Connecticut U.S. House candidate takes part in Rally to End Hunger and Homelessness

piddockConnecticut’s Torrington Register-Citizen reports that Green Party Fifth District U.S. House candidate Stephanie Piddock was among the participants in the Rally to End Hunger and Homelessness in Torrington on Saturday.

Piddock and other participants toured The Gathering Place, a homeless hospitality center. During the tour, Piddock said, “Eradicating poverty is the most important issue facing society today. There may be refugees in need but there are plenty of people in this country who are in need, too.”


Waterford, Connecticut, Green Party notches first win

Waterford, CT Green Party LogoConnecticut’s New London Day reports that “two years ago, the members of the Waterford Green Party were trying to just get candidates from their party on to the town’s ballot,” but on Tuesday, “the small but determined group had successfully run a candidate for a townwide office — albeit in an uncontested race — and drummed up thousands of votes for the four candidates on the ballot.”

Local Green Party Co-Chair Joshua Kelly was elected Zoning Board of Appeals alternate. He told The Day, “We’re reaching people. It means that people want a new voice in the government. … We see ourselves at least as different from the Democrats as the Democrats are different from Republicans. We just want to make sure the conversation is being had.”

There were 14 Greens on the ballot across Connecticut Tuesday, and four were elected: Kelly, incumbent New London School Board member Mirna Martinez, and two candidates for New Canaan constable, John Amarilios and Hector Lopez.


Unions endorse four New London, Connecticut Green candidates

nlgreensConnecticut’s New London Day reports that the Southeastern Connecticut Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO, has endorsed New London Green Party City Council candidates Tim Hanser and Ronna Stuller and Board of Education candidates Mirna Martinez and Jason Morris in next month’s local elections. Morris was also endorsed by the Network for Public Education.


Connecticut Sanders coordinator plans Green Party congressional run

Stephanie Piddock, the coordinator for Sen. Bernie Sanders’s Democratic presidential campaign in Connecticut’s Fifth District and a local Occupy organizer, says she plans to seek the U.S. House seat in the district as a Green Party candidate next year.

In an e-mail statement, Piddock said, “The people need to be represented by The People, not by the moneyed elite whose wealth and self-interest profoundly disconnect them from our reality. As the political system exists right now, the metallic clang of money is speech, and the sinister rustle of dollars is a poor substitute for the vigor of votes.”

Democratic incumbent Elizabeth Esty is expected to seek a third term in 2016. The last Green candidate in the district was Harold Burbank, who received 0.8% of the vote in his 2008 run.


Connecticut Greens subject of police surveillance

In what can be called a Kafkaesque abuse of taxpayer money and citizen’s political rights, the Connecticut Central Criminal Intelligence Unit set up a surveillance of the Connecticut Green Party in 2006. In a detailed account posted at Hartford Courant website, Government Watch reporter Jon Lender lays out what the Central Criminal Intelligence Unit did, the reasons they gave, and the outcome of the domestic spying they engaged in.

The police were on the alert for a protest by Green Party supporters who were upset that their candidate for governor, Cliff Thornton, was not being allowed in debates between Democrat John DeStefano and incumbent Gov. M. Jodi Rell. The Greens had protested a week or so earlier outside a debate in New London.

But that night, they didn’t show up.

Details of the operation were only recently exposed in papers filed by the defendants in a law suit brought by Ken Krayeske, a freelance journalist who was arrested for taking photographs of Governor Rell in her inaugural parade. Krayeske had served at Cliff Thornton’s campaign manager in the same gubernatorial race. Thornton is now one of the national Green Party’s co-chairs, and started the drug law reform website Efficacy.

Krayeske first appeared on the radar for the mainstream media after he asked University of Connecticut men’s basketball coach Jim Calhoun to justify his multi-million dollar salary at a time the state faced a two billion dollar deficit.