Connecticut Green Party nominates candidates for Attorney General, Comptroller, Treasurer, Secretary of the State

From Christopher Keating at the Hartford Courant’s Capitol Watch Blog:

The Green Party of Connecticut nominated a slate of candidates Saturday for the November election for attorney general, comptroller, treasurer, and secretary of the state.

Based on state law, the party has ballot lines for 2010 for those statewide positions. But since the party lacked the necessary 1 percent of the vote in the 2006 governor’s race, the party does not have an automatic ballot line for governor in 2010.

For attorney general, Stephen Fournier – a Hartford attorney with 30 years of active practice at the bar – gained the party’s nomination.

For secretary of the state, longtime candidate Michael DeRosa of Wethersfield accepted the party’s nod. DeRosa ran in 2006, but he was unable to get into a debate against Democrat Susan Bysiewicz.

David Bue, an investment adviser from Westport, will be the candidate for treasurer against Democratic incumbent Denise Nappier, while Colin Bennet of Westbrook has the party’s support for comptroller in the race against longtime Democratic incumbent Nancy Wyman. Continue Reading


Cliff Thornton to speak at Central Connecticut State University

In a post at The Cool Justice Report, writer Andy Thibault covers an upcoming appearance by former Green Party national co-chair Cliff Thornton at Central Connecticut State University. Thornton will speak there on Tuesday, October 20th, at Torp Theatre-Welte Hall from 1 to 3 PM.

Thibault and Thornton exchanged an email or two, and these are posted in the story. here are a few comments from the exchange:
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Connecticut Greens subject of police surveillance

In what can be called a Kafkaesque abuse of taxpayer money and citizen’s political rights, the Connecticut Central Criminal Intelligence Unit set up a surveillance of the Connecticut Green Party in 2006. In a detailed account posted at Hartford Courant website, Government Watch reporter Jon Lender lays out what the Central Criminal Intelligence Unit did, the reasons they gave, and the outcome of the domestic spying they engaged in.

The police were on the alert for a protest by Green Party supporters who were upset that their candidate for governor, Cliff Thornton, was not being allowed in debates between Democrat John DeStefano and incumbent Gov. M. Jodi Rell. The Greens had protested a week or so earlier outside a debate in New London.

But that night, they didn’t show up.

Details of the operation were only recently exposed in papers filed by the defendants in a law suit brought by Ken Krayeske, a freelance journalist who was arrested for taking photographs of Governor Rell in her inaugural parade. Krayeske had served at Cliff Thornton’s campaign manager in the same gubernatorial race. Thornton is now one of the national Green Party’s co-chairs, and started the drug law reform website Efficacy.

Krayeske first appeared on the radar for the mainstream media after he asked University of Connecticut men’s basketball coach Jim Calhoun to justify his multi-million dollar salary at a time the state faced a two billion dollar deficit.