Michigan Green Party nominates slate of 34 candidates for 2010 elections

The Michigan Green Party recently nominated a number of candidates, including several for statewide office and Congress, bringing the total number of Greens running in Michigan this year to 34. The candidates include Harley Mikkelson for Governor and Lynn Meadows for Lt. Governor, John Anthony La Pietra for Secretary of State, and 7 candidates running for various statewide education-related offices. Among 11 nominees for US House of Representatives, 6 already have websites up: Ellis Boal in MI-1, Charlie Shick in MI-3, J. Matthew de Heus in MI-5, Candace Caveny in MI-10, Julia Williams in MI-12, and George Corsetti in MI-13. The Michigan Greens also have 5 candidates for state legislature and 8 for local office. The full list of candidates can be found at GPW’s 2010 Green candidate page or at gp.org’s elections database.