California Green primary results

In the California Green Party primary race for governor, Laura Wells leads Deacon Alexander with 78.9%, making Wells the Green candidate for Governor of California.

In a four-way primary for Mendocino County District 5 Supervisor, Green Dan Hamburg led the pack with 34%. Hamburg will face conservative candidate Wendy Roberts, who pulled 30%, in a November runoff.

Proposition 14, the top-two primary measure misleadingly referred to as an ‘open’ primary by supporters and most media outlets, has passed with 54% voting in favor. The Green Party is already in talks with other political parties and organizations about challenging the measure, which will eliminate parties’ right to nominate a candidate for the general election. The Sacramento Bee quoted Cres Vellucci, Green Party of California press secretary:

“There will be a legal change that will be pursued immediately,” Velluci said. “The voters were bilked.”

He said the business interests in the state backed Proposition 14 so they could bankroll two candidates likely to emerge as winners in a primary. “They want to make sure that there is nobody there that they can’t control,” Velluci said.

Proposition 15, which would have set up a trial run for public election financing, was also defeated, as were Propositions 16 and 17, which were widely seen as misleading measures bankrolled by specific corporations for their own benefit. Proposition 13, on property taxes and seismic retrofit of buildings, passed by a wide margin.


Alameda Green Party publishes voter guide for CA primary

Bay Area Indymedia recently featured the Alameda Green Party voter guide, including Green positions on the various ballot measures on the June 8th ballot (perhaps most importantly, a No vote on the Green- and independent-killing Prop 14) and a writeup of the Green gubernatorial primary between Deacon Alexander and Laura Wells.

Read the Green Voter Guide at Bay Area Indymedia or at the Alameda County Green Party Blog.


Green gubernatorial campaigns to watch in 2010: CA, IL, MA, NV, OH

WASHINGTON, DC — Several Green candidates have launched campaigns in their states’ races for governor in 2010.

The Green Party of California will have a contested primary election for the gubernatorial race, with Laura Wells and Deacon Alexander competing for the nomination, to be decided on June 8.

In recent years, gubernatorial races in some states have given Green Parties high enough percentages to achieve or maintain ballot status and determine the outcome of the election.

In 2006, Rich Whitney and his fellow Greens overcame an attempt by Gov. Rod Blagojevich to keep the Green Party off the Illinois ballot. Gov. Blagojevich spent about $800,000 to block the Green Party. Mr. Whitney drew over 10% of the vote on Election Day 2006 and will be on the ballot in 2010.

Some Green gubernatorial candidates to watch: Continue Reading