More international Green Party news

According to Newsweek, President Nicolas Sarkozy of France may be a “dead man walking”. The article, in part, credits the Green Party’s success in recent European Union elections as well as court rulings that Sarkozy’s carbon tax proposal violates their constitution.

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Iran requested a visit by a European delegation, and at the last moment asked that the visit be postponed. According to the article, German Green Party leader Barbara Lochbihler says members of Iranian civil-rights groups have asked her to proceed with the visit despite international criticism. Media attention fueled by criticism from U.S. lawmakers and individual members of the European Parliament gave Iran an “excuse” to postpone the visit, according to Lochbihler.

Finally, the Irish Times is reporting that Green Party Minister of Finance, Brian Lenihan, has announced that he is battling cancer. Placing principal before personality, Lenihan said yesterday that he hoped pposition finance spokespeople would continue their critique of Government policy, adding that the last thing he would want was for them to feel inhibited by his medical condition.


Caroline Lucas blames Labour for nation’s woes, predicts victory in election

According to this article, Green Party of England and Wales leader Caroline Lucas believes that the Greens are poised to win a seat in Parliament. She is quoted saying that the Labour Party, led by Gordon Brown, is responsible for the nation’s economic and social difficulties.

“The government’s response to the current economic crisis is creating more inequality, not reducing it,” she said.

She also pointed to recent Green Party votes across Europe as proof that the Green Party’s message is resonating with voters across the continent.

“A million people who responded to our policies, our candidates and perhaps, above all, to our values,” she said.

“A million voices calling out for honesty in politics, for tackling the issues that really matter, like climate change and good quality public services.

“A million people who wanted fairness from a party they could trust. What a message for the other parties.”

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More International Green Party news

The Green Party of Ontario will elect a new leader at a convention November 13-15, in London.

The Green Party of New Zealand has issued a press release about air pollution, raising concerns about particles 2.5 microns and smaller which are not currently monitored.

Caroline Lucas, Green Party Member of the European Parliament from England and Wales, is calling on Greens and allies to pledge to reduce our personal carbon emissions by ten percent by 2010. Ms. Lucas is also interviewed by The Guardian about how cash plays a role in British politics, making it difficult for smaller parties like the Greens to be heard.

The Irish Times is reporting that Greens and opposition parties are being encouraged to meet to discuss support for the Treaty of Lisbon, which would change how the European Parliament functions.

The Oshaw Express is reporting on what they call “Not quite a green party machine”. This is a detailed report on one of Canada’s Green Party efforts, looking to grow the Green Party beyond their current 11% base of support.


Europe Ecologie Video La Crise

The New York Times has an article today called “A Green Coalition Gathers Strength in Europe” by Steven Erlanger. A post-European Parliament Election piece, it goes from Daniel Cohn-Bendit to the European Green Coalition strategy, but what really got my attention was the link to this French language campaign video:

This is awesome. The Green Party is already using a lot of videos to spread the word but we need more and we need them run on mainstream television, not just the Internet. Put all the Green issues in one video and show the nation what Greens look like, much like this video from Some of All Parts.


The Green Alternative to UK Labour

Peter Tatchell, a UK human rights campaigner, gay rights activist, and former candidate for Parliament for the Greens has an excellent piece at the Guardian that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. It pertains to Thursday’s elections, and is a call for Labour voters to stop voting for party leaders that have abandoned the principles of Labour.

When a Labour government pursues anti-Labour policies it no longer deserves respect or loyalty from Labour members and voters. Arrogant, out of touch, complacent and authoritarian, Labour is not Labour any more. It’s time has passed.

You can almost substitute the word “Democrats” for “Labour” and apply it to the U.S.A.

What I really like about this piece though is that he backs his argument up with actual policy – programs that the Green Party is supporting but Labour is not.

Labour’s great, historic achievement was the creation of the NHS and the welfare state, but Blair and Brown sought to dismantle them. Their commercialisation and semi-privatisation of health and education is something that not even Margaret Thatcher attempted. They have out-Thatchered Thatcher.

While the Labour government has promoted a stealthy privatisation of public services, the Greens oppose privatisation and defend public services as essential components of a just society and a decent quality of life for all citizens. We reject Labour plans to close post offices and to privatise the Royal Mail.

Read the entire article here.


European Parliamentary elections to be held this week

The European Parliamentary, which establishes a wide range of policies that apply to all member states, will hold elections this week. Here are a sampling of stories related to those elections:

The coming of the Greens from The Guardian.

The European Parliament Is a Powerful Force for Progress in Gay Rights from UK Gay News.

Greens confident of gaining MEPs from The BBC.

PinkNews.co.uk poll: Tories top pick for gay voters, Greens top for EU election from Pink News

Greens see chance of election breakthrough from Times Online

Salma Yaqoob says “Go Green at the Euro Elections” from TTKN News.

These are just a few of the more than 1600 news stories you can find here.


British TV star joins Havel in supporting the Green Party in EU Parliment elections

Kashmir born actress Joanna Lumley has endorsed the Green Party in upcoming EU Parliamentary elections. Lumley, co-star of the TV show Absolutely Fabulous and the Timothy Burton film Corpse Bride has recently won concessions from the British government in support of Nepalese Gurkhas right to settle in the UK.

Her decision, reported in the Daily Mail, included a specific endorsement of party leader Caroline Lucas, who is member of the European Parliament from the South East of the UK.


Green News Roundup

The Green Party of Suffolk County issued a Social Media Release via pitchengine.com announcing the election of Suffolk County Green Matthew Lavery to the Green Party House Campaign Committee. In the release they point to his experience in the Green Party in Norwich, Norfolk England, and his work on a campaign for the European Parliament for Rupert Read, who is a Norwich City Councilor. The announcement includes a video.

Indian Country Today covers an appearance in Seattle March 18 – 19 for discussions on diversity and environmental stewardship by Winnona LaDuke, Green Party Vice-Presidential nominee in 1996 and 2000.

The High Springs Herald carries a story about Michael Canney, who is running for Seat 4 in the April 14th Alachua (FL) City Commission election. His website includes information about Alachua City Manager Clovis Watson Jr., who it seems resigned, and now is about to be re-appointed without discussion. H/T to Anita Stewart for the story, posted to her FaceBook page.

In this article at the News Gazette, Republican Mayoral nominee Rex Bradfield bemoans his loss in that race, expresses dismay that the voters voted along party lines, and explains that he thought the Green Party nominee Durl Kruse would take votes away from the Democrat.

Over at Independent Political Report, writer Ross Levin covers the campaign of Lee Scott Laugenour for Lenox, Massachusetts town select board. Langenhour is an active member of the Green-Rainbow Party and, according to this article at the Berkshire Eagle, is a ten year resident of the town, serves on the board of the Berkshire Regional Transit Authority, and has been married to his husband for four years. To carry the thanks forward, Levin pays kudos to Green Ferret.

Levin also writes about Green Mayor Gayle McLaughlin of Richmond, CA here, noting that she is pushing for green building requirements in that city. The Contra Costa Times reports that the proposal is

“in the middle of the pack when it comes to how stringent its requirements would be for commercial construction, and a little above the middle when it comes to residential construction.”

Finally, in a press release the Green Party national office announced that the District Court for the District of Columbia ruled on the Green’s constitutional challenge to the manipulation of presidential elections. The statement says that the court has issued a ruling that, while dismissing the plaintiff for lack of standing, did not reject the validity of his arguments challenging the Electoral College based on the Mal-Apportionment Penalty clause of the 14th Amendment. The case was filed pro-se by Asa Gordon of the DC Statehood Green Party.