A dharna for Bank of America

Meditating Liberty

On Friday May 13th, two Greens and a videographer will be outside Bank of America’s world headquarters at the corner of Trade and Tryon in the heart of downtown Charlotte NC. We will be there in silent protest of Bank of America’s role in the mortgage crisis and economic collapse, their support for nuclear and coal fired power plants, their avoidance of taxes using offshore tax havens, and their bribery of politicians through campaign contributions and lobbying activities.

The dharna, a centuries old Hindu practice of silently sitting or standing outside the home of someone who owes a debt until the debt is paid, will be a message to BOA and the rest of the banking conglomerates that the people are aware of their behavior, and that we are unwilling to continue “business as usual.”

This action is inspired by a similar dharna conducted in downtown Los Algeles by cockroach liberation. The video clip inside the “like” box won’t play here, but click on it and you’ll be able to watch the video at YouTube…well worth the watch. The image I call “Meditating Liberty” is used with permission from Dharma Central. Neither cockroach liberation nor Dharma Central are responsible for our acts. We would welcome others, regardless of their political associations.