Greenline, May 2009

Greenline is the monthly e-bulletin of the Green Party of the United States. This month’s Greenline brings sad news indeed. Emily Citkowski, Green Party National Operations Director since Dec. 16th, 2003 has announced that she is returning to union organizing for her paying job, and will continue to volunteer with the national office as well as with the DC Statehood Green Party. Citkowski was interviewed for Green Party Watch Radio back in mid August.

In addition the May issue of Greenline covers the upcoming Green Party Annual National Meeting, scheduled for Thursday, July 23-Sunday July 26, 2009 on the campus of North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC.

A brief rundown of campaigns nationwide in included as is information about Green Party merchandise, Green Pages’ transition to an online only publication, and ways to stay in touch with the Green Party. The full text of Greenline can be found by clicking the headline of this article.

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Emily Citkowski on GPW Radio Sunday

Green Party Operations Manager Emily Citkowski will be our guest Sunday on Green Party Watch Radio. Citkowski, who came to the Green Party’s national office from a background in the Teamsters for a Democratic Union where she worked in their Detroit office. She has reported on union activities in Indonesia, and was (is?) a member of Solidarity US.

The program will begin at 3:00 PM Sunday, and will be archived at Blog Talk Radio. To listen live, listen to older programs, or to download a podcast of any of our programs, just visit Green Party Watch Radio and enjoy!