durham North Carolina at the Green Party’s Annual National Meeting. He will be sending updates here, and also at Green Party Watch Radio:

Reports are also over On the Wilderside.

Saturday should be a great day to watch live via the GPUS Livefeed. Go here for interactive live chatting with others during the live feed, or watch it here below.
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Livestream Of Green Party Annual National Meeting

The Green Party will be video streaming online the Annual National Meeting in Durham, North Carolina which kicks off tomorrow Thursday July 23 and runs through Sunday July 26.

In an email from one of the coordinators:

Green Party stream National Meeting

We’ll attempt to start streaming the meeting tomorrow so please do have the above link up and running on your computer. You can certainly have it running in the background while you do other things. It’s our first attempt and there may be issues with getting people setup, etc.

Please do take the time to watch. It opens the door to accessibility for those who can’t attend. It’s also a way for interested non Greens to learn about the party so do consider spreading the link.

If Craig and the GP Team get this to work they will be awarded honorary “Green Scout” Awards from us here at Green Party Watch!


Cynthia McKinney To Address Green Party Annual National Meeting

Cynthia McKinney is scheduled to address the upcoming 2009 Annual National Meeting of the Green Party (US) on Saturday July 25 in Durham, North Carolina. The National Meeting runs from Thursday July 23 through Sunday July 26, and besides McKinney will feature other candidates and current office holders as well as a number of workshops, breakout sessions, and other events.

McKinney is expected to speak about the relief efforts surrounding Gaza as well as her recent imprisonment in Israel. Cynthia McKinney is currently in Egypt with the Viva Palestina Convoy that is being held up from entering Gaza by Egyptian authorities.

WASHINGTON, DC — The Green Party’s 2009 Annual National Meeting in Durham, North Carolina, will feature a visit from former US Representative and 2008 Green presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney and a forum on health care reform among several events to which reporters, bloggers, and photographers are invited.
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June 2009 Greenline published

Greenline, the Green Party’s e-bulletin, has just released their June 2009 edition. With stories on registration for this summer’s Annual National Meeting, election results from June 9th elections, and the last opportunity to buy paper versions of Green Pages this year, it is a must read. The entire text is available by clicking this article’s headline.

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