CA Greens support lawsuit, consider initiative to nullify Prop. 14; Measure is a clear example of how big money buys California elections, charges Green Party gubernatorial nominee

SACRAMENTO (June 9, 2010) – The Green Party of California’s gubernatorial nominee Wednesday called the passage of Prop. 14 and near victories of Prop. 16 and 17 clear examples of how big money is buying elections in California, using tens of millions of dollars to mislead voters.

The state’s most progressive political party said it is mulling its options after Tuesday, including joining a lawsuit to overturn Prop.14 and a possible statewide initiative to nullify it.

“The rotten part of Prop. 14 is that what it promised – open elections – is the exact opposite of what it will do. Prop. 14 will keep dissenting voices off the big November ballot,” said Laura Wells, who won the Green Party nomination for Governor Tuesday night with a victory over Los Angeles social justice activist Deacon Alexander.

Greens are already working with representatives of the five other ballot-qualified parties on plans to challenge Prop. 14 on constitutional issues. And, they are discussing a possible challenge to Prop. 14 on the streets – putting a ballot measure on the ballot that would give more power and more choices to voters, not less. Details will be released later this week. Continue Reading


Sacramento News and Review asks: Where have all the green jobs gone?

California Green Cres Vellucci opts to stay in his car rather than stop and breathe the air in the central valley. Even so, he did stop recently to participate in a protest against plans to build a 1.2 million square foot Wal Mart distribution center that would bring more than a thousand diesel trucks to the area, already burdened with serious air pollution problems.

This is the beginning to the article by Sena Christian, and she goes on from there to ask, where are all the Green jobs?

Our own Wes Rolley is quoted, saying

“As it stands, it will achieve something, but not enough,” said Wes Rolley, a Green member who blogs about ecological issues. He pointed out that during the New Deal, the Works Progress Administration created more jobs in a four-month period than President Obama has promised to create or save by 2011.