Green Party Eastern U.S. House Candidates 2010

There are 60 candidates running for the United States House of Representatives on November 2.

This is the first of three posts on Green Party House candidates, beginning with the Eastern portion of the United States. There are candidates running in Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and South Carolina.


Ken Krayeske (CD 1) – Krayeske is no stranger to media attention ever since his notorious challenge to UCONN coach Calhoun over his salary. Krayeske, now running for the US House, has been picking up a lot of media, most recently from a high profile endorsement from Ralph Nader. Krayeske has a nice website and a great campaign video. (GPW coverage of Krayeske)
G. Scott Deshefy (CD 2) – G. Scott Deshefy is a retired environmental analyst with the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection. He ran for this same seat in 2008, finishing with 6,287 votes (1.87%). I highly recommend his campaign blog.
Charlie Pillsbury (CD 3) – Pillsbury works part time for Mediators Without Borders. He is a veteran candidate, having run in 2008 for New Haven Registrar of voters (8.15%), in 2005 for Alderman (30.5%), in 2003 for Alderman (38.9%) and in 2002 for US House of Representatives (9,050 votes, 4.9%).

Nicholas Ruiz III (CD 24) – Ruiz is running a write-in campaign for US House in Florida’s 24th district. He has put out several campaign videos (find them on his website) and took part in debates as well. He is the author of America in Absentia (2008), Integral Reality (with Robert Hassan, forthcoming, 2010) and The Metaphysics of Capital, (2006). He is also the editor of Kritikos.

New Jersey
Mark Heacock (CD 1) – Mark Heacock is a Master Painter, Lacrosse coach and veteran candidate. He ran for New Jersey General Assembly in 2007 (2.86%) and 2005 (5.15%), and Borough Council in 2004 (24%) and 2003 (33%). Check out the videos on his site here.
Steve Welzer (CD 4) – Welzer has been a Green Activist for 20 years, a founding member of the New Jersey Green Party, and co-editor of Green Horizons Magazine. This is his first run for office. Watch his “Candidates on Demand” interview on Youtube here.
Ed Fanning (CD 5) – Fanning has worked for 29 years in the finance industry, and is the Secretary of the Green Party of New Jersey. He ran for this same seat in 2008, finishing with 4,950 votes (1.68%). See his “Candidates on Demand” interview on YouTube here.
Patricia Alessandrini (CD 9) – Alessandrini is a retired nurse who has run for Bergen Freeholder in 2008 and State Assembly in 2003 (1.48%). Watch her “Candidates on Demand” video on YouTube here.

New York
Anthony Gronowicz (CD 7) – A New York City native, Gronowicz was the Green Party candidate for Mayor of New York City in 2005, finishing third of 8 candidates. He has a PhD in New York City Political History and is the author of “Race and Class Politics in New York City Before the Civil War”. Here’s a clip of Gronowicz by Craig Seeman.
Hank Bardel (CD 13) – Bardel is a retired union worker and long time Green Party activist. He last ran for office in 2002 running for the US House and finishing with 1% of the vote. He has also run for City Council twice and State Assembly once. He did not get the signatures necessary to appear on the ballot so he is running a write in campaign.

Ed Bortz (CD 14) – Bortz is a retired engineer / electrician, and life long writer, poet, and Green Party activist in the Pittsburgh area. Here is a video of Bortz speaking at a Medicare rally that I highly recommend (watch the nervous people behind him.)

South Carolina
Faye Walters (CD 4) – This is C. Faye Walters’ fourth run for the US House as a Green Party candidate. She finished with 1.23% in 2004, 1.3% in 2006, and 3% in 2008. Furthermore she ran as a Natural Law Party Candidate for U.S. Congress District 4 Representative in 1996, 1998, 2000 and 2002. She has a rich and varied background, currently a small business owner in Greenville, SC.
Nammu Muhammad (CD 6) – Nammu Muhammad is a life-long resident of the threatened Waverly community in Columbia. An electrician, Nammu has worked against gentrification and the displacement of longstanding communities by a business driven and unaccountable development program.


News from Ed Bortz, Pittsburgh Green for US House

Pennsylvania Green Party candidate for US House in PA’s 14th District Ed Bortz has been very active recently. On September 13th, Bortz spoke out against hydrofracking at a Pittsburgh City Council meeting, which earned him a mention in at least one news outlet.

