Embattled Rwandan Green Party allowed to begin registration process

p Frank HabinezaNews of Rwanda reports:

Following various attempts to hold a founding congress, the yet-to-be registered Democratic Green party has been granted permission to do so.

According to a statement by the party President Frank Habineza the party got the permission from the Gasabo District authorities.

“We had submitted a new request to the District Mayor on 5th June 2013, explaining measures taken to move the party registration process forward,” said Habineza Continue Reading


Global Greens conference in Senegal on Ustream

The Global Greens conference, held in Dakar, is available and archived at Ustream.

H/T to Frank Habineza of the Rwandan Green Party

In comments at a Facebook page set up for friends of the Rwandan Green Party, Habineza shared this observation.

The whole congress was a big success. The Greens committed themselves to effectively support the legalization of Green Parties in countries where they have been denied. This resolution was proposed by Tunisian Greens and was a big success for Rwandan Greens.

Video streaming by Ustream


Rwanda Democratic Green Party Leader Receives Democracy Prize in Swedish Parliament

From the website of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda

Frank Habineza, Founding President of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, has received a Democracy Prize in Swedish Parliament, today, 28th April 2011.

The Prize was awarded by Hon. Bodil Ceballos, a Swedish Parliamentarian, member of the Foreign Affairs Committee and alternates on the Defence and Justice Committees. She is also a member of the Green Party of Sweden.

This initiative originated from the Green Party in Gävle, led by Ms.Inger Schörling, former Member of Swedish Parliament and European Parliament. She is also the Vice Chairperson of Green Forum Sweden and particularly in charge of East Africa.

The Prize is given in honor of the democratic struggle started in Rwanda and the resolve to continue it, using peaceful and non-violent means, despite all the hard challenges faced.

This is a great encouragement and we highly applaud the Green Party in Gävle, Ms.Inger Schörling and Hon.Bodil Ceballos for this recognition.
For more information, please contact :

Ms. Inger Schörling : Email : inger.schorling@mp.se


Rwandan Green Party issues interim platform

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda has issued it’s interim platform.




We, the founding members of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda require that our Government operate within limits set forth in the Constitution of the Republic of Rwanda.

As Green Democrats, we believe :

1. Non-violence and peaceful means of conflict resolution are the best and only solution to national problems.

2. Social Justice and equal opportunity while focusing on personal and social responsibility guarantees a better future.

3. Participatory Democracy is rooted in community practice at the grassroots level. Citizens have the power and Government exists to serve them.

4. Unity and reconciliation of Rwandans should be promoted and ethnic politics be guarded against.

5. Balancing the interests of a regulated market economy and community-based economics with effective care for the ecosystems will lead to Ecological and Economic Sustainability.

6. Government must take special care to protect and defend the rights of the innocent and defenseless members of our society.

7. Government must practice fiscal responsibility, limit taxation and control spending.

8. No individual has special rights above another individual.

9. Government exists to protect and ensure the unalienable rights of the people, which include the right to life, liberty, peaceful assembly, expression, worship and the pursuit of happiness.

10. Our unalienable rights are granted to us by God.

Much more detail below the fold. Continue Reading


Vice President of Rwandan Democratic Green Party murdered

In an article written by San Francisco Green Ann Garrison, San Francisco Bay View is reporting the murder of Rwandan Democratic Green Party vice-president Andrei Kagwa Rwisereka. Garrison writes that Rwisereka was

found dead, his head almost completely severed from his body, in the wetlands of the Makula River near Butare, Rwanda, on the morning of July 14, 2010.

The Rwandan Greens have tried to find a place in civil and political life in Rwanda, but the government of President Paul Kagame has made that participation almost impossible. Reports from Greens in Rwanda make mention of armed thugs breaking up meetings, police and political figures refusing to allow Greens to register their party and ignoring requests for investigations of violence done to Green leaders and their supporters. Non-violent representatives of other political parties have suffered similarly, and arrests and detentions for long stretches appear to be a tool of repression. Continue Reading


Rwandan Green Party calls on government to end pre-election violence

Voice of America reports from Rwanda:

The leader of the opposition Democratic Green Party of Rwanda has called on President Paul Kagame’s government to help end the escalating violence ahead of the general elections scheduled for August this year.

Frank Habineza said the period leading up to the election is contributing to the ongoing violence.

Habineza’s comments follows last week’s shooting death of Leonard Rugambage, acting editor of the banned Umuvugizi independent newspaper in the capital, Kigali. Continue Reading


Fighting for their very existence: Green from Rwanda elected President of African Green Parties Federation

The chair of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, Frank Habineza, has been elected President of the African Green Parties Federation, last weekend in Kampala, Uganda.

Habineza, who’s Green Party has faced police and military attacks for even seeking permission to hold meetings and register the party with the national government, has had his life threatened in the past.

This is a big recognition and support for the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, which is still struggling to get registered. Its also a big support for Democracy in Rwanda.

-Frank Habineza


Amnesty International calls for end to intimidation of Rwandan opposition parties

On 2/18/10, Amnesty International released a statement condemning intimidation of opposition parties, including the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, and urging Rwandan president Paul Kagame to “use the elections as an opportunity to show the government’s commitment to freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly.”

Amnesty International has strongly condemned a worrying attack on a Rwandan opposition group as the country prepares for presidential elections in August 2010. Continue Reading


Update from Rwanda

Posted by David Doonan at the Green Pages Facebook page.

Dear Greens,

Its indeed been a terrible day, the man who started the shouting and threw chairs, we have established that he is an Ex-Soldier and a former employee of Military Intelligence, the other three people who joined him, one of them had something like a gun-pistol, it was also seen by the US Envoy and Netherlands Envoy and many others.

This was a well planned sabotage done by security operatives. Another guy was also from the Local Defense Forces. The police was not helpful at all. It looked like they were compromising us.

What is surprising though is that the police has released the guys who caused trouble and rather arrested our members one of them a mother. Thankfully our members have been released but made statements at the police. They were asked why they decided to be members of our party.

Several people are injured, one Lady is in intensive care. Her Back is having a problem. Am still finding out how many are injured.

Keep us in prayers
Frank Habineza