Northern Michigan University students start College Greens chapter

Students at Northern Michigan University in Marquette have started a College Greens chapter. Their stated mission is to “promote Green Party ideas on campus including social justice, grassroots democracy and the dissatisfaction with the amount of influence corporations have in the political process.” To find out more and get in contact, check out NMU College Greens on facebook.

For more about College Greens and how to start a chapter at your college or university, check out the College Greens page on gp.org.


Green-Rainbow Party forms Lenox & College Greens chapters

Scott Laugenour, membership director of the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party and recent candidate for Lenox Select Committee, recently sent out this notice:

I hope those of you in Lenox will join me at this public meeting September 12, 3:30 pm, at the Lenox Library, at which the Lenox chapter of the Green-Rainbow Party will be founded.  Those of you outside Lenox are welcome to be part of the founding and to get ideas for forming similar chapters in your community.  Notices are being sent to all in Lenox who are current members of the Green-Rainbow Party through their voter registration or dues-paying.  Posters are in various parts of the town.  Thank you for your interest.  It’s time for a party.

Sat, Sep 12, 2009 at 3:30 pm
Lenox Library Conference Room
18 Main Street / Lenox MA  01240
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US Green Party launches College Greens

From Deborah Dupre at Examiner.com:

Today, the Green Party U.S.A. is launching College Greens, the new nationwide network of college Green Party chapters.

The Green Party aims to help all students, faculty members, alumni, and parents meet College Democrats’ and Young Republicans’ challenge by organizing a better, Greener option at schools.

The new College Greens webpage includes tools needed to organize a fully-functional, vibrant, active College Greens chapter – an organizing checklist, supplemental organizing handouts, sample flyers, links to a Facebook and Twitter page, an on-line form to sign for individuals and college chapters, plus an on-line donation form that helps support our effort.  Continue Reading