Republican sore losers in Montana

In an article at Independent Political report, it was reported that Bob Kelleher, a member of Montana’s Green Party, won the Republican nomination in a six way race.

Well, while Greens are routinely called to accept that we have a “two party system”, apparently Republicans are not content to let the voters decide. According to an Associated Press article, at least two of these defeated Republicans can’t take being beaten at the ballot box, and plan an independent run as a write-in candidate.


Former Green candidates – Oregon Prison, Montana Republican, New Mexico Independent

A handful of stories out there in the press mention former Green Party candidates for Congress – but why are they in the news now?

Tre Arrow, who took in 15,763 votes in his 2000 bid for the U.S. House in Oregon (placing 3rd of 5 candidates) is going to prison:

Tre Arrow, 34, pleaded guilty to the destruction of concrete-mixing trucks in Portland in April 2001 and to firebombing logging trucks at a contested logging sale near Mount Hood in June 2001.

Arrow was considered a fugitive at one point, and the FBI claims he is an agent of ELF (Earth Liberation Front). Arrow has a colorful past.

In Montana, Bob Kelleher, who ran for US Senate in 2002 (2.3%) and Governor in 2004 (1.9%) as a Green just won an upset victory in the Montana Senate primary yesterday…as a Republican:

The new nominee’s views are far from the mainstream Republican party in Montana. He has run as both a Democratic and a Green Party candidate, and he has advocated more gun control. Kelleher did not return several calls seeking comment on Election Night.

And in New Mexico, former Green Party activist and candidate Carol Miller, who in 1997 took 17% of the vote in a special election to fill U.S. House seat running on the Green Party ticket, is poised to submit 12,000 signatures to run for Congress this year as an Independent.