Firedoglake urged to support Dennis Spisak for Ohio Governor

Blogger El Duderino at Firedoglake, a popular blogging site among the progressive netroots, is urging fellow bloggers at FDL to support Dennis Spisak, the Green Party candidate for governor of Ohio.

We on the left continually complain about how corrupt and ineffectual Democrats are, and we speak of strong primary challenges from the left, but in the end, the primaries fail or worse, never materialize in the first place. And we end up repeating the same old song and dance every election cycle.

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Will Firedoglake support Green Party candidates?

A provocative post at Firedoglake’s Seminal blog asking the question “Will FDL support Green Party candidates in 2010 and 2012?” has whipped up an energetic discussion.

Firedoglake is a popular political blog often cited for its principled progressive positions. A recent Green Party US press release on the recently-passed health care legislation quoted Firedoglake blogger Jane Hamsher’s opposition to the bill.

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