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Green Party starts ballot access drives in Missouri, Arkansas

Posted in Ballot Access on May 12th, 2015 by Dave Schwab – Comments Off

p Green Party US new logoFrom the Green Party US Ballot Access Committee:

The National Green Party’s Ballot Access Committee is finalizing a plan to increase our ballot lines from 21 at the end of 2014 to 31 by the end of 2015. The more petition drives we complete in 2015, the more our Presidential candidate can focus on campaigning and building the party instead of fighting just to get on the ballot.

It is our pleasure to inform you that our petition drive has started in Missouri. Our state affiliate in Missouri, which is called the Progressive Party, needs 10,000 signatures to get on the ballot. We hope to complete the petition drive this year and recruit a slate of statewide candidates to run in 2016. read more »

Green Party: Time to revive peace movement, stop bipartisan policy of endless war

Posted in Peace & Non-Violence on October 28th, 2014 by Dave Schwab – Comments Off

p gp revive peace movementFrom Green Party US:

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Green Party of the United States is calling for a new antiwar movement in response to the renewal of U.S. military involvement in Iraq.

Greens said that dropping bombs in Iraq and Syria is unlikely to bring peace and stability to the region. The open-ended campaign includes more than a thousand U.S. troops on the ground in Iraq.

Green Party candidates and leaders strongly condemn the violent extremism of Islamic State militias but asserted that there are ways to respond without military force (see “53 National Religious Groups, Academics, and Ministers Urge Alternatives to U.S. Military Action in Iraq,” published August 27 by Win Without War, read more »

Arkansas Green seeks US Senate seat

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p Mark SwaneyKAIT ABC News 8 in Jonesboro reports:

The Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate, Mark Swaney, wants to tell voters why he is running for office. Swaney said he has a number of issues that differ from his Democratic and Republican opponents. He is up against Republican U.S. Senate candidate Tom Cotton and Incumbent Democratic Senator Mark Pryor.

Swaney said one of the most important issues on his platform is climate change. He would implement a tax on carbon to encourage people not to use it. Swaney wants the country to focus on alternatives that would not pollute the atmosphere.

Swaney said he will also fight to make things better for the working class. read more »

Kansas City conference on building Green parties in KS, MO, AR, IA, NE with Jill Stein

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Jill_Stein_432From Green Party US:

Transforming Politics On The Prairie: Building The Green Party In The Midwest

The Greens of Kansas City and the Progressive Party of Missouri invite you to a five-state Green Organizing Meeting

A conference for Greens in Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa, and Nebraska  – JUNE 13-15, 2014

Keynote speaker, Jill Stein

Never in the history of our country has there been a greater need for a new, vibrant party. With 60% of the people saying “We need a third party,” our holistic message and strong moral foundation put us in a unique position to accept the challenge. The Greens are leading the way in many parts of the country, and this meeting is intended to bring multi-state leadership together, to confer and develop plans for rejuvenating our Green Parties in the Prairie States. read more »

Arkansas Green Party announces 2014 candidates for Governor, US Senate

Posted in State Wide Elections on January 9th, 2014 by Dave Schwab – 1 Comment

p Josh DrakeFrom UALR public radio:

Both the Libertarian Party of Arkansas and the Green Party have already submitted enough signatures to be on the ballot for the 2014 elections. On Saturday the Green Party announced a candidate for governor and US senate.

Hot Springs attorney Josh Drake is running for governor while Huntsville resident Mark Swaney is running for US senate.

The party’s public relations officer Rebekah Kennedy identified climate change, fossil fuel dependence, and the infringement of civil liberties as key issues in both candidates’ campaigns. read more »

Fred Smith Elected to Arkansas State House on Green Party Ticket

Posted in State Party News on November 7th, 2012 by Ronald Hardy – 10 Comments

Last night Fred Smith became the fourth Green Party candidate to get elected to a state legislative seat in the US, and the second one in Arkansas.

State House – District 50 – General
35 of 35 Precincts Reporting – 100%
Name Party Votes Vote %
Smith, Fred Grn 2,905 100%
Hallum, Hudson Dem 0 0%

How did this happen? Just hours before polls closed in Arkansas a judge ordered that votes for Democrat Hudson Hallum NOT BE COUNTED. Hallum was convicted of conspiracy to commit election fraud, was forced to resign from the House and is ineligible to serve, but it was too late to remove his name from the ballot.

