Blogger: Third Parties are critical for an informed public

Citizen Tleilax recently blogged about his reasons for writing the California League of Conservation Voters to request that they include Green Party candidate for California Governor Laura Wells in their website “GreenGov2010″. Activism to support Green inclusion in media, debates, voter guides, etc. is extremely valuable, as I wrote in a reply that I’ll post below.

In general, I value open discussion and the consideration of multiple perspectives when searching for solutions to particular issues. I feel that weighing what everyone has to say is a crucial process in formulating a stance on something, and whenever I neglect to do this I end up wishing that I had been more thorough. This is why it is very important to not limit our sources for information to only a few channels–if we do we tend to absorb the bias inherent in them. Naturally, it can be assumed that just about everything is biased, making it our duty to analyze multiple perspectives if we intend to have as logical and objective an opinion as possible.

When it comes to politics this is of the highest importance, because both public policy and public edification is at stake. The two-party system has a stranglehold on America, and it actively attempts to prevent the public from hearing critical perspectives that are necessary for understanding issues. “Third” parties such as the Green Party and Libertarian Party represent these wrongfully suppressed perspectives on issues, and when they are consistently excluded from the forum, everybody loses. Continue Reading