European Green primary allows 16 year olds to vote

From the Economic Voice:

The Green Party has re-affirmed its commitment to giving the vote to anyone over the age of 16.

The Green Primary, a ground-breaking Europe-wide e-democracy project currently underway, offers anyone living in the European Union who is over the age of 16 the opportunity to vote for the two Green leading candidates for the 2014 European Elections.

The winners of the Green Primary will be in the running to become the next European Commission President. Continue Reading


Snowden to testify in European Parliament following Green Party resolution

File image shows NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, an analyst with a U.S. defence contractor, being interviewed by The Guardian in his hotel room in Hong KongFrom Common Dreams:

Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower indicted by the United States government, is slated to testify by video to the European Parliament later this month about the mass surveillance of EU citizens.

Jan Philipp Albrecht, German member of the European Parliament, announced Thursday that Snowden will present to the Committee on Legal Affairs possibly as early as December 18,Deutche Welle reports.

Snowden’s statement, and his responses to questions provided in advance, will be pre-recorded and shown by video, due to the danger that a live stream could reveal his location,EU Observer reports.

The Green Party of the European Parliament passed a resolution in July calling for Snowden to testify about NSA spying. Continue Reading


Greens call on Council of Europe to address violations of human rights in Russian elections

The European Greens published the following press release on Tuesday, December 6:

According to the OSCE international observers, several violations of basic rights accompanied the elections in Russia, in particular irregularities in the election process.

We are seriously concerned by what was observed by the OSCE international observers”, said Monica Frassoni, European Green party spokesperson.  “Elections are a major element of democracy, in Russia and anywhere, and should benefit from the outmost transparency. We call on the Council of Europe to immediately address the violation of basic rights witnessed by international observers during the elections, and call on the Russian authorities to respect the right of protest of citizens”. Continue Reading


European Greens issue declaration on economic crisis

From the European Green Party:

Eurocrisis: Green Paris Declaration adopted

European Green Parties representatives adopted in Paris a 12-points political proposal to step out of the current financial, social and economic crisis affecting Europe, and a roadmap for the refounding of the European project: European Greens are convinced that the European project needs to find a new sense of direction and purpose.

These crises are eroding social cohesion and leading to political disintegration of the continent, driving us to irrelevance in the 21st century. Any scenario leading to the break-up of the Euro-zone, which would be the first step of the political disintegration of Europe, is unacceptable to us. Conversely though, any enhanced political integration of the Euro-zone cannot lead to the crystallization of a two-speed Europe”, said Philippe Lamberts, MEP and co-chair of the European Green Party. Continue Reading


European Green Party unveils Green New Deal website

The Green New Deal, a concept that British and American Greens have been promoting as an approach to solving the world’s economic and ecological crises together, has also been adopted by the European Green Party, who have unveiled a new multilingual website devoted to the Green New Deal. According to the site, “The Green New Deal is the Greens’ comprehensive response to the current economic, social and environmental crises. It aims to ensure prosperity and well-being for all, across the planet and generations, based on reducing inequalities within and between societies, and reconciling our lifestyles – the way we live, produce and consume – with the physical limits of our planet. ”

Check out the site at GreenNewDeal.eu.


European Greens want to legalize filesharing, reform copyright law

Falkvinge reports that the European Green Party has adopted a digital rights position that calls for legalizing filesharing, guaranteeing net neutrality and reducing copyright restrictions, a position similar to that of the growing Pirate Party:

The fifth largest party group in the European Parliament has adopted the Pirate Party positions on the copyright monopoly straight off the bat. This is a huge victory for the pirate perspective. Just like the Greens needed time and effort in their time to explain their new and odd perspective, the pirate perspective of openness, transparency and accountability gradually gains its foothold. Now, the European Green group (of which the Swedish Pirate Party is a member) has adopted the Pirate Party’s perspective on culture completely. This expands the exposure area of the pirate perspective considerably.

For more details on the position staked out by the European Greens on digital rights, read the full article at Falkvinge.