Medicare for All advocates urge support for Jill Stein matching funds drive

From Jill Stein for President:


As the Stein campaign closes in on federal matching funds, five leading advocates for Medicare for All have released a letter advocating support for Dr. Jill Stein. The letter was released as news came that two new states – Michigan and Oregon – have qualified for federal matching funds.

Please copy, paste, and forward the following letter to every health care advocate you know. You can see our latest matching funds numbers by clicking here. Thank you.

Medicare for All


Dear friends working for health care as a human right,

In all the sound and fury over the Supreme Court’s health care ruling,  the simple truth is being lost:  We know how to provide affordable health care for every American.  There is a proven solution — improved “Medicare for All” (or single-payer health insurance). It’s working in nation after nation around the world.  It is the only fiscally responsible way out of the health care mess.  And it’s not unconstitutional.

When President Obama slammed the door in the face of single-payer health care advocates, and abandoned the “public option”, it seemed that we were doomed to debating slight variations on the failing status quo.  But in the wake of the Obamacare/Romneycare crackup, we have an incredible opportunity to reframe the health care debate by injecting a long-time advocate for Medicare-for-All (single-payer) into the presidential dialogue. Continue Reading


The People’s Lobby: forum on corporate money in US politics & election reform

WASHINGTON, DC — In honor of Thomas Jefferson’s 267th birthday, the Green Party of Florida and the People’s Lobby Coalition for Public Funding Only of All Elections will hold a forum on the influence of corporate lobbies on US elections.  The forum will take place at the National Press Club (http://npc.press.org) in Washington, DC, at 7 pm on Tuesday, April 13, 2010.

The speakers will discuss ‘Money Morality’ and the effect of corporate money on health care, energy, the economy, treatment of the poor, and other major issues, with an analysis of military expenditures in light of campaign contributions from defense contractors.

“We’ll talk about the correlation between the influence of the 13,000 special interest lobbyists and our elected officials’ voting trends in relation to these issues.  And we’ll propose necessary changes to our election system to restore democracy,” said Jennifer Sullivan, organizer of the event.

The event is open to the public, with doors opening at 7 pm.  Admission is free for all members of the media with proper ID.  General admission is a suggested donation of $10.00 or $15.00 per couple; no one will be turned away.

Refreshments will be served, with a variety of selected hors d’oeuvres, house specialty dips, gourmet chips, beverages, and a cash bar.

Guest speakers at the forum:

• Dr. Margaret Flowers, Congressional Fellow for Physicians for a National Health Program (http://www.pnhp.org), advocate for single-payer national health care, from Maryland

• Jesse Johnson, chair of the West Virginia Mountain Party (http://www.mtparty.org), twice-nominated candidate for the US Senate, the only third-party candidate to receive an endorsement from the Sierra Club in his 2008 race for Governor of West Virginia, and filmmaker (http://www.mtparty.org/nominations/2004/jesse/bio.html)

• Pat LaMarche, weekly columnist for the Bangor Daily News (http://www.bangordailynews.com), 2004 vice-presidential nominee of the Green Party of the United States, and advocate for the homeless

• Head-Roc, Hip-Hop artist and community organizer (http://www.head-roc.com), from Washington, DC

• Jennifer Sullivan, regional representative of the Green Party of Florida (http://www.floridagreens.org) and coordinator of The People’s Lobby

More speakers will be announced soon.

WHAT: The People’s Lobby: Forum on the influence of corporate special interest money on public policy and the erosion of US democracy, Tuesday, April 13 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC

WHEN: Tuesday, April 13, at 7 pm

WHERE: 529 14th Street NW, Washington, DC (map: http://www.press.org/directions.cfm)

REFRESHMENTS will be served