A dharna for Bank of America

Meditating Liberty

On Friday May 13th, two Greens and a videographer will be outside Bank of America’s world headquarters at the corner of Trade and Tryon in the heart of downtown Charlotte NC. We will be there in silent protest of Bank of America’s role in the mortgage crisis and economic collapse, their support for nuclear and coal fired power plants, their avoidance of taxes using offshore tax havens, and their bribery of politicians through campaign contributions and lobbying activities.

The dharna, a centuries old Hindu practice of silently sitting or standing outside the home of someone who owes a debt until the debt is paid, will be a message to BOA and the rest of the banking conglomerates that the people are aware of their behavior, and that we are unwilling to continue “business as usual.”

This action is inspired by a similar dharna conducted in downtown Los Algeles by cockroach liberation. The video clip inside the “like” box won’t play here, but click on it and you’ll be able to watch the video at YouTube…well worth the watch. The image I call “Meditating Liberty” is used with permission from Dharma Central. Neither cockroach liberation nor Dharma Central are responsible for our acts. We would welcome others, regardless of their political associations.


Technical details

The Green Party Watch Facebook page has 1580 “likes” right now. Our lifetime “likes” at Facebook is 1583. This means that only three of the 1583 people who have “liked” GPW have “unliked” us…an impressive total in my mind.

We have had 256175+ visitors since the site was founded two years ago, and almost 400,000 page hits according to Sitemeter. We have regular visitors from across the globe, although US visitors represent the huge majority of our hits.

Alexa says that 88 sites link to Green Party Watch, and we are the 2,702,035th most popular website on the Internet. 85% of our readers only read the “front page”.


2009 Candidates And GPW Joins Facebook

2009 Green Party Candidates

Close to 150 Greens are running in races around the nation in 2009. In the upper right corner of this site we now have a page listing these candidates and the offices they are running for. You can also click here to go there. We will start a 2010 candidates page shortly. If you notice any omissions please let us know.

Note that most of this information came from the GPUS searchable database of candidates, which one should appreciate if you like databases and candidate histories.


Green Party Watch is building a presence on Facebook! We now have a “Fan Page” and hey, we want you to be a Fan! Please check us out there as well as here, you can comment on stories there as well as here, and we will be developing the discussion boards there as well. Become a Fan of GPW and get our posts in your Facebook Newsfeed. We gladly welcome any input into our Facebook endeavor.

…and speaking of Facebook…

Here are two “official” Green Party Facebook Groups and Pages (of the many out there):

Green Party (US) – This is the Page that gp.org links to, as close to “official” as you are going to get in the US of A. Join the 4,608 other fans of the Green Party!

The UK Green Party is set up as a “group” not a “fan page”, and has 5,035 members. Many of the state and local Green Party facebooks are “groups”  not “fan pages”, but note that Green Party Watch is set up as a “fan page”. I guess it is all in what you want to do with it.

Facebook can be a potentially useful organizing tool locally if one uses it right and remembers that it is at its core a profit driven web presence to be wielded carefully and without expectation of permanence.


Green Party social networking sites

The Internet has a wide array of social networking sites. All have at least one, and often times several, Green Party related groups, and tons of individual Greens with their own pages.

While it’s not exactly a social networking site, New Menu is a great resource. With a run down of many Green Party candidates and info about their campaigns, this is a must-see for Greens. If you are running for office and are not yet posted to New Menu, check it out and get your info up.

Again, while it’s not exactly a social networking site, YouTube has a number of Green Party contributors. Ian Wilder of On the Wilder Side handles one, while Mike Feinstein has another. Green Progress has posted dozens of videos, and Craig Seeman has been posting videos there for some time. Of course, Polidoc Productions has always got good Green Party videos worth a look. To see all the various Green Party videos from across the globe, click here

The mac-daddy of Green Party social networking websites is Green Change. These folks do a wide range of Green Party activities and have a lot of information important to Greens.

Here are some more social networking sites:

Green Party Worldwide at Tribe.net

Green Party at Tribe.net

Green Party activists at tribe.net

Green Party at twibes.com

Green Party of the United States on Twitter…and there are several other nations and states.

On Facebook there is the Green Party of England and Wales, several that are just “Green Party”like this one, this other one, this one over here, and many more. Just do a search for “Green Party” at Facebook and be amazed…

Where else do you make connections with other Greens? Do you use MySpace? Ning? Something else? Clue us all in so we too can get connected.


Greenline, May 2009

Greenline is the monthly e-bulletin of the Green Party of the United States. This month’s Greenline brings sad news indeed. Emily Citkowski, Green Party National Operations Director since Dec. 16th, 2003 has announced that she is returning to union organizing for her paying job, and will continue to volunteer with the national office as well as with the DC Statehood Green Party. Citkowski was interviewed for Green Party Watch Radio back in mid August.

In addition the May issue of Greenline covers the upcoming Green Party Annual National Meeting, scheduled for Thursday, July 23-Sunday July 26, 2009 on the campus of North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC.

A brief rundown of campaigns nationwide in included as is information about Green Party merchandise, Green Pages’ transition to an online only publication, and ways to stay in touch with the Green Party. The full text of Greenline can be found by clicking the headline of this article.

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Lynne Serpe for NY City Council

Campaign Manager for David Cobb’s 2004 Green Party presidential bid, Lynne Serpe has announced she is running for NYC City Council representing the Astoria area. Serpe is the Former Deputy Director, Political Reform Program, New America Foundation , and had a column published in the LA Times co-written with Steven Hill.

Serpe and Robyn Sklar Nelson operate Triple R Events, which they describe as

monthly green events in LIC/Astoria that are fun and educational, not boring and preachy.

Serpe’s campaign maintains a presence on FaceBook and Twitter.

Serpe’s campaign will kick off:

Saturday, May 16th
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Boomerang Cafe & Lounge
36-11 30th Avenue, Astoria
N/W to 30th Avenue, walk five blocks east
R to Steinway, walk 2 avenues north to 30th Avenue and three blocks west.


South Carolina For Cynthia McKinney sets up website, FaceBook group

Working with a few state activists, South Carolina Greens have set up a website supporting Cynthia McKinney’s campaign for the Green Party nomination. Specifically targeting raising at least $5000 for her campaign before the nominating convention, the group was just announced at FaceBook and already has been “friended” by almost a dozen people.

The group is also soliciting support from undecided voters in South Carolina, and those who may even support another candidate, but believe McKinney’s voice must be heard in November.