Australian Green Party growing in popularity

Aron Paul has the following commentary on the Australian Green Party at ABC News, entitled “It’s Time”:

Both established major parties are on the nose. Diving popularity for Abbott and Rudd and a rejection of their parties by nearly one in four voters have led some, including former Democrat leader Natasha Stott-Despoja to muse whether it ‘might even be time for a new political party?’

So far however, the Greens have been the beneficiary and are proving more electorally effective than their Democrat predecessors which they replaced on the cross-benches.

The surge in the Green polling to up to 16 per cent, along with the party’s recent 20 per cent record in the Tasmanian election, shows that criticism suggesting the party would be unable to attract a broad base of support has proven to be unfounded.

As a former national president of the Australian Democrats, I was among such critics, arguing that the Greens would struggle to replace the Democrats in pulling enough votes from both major parties to threaten the two-party system. I was wrong, and the proof is not just in the polling but the election results. Continue Reading