Green Party’s 2011 Annual National Meeting will feature Green candidates from New York and other states, as well as anti-hydrofracking leaders and other Green activists

A press release from the Green Party of the United States, including a list of 2011 candidates who will be at the event:

The meeting will take place August 5-7 at Green Fest in Alfred, western New York; Greens will begin planning for the 2012 elections, including the presidential race; Elizabeth May, Canadian Green member of Parliament, and economist David C. Korten to speak via Skype

Theme of the meeting: “Building a Green Economy — No War. No Coal. No Gas. No Nukes.”

Media credentialing page: http://www.gp.org/forms/media (also linked here: http://www.gp.org/committees/media/kit.shtml)

WASHINGTON, DC — The Green Party of the United States will feature an array of candidates and guest speakers at its 2011 Annual National Meeting at Alfred University in Alfred in western New York, from Friday, August 5 to Sunday, August 7.

The meeting will take place at the fourth biennial New York Green Fest, “a gathering of folks interested in exploring the politics and practices that will help enable us to live in a sustainable world, and sharing a weekend of good discussions, good food, and good music” (http://nygreenfest.org).

Among the speakers will be leaders in the campaign to ban hydrofracking (hydraulic fracturing), an environmentally destructive and dangerous technique for accessing gas in the Marcellus Shale beneath Pennsylvania, New York, and other states (see http://nygreenfest.blogspot.com/2011/07/hydrofracking-activists-join-green.html and http://gp.org/greenpages-blog/?p=2440). David Cobb, 2004 Green nominee for President, will speak on the need to abolish corporate ‘personhood’ and restrict the political power of corporations (see http://www.movetoamend.org).

Elizabeth May, Canada’s first elected Green Party member of Parliament, will speak to Greens at the meeting by Skype. David C. Korten, economist, co-founder and board chair of YES! Magazine, and author of ‘When Corporations Rule the World’ and other books (http://livingeconomiesforum.org/author-bio), will also address the meeting by Skype.

“There are many people throughout the US, including Green elected officials and community activists, who are thinking, talking, planning, and working for a sustainable energy economy despite lack of broader government engagement,” said Peter LaVenia, co-chair of the Green Party of New York State (http://www.web.gpnys.com). “Many of them will be coming to the meeting in Alfred or will speak to meeting participants via Skype. Alfred is the perfect place for Green Fest (http://www.alfred.edu/campus/going-green.cfm).”

Several Green candidates from New York and other states will attend the meeting, speak at press conferences, and be available for interview. At least one candidate for the Green presidential nomination, Kent Mesplay, will be present. A preliminary list of candidates who plan to attend the meeting is appended below.

David Doonan, Green Party member and mayor of Greenwich, New York, will also be at the meeting.

For a list of presenters and other speakers at the meeting, with short bios, visit: http://nygreenfest.org/presenterbios11.html

For a draft schedule of panels and forums, see http://nygreenfest.org/detailedschedule.html

Green Party leaders at the meeting will begin organizing for the 2012 election season, including the presidential race. The party will nominate a candidate for the White House at its 2012 national convention. The 2011 meeting in Alfred will also feature Green Party panels, workshops, meetings of the Green National Committee, and other events.

The meeting is open to the media and public. Press conferences will feature Green candidates for public office from across the US, with a special press conference on Friday, August 6, for women candidates hosted by the party’s Women Caucus (http://www.gp.org/caucuses/women/index.php). Journalists are encouraged to register ahead of time, at the Green Party’s media credentialing page (http://www.gp.org/forms/media). Registration for media will also take place on site during the meeting.

Alfred is about 80 miles from Rochester and 90 miles from Buffalo. For directions to Alfred University and Green Fest, see: http://nygreenfest.org/directions.html

GREEN CANDIDATES at the Green Party’s 2011 Annual National Meeting

Mike Bernhard, for Town Board member in Afton, New York.

Audrey Clement, for Arlington County Board, Virginia, in the 2011 general election (http://www.AudreyClement.org). Ms. Clement is a member of the Green Party’s national steering committee.

Joe Duffy, for Alderman in Hornell, New York. Mr. Duffy is chair of the Steuben County Green Party.

Howie Hawkins for Common Councillor of Syracuse, New York. The Green Party of New York State regained ballot status in 2010 as a result of Mr. Hawkin’s Green campaign for Governor.

Cheri Honkala, for Sheriff of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (http://www.cherihonkala.com) in the 2011 general election. Ms. Honkala founded the Kensington Welfare Rights Union and the national Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign. She was included in Philadelphia Magazine’s list of 100 Most Powerful Philadelphians and was named Philadelphia Weekly’s “Woman of the Year” in 1997.

Cecile Lawrence, candidate for the Tioga County Legislature (District 3), New York, , in the 2011 general election. Ms. Lawrence, who will conduct a workshop at the meeting, was the Green Party’s candidate for US Senate from New York in 2010. A member of Tioga Peace and Justice, she testified at hearings towards the passage of the New York State Managed Care Bill of Rights.

Kent Mesplay, candidate for the Green Party’s nomination for President (http://www.mesplay.org). Dr. Mesplay also sought the nomination in 2008.

Anita Rios, candidate for City Council in Toledo (District 4), Ohio, in the 2011 general election. Ms. Rios ran for Lieutenant Governor of Ohio in 2006 and 2010 and is former of the Green Party’s national steering committee.

Jay Sweeney, for Supervisor in Falls Township, Pennsylvania, in the 2011 general election (http://www.jaysweeney.org). Mr. Sweeney currently serves as Auditor in Falls Township.


