South Carolina Green wins just under .5% in special congressional race

South Caronlina Green Party stalwart Eugene Platt was unable to secure much in the way of press coverage, and was excluded from the only debate between after the Republican and Democratic nominations were finished. Despite being the only veteran in the race, and despite almost 30 years in elected office in the state, Platt was kept out of a debate sponsored by AOL owned “Charleston Patch” held at The Citadel.

The Democrats ran Elizabeth Colbert-Busch against disgraced former Governor Mark Sanford, famous for disappearing from the state to visit his paramour in Argentina. Colbert-Busch is the sister of Steven Colbert. Sanford beat Colbert-Busch by a 10 point margin.

The author of this report also submitted an article to Yahoo! Voices, which they have published. A link to that article is here.


Patch excludes Green candidate from SC-1 congressional debate

Eugene Platt

From the Charleston City Paper:

Patch, AOL’s online local news platform, will host a debate between candidates for South Carolina’s District 1 House seat on Monday at the Citadel, but only two of the three candidates will be present. Republican Mark Sanford will square off against Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch, but Green Party candidate Eugene Platt was not invited to the debate.

S.C. Patch Political Editor Shawn Drury, who will be a panelist at the debate, says Patch followed the guidelines of the Commission on Presidential Debates and only invited “the two candidates who are polling at 15 percent or greater.” According to an analysis by the Center for Public Integrity, the Commission on Presidential Debates is “a largely secretive tax-exempt organization, created and run by former chairmen of the two major parties, funded by a small group of unidentified major donors, and designed, it seems, to exclude nearly all third-party candidates.”

Platt, who has referred to the mainline political parties as “corporate parties” in interviews, sent an e-mail to Drury Tuesday night asking to be included in the debate. In the e-mail, which he forwarded to the City Paper, Platt had this to say: Continue Reading


South Carolina Greens nominate Eugene Platt in 1st Congressional District special election

Eugene Platt

In a message posted to his Facebook page, David J. Gillespie, author of Challengers to Duopoly and South Carolina Green Party Steering Committee member, announced the results of Saturday’s nominating convention.

Meeting in convention in Mt. Pleasant yesterday, the South Carolina Green Party chose Eugene Platt as its nominee for the South Carolina First Congressional District seat. Platt will face off against the winners of the Republican and Democratic primaries in the general election. This was the first contest with more than one candidate seeking the SCGP nomination for any office, and Platt is the only candidate of any third party who will be running in this general election. Platt is also the only Green currently holding an elective office in South Carolina. Here is the link to his campaign website.



South Carolina Greens to gather April 28th in Columbia

In a press release issued today, the South Carolina Green Party announced both it’s annual convention and a full list of candidates who will appear on the November ballot. The South Carolina Green Party has been on the ballot since 2002 and has run a diverse slate of candidates since.



What: 2012 State Convention of the South Carolina Green Party
Who: Members, supporters, friends and prospective candidates of the South Carolina Green Party
When: 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM Saturday, April 28, 2012
Where: Al-Amir Restaurant, 2930 Devine Street Columbia, SC 29205

The South Carolina Green Party will hold it’s annual state convention in Columbia on Saturday, April 28, 2012 from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM in the banquet room of Al-Amir Restaurant on Devine Street.

Nominations will be made at the convention for state, local and national offices, including the Presidential election will be made. Jill Stein, currently the leading contender for the Green Party nomination will be present. Fareen Hakim of Minneapolis will be representing candidate Rosanne Barr. Both campaigns are seeking the eight delegates from South Carolina to the national Green Party convention to be held July 13, 2012 in Baltimore. The nomineee of the Green Party will appear on the South Carolina ballot in the November 6, 2012 election alongside the nominees of other national parties. Continue Reading


Eugene Platt, SC’s only elected Green, pushes for ‘historic’ rules against electronic voting machines

via Ross Levin at IPR:

The full story from the South Carolina Green Party:

Eugene Platt is doing great work in local government alerting people to the serious problems with SC’s electronic voting machines.

Voting machines targeted: James Island PSD official pushes for replacement

JAMES ISLAND — A day after engineering a “historic” vote by his fellow James Island Public Service District commissioners, Eugene Platt set his sights on a larger goal.

Platt on Tuesday urged James Island Town Council to adopt a resolution calling for South Carolina to replace its electronic touch-screen voting machines. The iVotronic machines, Platt contends, have many problems and voters have little confidence in vote counts they produce. He told council the JIPSD was the first elected body in the state to urge replacement of the machines, and the town could become the first municipality to do so.

“I hope you will do something similar and start and statewide trend and get the attention of the state legislature,” Platt said.

Continue Reading


4th Circuit Court of Appeals affirms ruling against Eugene Platt unanimously

In a 14 page opinion, available here, all three members of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has affirmed a lower court ruling that kept Eugene Platt off the ballot in 2008. Platt will be on the ballot this November as the nominee of the Green Party, and if his ballot access petition is found to be adequate, as a petition candidate as well.

A full evaluation of the decision is available at Ballot Access News.


Eugene Platt covered in South Carolina blog

Eugene Platt, a member of the South Carolina Green Party steering committee, is running for a seat in the South Carolina House of Representatives. A prominent South Carolina blog, The Blogland of Earl Capps has an article about his race, quoting a voter in the district.

Whatever you can say about him, the guy has long ties to the islands, experience in government. Republicans, Democrats and Independents like him. His sober, mature approach to getting things done is what we need.

Greens across the nation who care to do so can donate to Platt’s campaign by visiting his website.


First hand observations of a state convention

This is from Daisy’s Dead Air by Greenville’s own

Daisy Deadhead

Daisy Deadhead

Daisy Deadhead

Morgan Bruce Reeves

Morgan Bruce Reeves

Dr. Morgan Bruce Reeves, South Carolina Green Party candidate for Governor! GO DOCTOR GO!

The South Carolina Green Party Convention was Saturday, May 1, at the Happy China restaurant in West Columbia. Yes, we all fit in one restaurant, with room to spare. (Hey, this is a certifiably RED STATE, so even that much is doing pretty good!) This was my first Green Party convention, and I was excited! Continue Reading


Charleston SC Greens covered by local weekly

The Charleston City Paper has offered up some coverage of the South Carolina Green Party’s recent candidate recruitment efforts. The article, written by Greg Hambrick, is titled Greens Growing on November Ballot. The piece points to state and federal candidates, and quotes Eugene Platt saying

“I believe the 2010 election cycle offers historic opportunities for third party and independent candidates,” Platt says.


Eleven candidates seeking South Carolina Green Party nomination

Our current list of candidates is:

U.S. SENATE: Tom Clements.
U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, District 1: Robert Dobbs.
U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, District 4: Faye Walters.
U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, District 6: Nammu Muhammad.
GOVERNOR: Morgan Reeves
S.C. HOUSE, District 24: D.C. Swinton.

S.C. HOUSE, District 74: Christopher Jones.

S.C. HOUSE, District 115: Eugene Platt.
RICHLAND COUNTY COUNCIL, District 5: Antonio Williams.

Other non-partisan races will be announced at a later date. Greens who are interested in school board, Soil and Water Conservation District Commission and other non-partisan races are encouraged to get in touch with the steering committee as soon as possible.