Global Green campaign to draft Amazon champion Marina Silva

The Green Party of Brazil is asking Greens around the globe to write letters urging Marina Silva, former environmental minister and potential presidential candidate, to join the Global Green family. A native Amazonian, union organizer and globally-recognized protector of the Amazon rainforest, Marina Silva’s many honors include being named a “Champion of the Earth” by the United Nations Environment Program. According to the Brazilian Greens, they have met with Silva and she is “very interested” in their proposal.

So far, Green Party representatives have written to Marina Silva from Austria, Israel, Sri Lanka, Japan, Morocco, the African Greens Movement, the European Greens, the GPUS International Committee, Argentina, Norway, Spain, Germany, Minnesota, and the UK. For more information and instructions on how to send a letter to Marina Silva, go to the following website:


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International Green Party news update

Spiegel Online reports on the growth of the Green Party in Germany at the expense of the Social Democrats. According to Spiegel, the Greens and Social Democrats are struggling for the “New Center” in German politics. In a quote that could apply to some US cities, Spiegel writes

In many major cities, it has already risen to become the second-biggest political party.

The article also covers the German Green Party’s efforts to connect with voters via their own Internet radio station.

In what may be the most telling quote, a German voter addresses the current financial problems, and the traditional party approach.

“There’s not so much money left, so it needs to be spent intelligently,” says Katharina Blumenstock, a gynecologist in Cologne. “The development of electric cars is more important to me than the Opel bailout. We need to invest in the future.” She says she trust the Greens most to find the right path out of the current financial and economic crisis.

Much more, from New Zealand, Ireland, Argentina, Belgium, Scotland, Palestine, and many more can be found by clicking this article’s headline.
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