Jesse Johnson – Washington, we have a problem

Mountain Party
D.ERIS has a write-up over at Third Party Daily of an article at the Register Herald which quotes Mountain Party senatorial candidate Jesse Johnson extensively.

I think that every American and every West Virginian looks at the two-party system, looks at the Democrats and Republicans and says, “We have a problem.”

For the full story, please hit the Third Party Daily link above.


Stories at Independent Political Report

The first is a re-posting from On The Wilder Side, and addresses the Green Party of New York State’s response to the Governor’s “State of the State” address. It includes comments by David Doonan, Mayor of the Village of Greenwich.

From the pay-to-play politics endemic between lobbyists, special interest groups, and legislators, nearly guaranteed re-election of incumbents, to the power of Senate and Assembly leaders, the legislature makes a mockery of the term representative democracy.

The piece was written by Kimberly Wilder.

The second is about the Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts and Jill Stein’s decision to run for Governor of the Commonwealth.

“I’ll soon be announcing a campaign for governor of Massachusetts, a campaign to take our future back from lobbyists and insiders, and get Massachusetts working for the people, and the environment our economy depends on,”

This piece was written by paulie. The IPR piece can be read in full here

The third is about Allison Duncan of New York getting ready to run for Governor. The article includes a link to a press release issued by the New York Greens. It quotes candidate Duncan saying

“The strongest difference between a Green and a Democratic governor is that the Democratic governor is beholden to corporate interests and the Green governor is beholden to the voters.”

It goes on to point to criticism of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger by that state’ Green Party. The article quotes a press release which said

Despite claiming “we all share the pain,” Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s budget proposal announced today again protects his wealthy friends and imposes cruel, draconian and life-threatening cuts on the poor, the elderly and children.

This piece was written by d.eris.