Free and Equal, Texas Green Party issue joint statement on ballot access petition controversy

Free and Equal and the Green Party of Texas have issued a joint statement on the media reports concerning the state party’s ballot access petition drive and Free and equal’s involvement in making it happen.

Free and Equal Issues Statement in Response to Recent Texas Media Reports

Free and Equal Elections is proud to stand next to the Green Party of Texas today to release this joint statement concerning Texas media reports involving Boyd Ritchie’s anti-democratic attack on the Green Party’s recent petition drive in Texas.

The statement from Free and Equal Founder and Chair Christina Tobin follows:

“Boyd Ritchie’s anti-democratic and anti-choice actions are shameful for a party leader. Free and Equal is a non-partisan organization that helps all parties, and Ritchie appears to have gone hysterical because a Green got on the Texas ballot this week. Ballot access and campaign finance are two completely different things. Ritchie is acting like a hot-headed party boss, not a party leader who deserves respect.”

“In Ritchie’s attempt to inflict harm on the Green Party, he will also harm voters by reducing their choices on Election Day. It’s a shame he would go to such lengths to keep a candidate from running, just because they aren’t a member of his party.” Continue Reading


CORRECTION: California Greens oppose Proposition 14

CORRECTION: This article says that Proposition 14 will be voted on in November of this year. That is inaccurate. Proposition 14 will be on the June 8th ballot this year.

Proposition 14, a ballot initiative which will be put before the California electorate this November, would put all candidates on one “primary” ballot, with only the two candidates winning the most votes being allowed to appear on the November ballot. This so-called “open primary” would leave all smaller party candidates off the ballot come November, and risk even eliminating one of the two corporate parties from some races.

The California Green Party is on record opposing this anti-democratic move by corporate interests, and their website includes a number of resources California Greens can use to do battle against the proposition.

Recently Libertarian Sec of State candidate Christina Tobin had this editorial in the Sacramento Bee, explaining the problems she sees with this proposal. Many of her arguments reflect the same concerns we Greens have with the proposal.


Illinois gubernatorial debate this Friday

In a press release sent to Green Party Watch the Free and Equal Elections Foundation announced plans to hold a debate in Illinois’ gubernatorial race this Friday, October 9th. Christina Tobin is Chairman and founder of the organization.

“This debate will be unique in that ALL the candidates are invited to participate, not just the Democrats and Republicans.” said Tobin.”We are excited that voters all across Illinois will have the opportunity to hear the candidates speak in person, or online via web stream.”

The full text of the press release is below the fold. Continue Reading


Free and Equal Elections

Sounds simple enough. Elections should be free…or at least access to the electoral process should be…and all candidates should be treated equally.

Sadly, as articles posted here yesterday show, that is not always the case.

For many years the website Ballot Access News was the nation’s sole source of consistent and balanced news about election access and fairness. While that site remains the most complete and best documented source for such news, another effort has taken shape to bring even more attention to these issues so fundamental to our democratic process.

Free and Equal benefits from having Ballot Access News editor Richard Winger on their board, but they do provide additional information, which we will be sharing with you here at Green Party Watch. To read a few of their articles simply click on this article’s headline. In the meantime, do yourself and democracy a bit of a favor and subscribe to Ballot Access News’ print edition. It’s chock full of information, and exceptionally readable.

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