Greens call Obama’s nuclear subsidies his “worst idea yet”

WASHINGTON, DC — Green Party leaders and candidates are calling President Obama’s resurrection of nuclear power with a multi-billion-dollar taxpayer-funded subsidy for a Georgia plant his “worst idea yet” and warned about serious public health threats posed by mining, waste transportation, and waste storage. The Green Party disputes the myths that nuclear power is ‘green energy’ or a solution to the advance of climate change.

“The twin nuclear reactors in Burke County, Georgia, would be financed with $5.4 billion in loans from the Federal Financing Bank with money of the US Treasury. According to the GAO, this investment has a 50/50 percent or worse chance of failing. President Obama wants taxpayers to assume 80% of the financial risk to turn the southeast Atlantic states into a big open-pit radioactive barbeque. This investment is a terrible idea — President Obama’s worst yet,” said Lisa Green, Green candidate for California Assembly Candidate, 53rd Assembly District (http://www.votelisagreen.net). Continue Reading


Seven plead guilty in Pennsylvania corruption case

Back in 2006 Carl Romanelli sought to run as a Green Party candidate for US Senate in Pennsylvania. His ballot access petitions were challenged. He was tossed off the ballot. Later he was charged the costs of the challenger’s expenses. Pennsylvania is the only state to do this. It’s important to understand that that Romanelli was not fined, as he did nothing illegal.

Later it was revealed that some of the challenges were undertaken by state employees working on the taxpayer dollar on behalf of the Democratic nominee. Yesterday seven people pleaded guilty in this case. The story was reported at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The article includes this

Observers in the courtroom included Carl Romanelli, who ran in 2006 as a Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate. Some of the charges in the Bonusgate case revolve around allegations that Democratic staffers worked on state time to challenge signatures on his election petitions in an attempt to knock him off the ballot and secure more votes for Democrat Bob Casey.

Yesterday’s guilty pleas were good news for third-party candidates who have a hard enough time running against majority parties when everyone plays by the rules, Mr. Romanelli said.


Greens working for better election laws

Members of the Green Party work daily recruiting candidates, educating voters, lobbying their local and state governments, serving on local boards and city councils, and lately, challenging obstructive and unequal election and campaigning laws in court.  Below is a round-up of some the latest legal moves and victories won by state Green Parties across the country.  Your support of the Green Party on all levels is vital if we are going to continue to work for better election laws and candidate recruitment.

Read on for news from Arkansas, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Connecticut about how Greens are working for better election laws. Continue Reading


Carl Romanelli challenges Bob Casey Jr to a game of hoops

Carl Romanelli was charged over $80,000 for daring to run for US Senate in Pennsylvania. That cost was a result of Democrat Bob Casey Jr.’s successful effort to keep Romanelli off the ballot. By scrutinizing every ballot access signature, Casey was able to throw Romanelli off the ballot, and he then turned around and charged Romanelli for the lawyers and party hacks he had do the scrutinizing.

Now Romanelli has called on Casey to play him for the money in a game of B-ball.

A piece at Citizens Voice says that Romanelli gives Casey good odds to beat him in the game of hoops.

“As in politics, Casey should have the advantage on the basketball court,” Romanelli said. “He stands at about 6 feet 4 inches, I am 5 feet 5 inches. He has access to the best gyms in the country, I still play in schoolyards, and he is a few years younger than I am.”

Romanelli also suggested that President Obama might invite him and Casey to the Whitehouse for a beer to work out their differences.

On a more serious note, Romanelli’s court case to set aside these fees goes back before the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court next week.


Carl Romanelli still fighting crushing court fine for 2006 PA Senate run

Carl Romanelli, 2006 Green Party candidate for US Senate in Pennsylvania, is still fighting a PA court decision ordering him to pay over $80,000 to reimburse the Democratic Party employees who challenged his petitions in 2006 and successfully threw him off the ballot. Despite the fact that since the original ruling, a number of the Democratic employees involved in the challenge have been arrested for using public funds to target political opponents, including Romanelli and Ralph Nader, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has issued a two-sentence ruling confirming the decision and rejecting oral argument on the matter.

In a guest blog at Gort42, Romanelli suggested a Skip Gates/Cambridge police-style “peace beer” with Obama, Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), and himself as one of his few remaining options:

“One would think that the commission of crimes against a working class candidate would be enough to get the attention of the Courts, but such is not the case in Pennsylvania. All along I have said that there was nothing wrong with the signatures the Greens submitted in 2006, and there wasn’t. So the Democrats had to rely on their friends who wear robes to finish the job,” Romanelli asserts. “The entire judicial system is corrupted here in Pennsylvania, and I should know because I come from Luzerne County where the disgraced, kids for cash judges come from,” he added. “So, since the judges are too crooked for a citizen to use the legal system, we need another way to resolve this shameful persecution and I thought Beer Summit II would be a novel approach…”


PA Democrats: Bound for the slammer?

In a message posted at Greens for Greens, former Green Party senatorial candidate Carl Romanelli reports that thirteen Democratic Party apparatchiks have been indicted

on charges of theft, conflict of interest, and conspiracy. Some of these charges were related to a crushing petition challenge of the Carl Romanelli U.S. Senate campaign…

At a reported cost of four million dollars to the Pennsylvania taxpayer, the thirteen people were charged with crimes that, if convicted on all charges and given the harshest sentences, would land them behind bars for a reported 1,873 years.

The state Attorney General is reported to have said that there are more indictments coming, and that Democrats are not the only people facing jail time.


Pennsylvania Scandal and San Francisco challenge

Green Party in the Media:

AP: “Pennsylvania Scandal keeps focus on ballot access” (11 Aug 2008)

In announcing the first arrests from an ongoing corruption probe, state Attorney General Tom Corbett described a conspiracy in which leaders of the House Democratic caucus allegedly enlisted large numbers of publicly paid subordinates to participate in petition inspections that blocked independent and third-party candidates considered threats to major Democratic candidates in 2004 and 2006.
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Greens urge quick action on Ohio and PA election crimes

Press release issued July 23, 2008:

Greens urge quick action on Ohio, Pennsylvania election crimes, seek assurance of 2008 ballot access fairness and election integrity

• Pennsylvania: 12 indicted after Statehouse Democrats staffers were given taxpayer-funded bonuses to keep 2004 presidential candidate Ralph Nader (Ind.) and 2006 US Senate candidate Carl Romanelli (Green) off the state ballot

• Ohio: Evidence of massive fraud by GOP operatives in the 2004 election, with possible Karl Rove involvement; Greens were the first to probe the 2004 vote theft

WASHINGTON, DC — Green Party leaders urged swift and aggressive court action to ensure fair elections and enforcement of legal campaign practices in the wake of election scandals in Ohio and Pennsylvania.
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Romanelli goes to court

Former Green Party US Senate candidate from Pennsylvania Carl Romanelli has filed suit in the state Supreme Court saying that the people who challenged his petitions to appear on the ballot are criminals, recently arrested on corruption charges, and that his charge of close to $80,000 for reviewing his ballot access petition brought by these same people should be tossed out.

The article, by Tracie Mauriello of the Post-Gazette Harrisburg Bureau, includes this:

A grand jury presentment last week included evidence that those signature challenges were based on work by dozens of Democratic House employees while they were on the clock and being paid with tax dollars.

To read the entire story, click here.

Hopefully Romanelli will win, and instead of paying the state close to $80,000 he will get attorney’s fees and other compensation for the breech of democracy caused by these alleged criminals.