Bortz has received the endorsement of the Gertrude Stein Political Club of Greater Pittsburgh for his strong advocacy of the rights of people in the GLBT community.

He is also one of several Green candidates who have signed onto the Fight Washington Corruption pledge, including Ben Emery (CA-4), John Gray (AR-Sen), LeAlan Jones (IL-Sen), Bob Kinsey (CO-Sen), Simon Ribeiro (IL-9), Steven Welzer (NJ-4), and Julia Williams (MI-12). Candidates who sign the pledge support overturning the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision allowing unlimited corporate spending on elections, passing the Fair Elections Now Act to establish option public campaign financing for congressional races, and enacting measures to limit the influence of corporate lobbyists.


Ed Bortz: Pennsylvania’s elaborate scheme against free and fair elections

The following commentary on Pennsylvania’s ballot access regime was posted on Firedoglake by Ed Bortz, Green Party candidate for Congress, 14th District Pennsylvania:

The system used to challenge ballot access petitions for candidates in Pennsylvania is fundamentally arbitrary and unfair. The process does not err on the side of registered voters who wish to support a candidate’s right to be on the ballot, but rather, it favors the challenger of the candidate’s petitions via an elaborate maze of “invalidating” criteria.(1) Continue Reading


Mel Packer calls for volunteers in PA to gather signatures

Mel Packer, the Pennsylvania Green Party’s candidate for US Senate, recently issued this call for volunteer help:

We are still looking for more volunteer petitioners to collect signatures so my campaign can achieve ballot status. Our immediate need is to get folks out to polling places this Tuesday, May 18th, where we can get LOTS of signatures if we get LOTS of you out. Email melpacker [at] aol [dot] com or ebbortz [at] gmail [dot] com NOW if you can help out. We only have a couple of days in order to get petitions to you. And if you can’t do the 18th, but CAN get signatures as you go through your day/workplace, etc., we still need your help. We need to get about 40,000 signatures before they put us on the November ballot and we get into the debates. Please help.

You can watch a recent debate at Robert Morris University with Mel Packer and five other candidates at PCN TV.


Ed Bortz, PA Green for Congress, speech for single-payer coalition

Ed Bortz, the Pennsylvania Green Party’s nominee for US House of Representatives PA-14, recently delivered the following speech to a coalition of single-payer health care advocates:

Thank you single-payer activists for inviting me to speak tonight about my campaign for Congress in the 14th District of Pennsylvania.This is a great time to be a Green Party candidate for public office. Voters are looking for real and sustainable alternatives to business as usual. Continue Reading


Ed Bortz, Pittsburgh Green congressional candidate, calls for Medicare for All

Ed Bortz, the Pennsylvania Green Party’s candidate for US House in the 14th district, has garnered some publicity from Allegheny County Elections 2010 Examiner for a post on Firedoglake’s Seminal blog arguing that “we need health CARE, not health insurance”. Both the Examiner piece and the Seminal discussion are worth reading.


Green Party of Pennsylvania nominates candidates for US Senate, US House, State Rep

Green Party Nominates Packer for U.S. Senate, Bortz for US House, D’Agostino, Giordano, Farrington and Sweeney for State Rep.

Monroeville, PA – On Sunday, Feb. 21, 2010, the Green Party of Pennsylvania
approved nominations for six candidates to compete in the November general
election. Long-time peace activist Mel Packer will be at the top of the
ticket as the Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate. Continue Reading


Green Party of Pennsylvania nominates federal and state candidates

From Ballot Access News:

The Pennsylvania Green Party held a state nominating convention February 20-21 near Pittsburgh, and nominated a candidate for U.S. Senate, one for U.S. House, and four state house candidates. The party will attempt to place all its nominees on the 2010 ballot.

The U.S. Senate candidate, Mel Packer, needs 19,056 valid signatures, due August 2. The petition may not circulate until March 10. If the Green Party statewide petition succeeds, this will be the first time the party has appeared on the statewide ballot in Pennsylvania since 2004. The U.S. House candidate, Ed Bortz, is running in the 14th district, in Pittsburgh. The state house candidates are Roy Farrington in the 76th district, Jay Sweeney in the 111st, Rex D’Agostino in the 183rd, and Hugh Giordano in the 194th.