Ironically, Hallum held the seat that Fred Smith held two years ago, as a Democrat. Smith had resigned from office when charged with theft, but was later exonerated of that charge. Smith wanted his seat back but the Democrat slot on the ballot was taken so he approached the Green Party.

Further irony – the last Green Party candidate to get elected to a state legislative seat also won unopposed. In 2008, Richard Carroll wound up being the only name on the ballot when the Democrats removed their candidate after he had been charged with inappropriate sexual contact. Carroll served as a Green in office for a year before switching parties to the Democrats, but the Dems ran someone against Carroll in his own primary and defeated him in 2010.

Let’s hope Fred Smith stays a Green, and stays in the Arkansas State House!

Background stories:

Also see from Green Party Watch

Green Party of Arkansas Fields Slate of 14 for November Election

Posted in Congressional Campaigns, State Party News on October 5th, 2012 by Ronald Hardy – 2 Comments

Besides Presidential Candidate Jill Stein and running mate Cheri Honkala, Arkansas voters will see Greens on the ballot for all four seats in the House of Representatives, plus two state legislative seats and 8 more local races.

Arkansas is predicting a Republican sweep of the four Congressional races. The Green Party and the Libertarian Party have candidates in all four races.

Rebekah Kennedy is a Fort Worth attorney, who in 2008 got over 200,000 votes running for US Senate for 20.56% of the vote in a head to head match up with Democrat Mark Prior. She also ran for Attorney General in 2006 and 2010, pulling in 33,338 votes in 06 (4.4%) and 193,658 votes in 2010 (26.7%). This year running for the House of Representatives in CD-3, she faces incumbent Republican Steve Womack, and Libertarian candidate David Pangrac after the Democrat dropped out of the race. Polling in this race is interesting: Womack (R) 58%; Kennedy (G) 15.5%; Pangrac (L) 6%; Undecided 20.5%.

Josh Drake is running in his third attempt for the House of Representatives 4th CD. Drake is a Hot Springs attorney, who pulled in 4,129 votes in 2010 (2.32%) and 32,603 votes in 2008 (13.8%). Polling for this race indicates a tough race, With Republican Tom Cotton polling 51%, Democrat Gene Jeffress at 22%, Josh Drake at 4% and Libertarian Bobby Tullis at 3%. Undecided voters are at 20%.

In the first Congressional District, student Jacob Holloway appears to be losing traction (his website is broken and his original facebook page is down).  Polling has Holloway at 1%, versus 53% for the Republican, 28% for the Democrat, and 2% for the Libertarian candidate Jessica Paxton.

In the second Congressional District, Barbara Ward, who works at the Arkansas Historical Museum, is polling at 4% in her first campaign. Republican Tim Griffin is at 49%, Democrat Herb Rules is at 28.5%, with Libertarian Chris Hayes at 3%.

The Green Party has two candidates running for State Legislative races in Arkansas. In District 50, former Globetrotter Fred Smith, who was formerly elected to the seat as a Democrat, is running against Democrat Hudson Hallum, who was elected to replace Smith in a special election after Smith resigned in 2010. Details of why Fred Smith resigned, and why he is running now as a Green, can be read here. In the other race, in District 45 the Green Party is running Travis Mason against Republican incumbent Jeremy Gillam. There are no other candidates in the race.

Other candidates running for local races on the Green Party ticket in Arkansas:

  • Alvin L. Clay- Mississippi County, J.P. District 6
  • Kade Holliday- Craighead County Clerk
  • Roger Watkins- Craighead County Constable District 5
  • David Bogan- Craighead County Constable District 1
  • Kari Barber-Bars- Garland County Assessor
  • Mark J. Golen- Faulkner County, California Township Constable
  • Dalton Elliott- Faulkner County, Pine Mountain Constable
  • Michael Yoder- Faulkner County Justice of the Peace District 8

Rebekah Kennedy:

Josh Davis:

(Videos found at

Former Globetrotter on Green Ballot in Arkansas

Posted in Local Elections, State Party News on May 8th, 2012 by Ronald Hardy – Comments Off

The Washington Post has this piece about former Harlem Globetrotter Fred Smith, who was denied access to the Democratic Party’s ballot line and instead sought the Green Party’s line. Smith was elected to the Arkansas State House in 2010 as a Democrat, but resigned due to charges of accidental felony theft.

