Ohio Greens call for resignation of Cuyahoga County prosecutor

ohioThe Ohio Green Party and the Cuyahoga County Green Party are calling for the resignation of Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty in the wake of a grand jury’s decision not to indict Cleveland police officers involved in the shooting death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice in 2014.

The Ohio Greens said in a release, “Mr. McGinty has failed in his role as County Prosecutor and the entire Grand Jury process was suspect from the beginning. We also call for the firing of officers Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback. Officer Loehmann, who fired the fatal shots, should never have been hired by the Cleveland Police Department in the first place,” after being rejected by several other Ohio police departments.

In related news, the Associated Press reports that the Ohio Greens announced that the party will select its choice for the Green Party presidential nomination on April 3. The Greens “secured minor party status in Ohio in 2014 when their gubernatorial candidate, Anita Rios, received 3 percent of the vote.”


David Ellison, Green for Cuyahoga County Exec, Q&A in Lakewood Observer

Ohio Green Party Cuyahoga County Executive candidate David Ellison was interviewed by the Lakewood Observer about the major issues facing Cuyahoga County and his plans to address them:

1.) If elected to the position of County Executive, what three or four goals would top the list of things that you’d hope to accomplish during your term in office?

A. An energy upgrade on all county-owned buildings to make them more energy-efficient with procedures for evaluation.
B. A county-wide land use and management plan that successfully engages all the municipalities.
C. A Laborers and Artisan Corps of suburban and inner city youth, 16-60 resulting in tangible, ecologically sensitive capital improvements to our built environment.
D. A state chartered Bank of Cuyahoga County, dedicated to investing in the county, prohibited from selling mortgages, trading in derivatives and committing usury.

Read the full article at the Lakewood Observer.


Ohio Green declares campaign for Cuyahoga County executive

Cleveland.com reports on challengers for the newly-created Cuyahoga County executive position in Northeast Ohio:

David Ellison, a Cleveland architect running for the Green Party, opposed the county charter that created the executive position. Ellison said he thought the executive structure was too hierarchical, but he later decided to run for the job.

“It just seemed like now was the time,” he said. “I should either run or stop complaining.”…

Ellison, 49, of Cleveland, has fought projects that cost taxpayers money. Continue Reading