US Greens congratulate Elizabeth May, first Green elected to Canadian Parliament

In a press release issued today the Green Party of the United States congratulated Canada’s first Green Party member of Parliament, Elizabeth May. Elected on Monday, May has served as the Canadian Green Party’s leader since her election to that post in 2006. The full text of the press release is below the fold. Continue Reading


I’m dating an MP!

Josh RachlisJosh Rachlis posted that comment on GPW’s Facebook page after the news that Elizabeth May had won her riding was announced on the CBC. His Facebook page included a rant about how the non-conservatives were unable to coalesce, leaving a Conservative government, even though they did not win a majority of the popular vote. After going on about the New Democratic Party, Green Party and Liberal Party working at cross purposes he said “Well, guess I won’t be getting any invites to be interviewed by the media now”…which of course prompted an offer of an interview right here at Green Party Watch. I did point out that we didn’t have a huge readership, but also pointed out that Rupert Murdock didn’t own us…yet!

Well surprise, surprise, surprise…he dropped us a line and said he’s up for it! Of course, we’ll come up with some questions ourselves, but in the meantime, help a fellow out and try to come up with some we can run past him.

He’s an Eco-comedian, screenwriter, actor, voice actor, filmmaker, cartoonist, songwriter, radio & TV host, stand-up comedian, film reviewer, cupcake judge…at least that’s what his Facebook page says.

His Funny or Die page is here, and apparently he’s both loved and hated by Canadians. Surely we can love and hate him down here too.

Catch his YouTube Chanel here.


Elizabeth May Elected First Canadian MP

In May 2 Federal Elections in Canada, Elizabeth May became the first Green Party candidate elected as a Member of Parliament.

Elizabeth May
, 56, has been the leader of the Green Party of Canada since 2006, vowing to raise the Green Party’s profile in Canada, particularly in the nationally televised debates. Although she was included in a debate several years ago, this election she was barred from the debate, which she used as a campaign issue in her campaign for MP representing Saanich-Gulf Islands on Vancouver Island.

Preliminary results show that Elizabeth May won the May 2, 2011 election with 48.13% of the vote, defeating Conservative MP Gary Lunn (33.73%) and NDP candidate Edith Loring-Kuhanga (12.28%).

In an Election Day message, Elizabeth May wrote: “Voting Green sends a clear message. It sends a message of hope. It sends a message that demands something better. It’s time. Vote Green.”

We will update this story as it happens.


Greens may win their first Member of Parliament in Canada tonight

Green Party of CanadaSadly, the hour is late…if you have news to report, please take advantage of the comments to let us know what’s going on. Of course, and of the writers here can add directly to the front page, so please do.

The Green MP candidate is Elizabeth May, and her riding, or district, is Saanich – Gulf Islands ahead by better than 2000 votes, 9659 to 7557. Reports can be watched at the CBC and reports specifically for May can be found this CBC link.

UPDATE…CBC Announces that Elizabeth May HAS been elected!


Elizabeth May Polling at 45%

From the Green Party of Canada:

The Green Party of Canada released polling today that shows Leader Elizabeth May in the lead to win the riding of Saanich Gulf-Islands (SGI). 45% of decided voters in SGI stated they would vote for Elizabeth May, compared with 38% for the Conservatives. The Liberal and NDP candidates each polled at 9%, with 16% undecided. 13% of respondents named Elizabeth May as their second choice, while only 6% gave Gary Lunn as their second choice.

“The polling results confirm the positive feeling we’re getting on the ground and motivates us to keep working hard until every Elizabeth May supporter casts their ballot next Monday, May 2nd,” said May’s Campaign Manager Jonathan Dickie. “We know that the only poll that really counts is the one on May 2nd.”

“It is still a neck-and-neck race,” said Dickie. “We know that we have the best candidate for Saanich-Gulf Islands and we need every supporter to know that every single vote counts.”

“I want to thank all the volunteers who are working so hard for Elizabeth May, knocking on doors, driving voters to polls, and answering phones. There is a real feeling that we have a chance to make history,” said Dickie.

“We are very proud of our positive election campaign. We’ve focused on the sharing of ideas and responsible debate of the issues. That’s what the voters of this riding want, that’s what we have worked to give them, and that’s why they’re supporting Elizabeth May,” said Dickie.

The poll was conducted April 18-19. 389 respondents in Saanich-Gulf Islands were asked how they intended to vote for local candidates. The margin of error is plus or minus 4.9%, 19 times out of 20


Elizabeth May goes to court

The Green Party of Canada and Elizabeth May are going to court to challenge her exclusion from the televised party leader’s debates that occur in Canada during each election. The debates are organized by a consortium of the television networks.

May was in the debate in 2008.

The Ombudsman of Canada’s public broadcaster the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is backing May in his new blog post. As well some of the non-teleivsion media are also supporting May.

The party’s own petition has over 100,000 signatures. More info. It is expected ousted nuclear watchdog Linda Keen will endorse Elizabeth May.

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Attack of the Attack Ads

So the Green Party of Canada has been in the media lately lamenting attack ads and how they affect democracy. Today the party came out with its own attack ad — attacking attack ads, LOL. Check it out.

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Canadian news

So my name is Peter Tretter, I’m new to Green Party Watch. I’m here in Canada, involved with the Green Party of Canada and the Green Party of Ontario. I’m the President & CEO of the local electoral district riding association in Barrie, Ontario.

Green Party leader, Elizabeth May

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Some items of interest:

* Federal Leader Elizabeth May‘s election office in Saanich got driven into by a truck! She is also saying that US-style attack ads hurt democracy.

* Green Party of Ontario Leader Mike Schreiner recently announced his shadow cabinet in prepation of a provincial election to occur October 6th, 2011.

* Green Party of British Columbia Leader Jane Sterk recently addressed Tofino City Council in a precedent setting move.

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