The last Green to get elected to a State Legislative seat was in Arkansas in 2008 when Richard Carroll wound up as the Green Party candidate running unopposed after the Democrat was removed from the ballot. Carroll later switched parties in 2009 to the Democrats and was eliminated in the Democratic Primary in 2010.

The Washington Post on Fred Smith:

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The Green Party of Arkansas nominated a former Harlem Globetrotter for a state House seat this weekend — a month after a judge said he wasn’t eligible to run for the Democrats.

Fred Smith said Monday that the Green Party picked him as its candidate for the House District 50 seat.

“Since I got into it and I’ve been cleared, what’s wrong with getting a second chance?” Smith asked.
read more »

Arkansas Greens Nominate 14 Candidates Plus Jill Stein

Posted in Congressional Campaigns, Presidential Campaign, State Party News on May 7th, 2012 by Ronald Hardy – Comments Off

The Green Party of Arkansas yesterday at their State Meeting nominated a slate of 14 candidates for this November’s election, including challengers to all four congressional seats, two state legislative races, and seven local elections.

They also unanimously endorsed Dr. Jill Stein for President, which gives Stein 10 Presidential Delegates. Arkansas has the 8th largest number of Presidential Delegates due to their strong campaign history over the last four years. In 2008, Rebekah Kennedy (pictured) running for U.S. Senate in a head to head race against conservative Democrat Mark Pryor in Arkansas, took in 206,504 votes for 20.54% of the vote.

From the Green Party of Arkansas:

At its state nominating convention on May 6, 2012, The Green Party of Arkansas nominated the following candidates for the November 6, 2012, General Election.

Dr. Jill Stein, President of the United States, unanimous.
Jacob Holloway- U.S. House District 1
Barbara Ward- U.S. House District 2
Rebekah Kennedy- U.S. House District 3
Joshua Drake- U.S. House 4th District

Fredrick Smith-Arkansas State Rep. District 50
Travis Mason- Arkansas State Rep., District 45

Alvin L. Clay- Mississippi County, J.P. District 6
Kade Holliday- Craighead County Clerk
Roger Watkins- Craighead County Constable District 5
David Bogan- Craighead County Constable District 1
Kari Barber-Bars- Garland County Assessor
Mark J. Golen- Faulkner County, California Township Constable
Dalton Elliott- Faulkner County, Pine Mountain Constable
Michael Yoder- Faulkner County Justice of the Peace District 8

Arkansas Student to Run for Congress on Green Party Ticket

Posted in Congressional Campaigns on April 27th, 2012 by Ronald Hardy – 2 Comments

The Arkansas State University Herald today reports that graduate student Jacob Holloway will be running for Congress in the 1st District. Holloway, 25, worked on Abel Tomlinson’s 2008 campaign for Congress. That year, Tomlinson won 58,000 votes (21%) in a head to head match up with Republican incumbent John Boozeman. There was no Democrat in that race. Holloway ran for Jonesboro City Council in 2010, and was involved with bringing the OWS movement to Jonesboro, AR in 2011.

The Herald article covers some of Holloway’s past, including what motivated his migration from Democrat to the Green Party in 2008:

But the turning point in his political career came four years ago, when Holloway was functioning as the state-wide Vice President for the College Democrats of Arkansas.

At that time, Holloway was a student at University of Arkansas in Fayetteville where he penned an editorial for the University paper that U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor’s campaign and certain members of the Democratic Party found offensive.

“I became vocal about his support of certain Bush administration policies, specifically the telecommunications companies spying on Americans and I was showing support for Rebekah Kennedy, who was the Green party candidate in ’08,” Holloway said. “Then basically, I got a call from the Pryor chief of staff telling me to either support the party’s issues or leave the party.”

Holloway said the fallout from that experience left him questioning his and the core values of the Democratic Party. With more soul searching, community outreach and research he reached the decision of switching his party affiliation, and “going green.”

Later in 2008, Holloway openly helped his friend and fellow U of A student, Abel Tomlinson run for congress in the 3rd District under the Green Party ticket.

Since then, Holloway has had no qualms about changing parties.

Holloway has potential to be a great Green Party candidate to watch this fall. He has a Facebook page for the campaign here:

I recommend reading the article in the ASU Herald. I like this line:

“I’m not in this for political gain, power or vindictiveness. No, I am doing this to make people think and talk about issues and things that don’t have voices otherwise,” he said.

