Duke Energy postpones South Carolina nuke

In a message to South Carolina clean energy activists, Tom Clements of Friends of the Earth shared a report from the Charlotte Business Journal in which Duke Energy announces plans to postpone construction of a proposed nuclear power plant, with two generating stations, near Gaffney, SC. Along with Santee Cooper’s announcement that they will not build a coal burner near Flornce, SC, this bolsters the South Carolina Green Party’s contention that new generation is not needed and that our utilities should be expected to make major investments in efforts to curb consumption. This plant was first proposed back in the 70s or 80s, and shelved. Now it may be ready to be shelved again.

The article, in full, can be read at the first link above, or here below the fold.
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South Carolina Greens to address energy issues

At the recent Green Party national convention the delegates decided that energy would be part of our focus over the next year. This has been an important decision for Greens in South Carolina.

The state’s electric suppliers have proposed building four new nuclear power plants. Two are proposed near Jenkinsville, and two near Gaffney.

In addition, utilities have proposed a coal burning power plant near Florence. Recently Santee Cooper, the utility, decided to cancel their plans to build this coal burner.
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