Michigan Greens Left Off Ballot (Oops)

Detroit – Wayne County Board of Elections did not place Green Party candidates Dianne Feeley for County Commissioner, 5th district and Louis Novak, County Commissioner 6th district on ballots already distributed to absentee voters.

The Green Party will hold a press conference, Monday, 11 am, in front of the City-County Building, to discuss further steps and to offer our Green program for jobs and economic recovery.

On August 2, per state law, the Green Party submitted the names of five candidates wholly within Wayne County for the November 2 election ballot. They were George Corsetti, US Congress 13th district, Fred Vitale, State Representative, 3rd district, Derek Grigsby, State Representative 7th district, and County Commissioner candidates Feeley and Novak. The candidates discovered the error when they received the sample ballot in the mail last week.
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Greens: US must press Israel to end settlements; divestment urged as Israeli outrages continue

Greens: President Obama must press Israel to end East Jerusalem settlements

• Green Party urges divestment as Israeli outrages mount

WASHINGTON, DC — President Obama must put pressure on Israel immediately to stop the construction of settlements and displacement of Palestinians in East Jerusalem, Green Party leaders and candidates said today.

“President Obama should send Prime Minister Netanyahu a message: enough is enough.  If Israel continues to violate Palestinian human rights, the US must cancel the $30 million military aid package pledged to Israel for 2009-2018.  The plan to build 1,600 housing units for Israeli Jews in East Jerusalem is the latest outrage.  Although a rumored US abstension from a possible UN Security Council resolution against the settlements would be an improvement over its usual veto on Israel’s behalf, this would still be an act of moral cowardice,” said Sanda Everette, co-chair of the Green Party of the United States.  Continue Reading


Green Party calls for an end to the bipartisan economic war on Blacks, Latinos

Greens call for an end to the “bipartisan economic war” on Blacks and Latinos/as, who suffer the brunt of the subprime crisis and economic meltdown

• Green Party urges a program for millions of new public works jobs and financial security for Americans instead of Wall Street handouts Continue Reading