Green Party qualifies for Arkansas ballot

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The Arkansas Times reports:

Secretary of State Mark Martin said the Green Party gathered sufficient signatures to qualify for a party slot on the Arkansas election ballot this year. The party must hold a nominating convention by May 22.

The Arkansas Greens’ Jim Lendall joined the discussion to offer details about the road ahead: read more »

Mad Scramble in Ohio for Ballot Access; Greens in Arkansas File 14,000 Sigs

Posted in Presidential Campaign, State Party News on December 22nd, 2011 by Ronald Hardy – 2 Comments

A last minute change in Ohio Election Law has Greens scrambling to meet a December 30 deadline for candidate petitions, a deadline that was in March until a state law changed that deadline last week.

According to WTOV:

Ohio’s county boards of election will be under a tight deadline to get ballots to overseas members of the military after the new filing deadline for some candidates.

The state’s elections chief directed the boards that the deadline for presidential and U.S. House candidates to file to get on the ballot is Dec. 30 under a law signed by Gov. John Kasich (KAY’-sik) on Thursday. Boards then have 22 days to put together military ballots to mail them out 45 days in advance of the March 6 primary, as required by Ohio law.

For Green Party candidates for President who want to be on the Ohio Primary Ballot in March, that means they now have 8 days to collect and submit 1,000 signatures in Ohio. Jill Stein’s campaign put out an urgent call for support:

We have just learned that we have eight days to stop political dirty tricks.

Ohio’s political establishment cut a deal last week. They changed the deadline for submitting signatures to get on the presidential primary ballot from March of next year to December 30th. This means that Ohio Greens have only eight days to get Jill Stein’s on the presidential primary ballot.

The Stein campaign is asking for donations so they can hire petition circulators in Ohio to work over the holidays, no easy task.


Meanwhile, Ballot Access News is reporting that the Arkansas Green Party has submitted 14,000 signatures this week for Full Ballot Access in 2012:

On December 20, the Arkansas Green Party submitted approximately 14,000 signatures, to gain a place on the 2012 ballot for all partisan office. 10,000 valid signatures are required. This is the fourth election year in a row in which the party has petitioned.

If the signatures clear challenges, the Green Party will be on the ballot in Arkansas yet again.

Elected Green in Arkansas switches to Republican Party

Posted in Local Elections, Local Party News on June 7th, 2011 by rossmlevin – 2 Comments

From Arkansas News:

Two Saline County elected officials, a Democrat and a member of the Green Party, announced their switch to the Republican Party today.

Sheriff Bruce Pennington, a Democrat serving his second term, and first-term County Collector Joy Ballard, who ran on the Green Party ticket in 2010, announced their decision jointly in what the state Republican chief said could be a sign of things to come for the 2012 elections…

Ballard, elected in 2010, said she had worked to get Republicans elected and had “worked with them and for them,” including 10 years as administrative assistant to Saline County Judge Lanny Fite, a Republican.

She said when the former office holder, Chris Villines, resigned to take another job it was too late to file as a Democrat or Republican, but that the Green Party candidate selection process was still open to her.

Arkansas News: Green Party says it deserves ballot access in next election

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The Arkansas News reports on the Arkansas Green Party:

LITTLE ROCK — The Green Party of Arkansas says its strong finish in several statewide races last week shows it deserves guaranteed ballot access in the next general election, though it failed to clear the hurdle set by state law.

Parties can get on Arkansas’ ballot either by collecting 10,000 signatures of registered voters or by receiving at least 3 percent of the vote in the most recent gubernatorial or presidential race. In some statewide races last week the Green Party’s candidates received more than a fourth of the vote, but its gubernatorial candidate, Jim Lendall, only captured 2 percent.

That means the party has to go to the trouble and expense of collecting signatures to get on the 2012 ballot, as it did to get on the 2010 ballot. read more »

Green Party 2010 election results for AZ, AR, CA, CO

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Here is the first installment of comprehensive Green Party election results from the November 2010 elections, starting with Arizona, Arkansas, California and Colorado:

Jerry Joslyn, US Senate: 19,118 votes, 1%
Leonard Clark, US House AZ-3: 2320 votes, 1.5%
Rebecca DeWitt, US House AZ-4: 1652 votes, 2.6%
Richard Grayson, US House AZ-6: 2461 votes, 1.3%
Deborah Odowd, State Rep AZ-6: 3857 votes, 5.8%
Justin Dahl, State Rep AZ-12: 4778 votes, 6% read more »