C-SPAN covers Green Party national convention

According to Starlene Rankin, one of two Green Party spokespeople, more than 75 media outlets were at the recent national nominating convention.

C-SPAN covered the convention live and later interviewed Jill Stein for the program Washington Journal.

The Friday before the formal nomination, Democracy Now! spent the entire hour in Baltimore, doing in depth interviews with Stein, Cheri Honkla, Justine McCabe and Joachim Denkinger of the European Greens Federation.

Stein and Honkla’s nominations were also a topic on today’s Democracy Now!


McKinney on C-Span Sunday, really, honest

C-Span is saying that the Cynthia McKinney interview with Road to the White House that was supposed to run last Sunday (but was bumped by a Sarah Palin re-run) WILL air at the regular time this Sunday September 14 (6:30 EST, and again at 9:30 EST). For real this time.

C-Span fielded a LOT of calls from upset Greens over the snub last weekend, particularly since a number of Cynthia McKinney house parties were scheduled around the show.

Word is the interview will be coupled with footage from the Ron Paul press conference this week.


I want my C-SPAN…

C-SPAN, a private non-profit cable network paid for by cable TV interests, was scheduled to run an episode of Road to the Whitehouse, but instead made what seems to be a last-minute decision to run a two year old Gubernatorial debate between Sarah Palin, her Democratic and independent competitors instead.

C-SPAN’s website includes the following information:

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Main Number: (202) 737-3220

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