Maine Greens Endorse Fred Horch for State House Seat

Two years ago, Brunswick resident Fred Horch finished just 140 votes behind the Democrat in a three way race for the Maine State House District 66. He beat the Republican by over 250 votes in an incredibly close election. From our race round up in 2010:

State Representative District 66, ME
Alexander Cornell du Houx (D) 1,409 (38.08%)
K. Frederick Horch (G) 1,272 (34.38%)
Jonathan Crimmins (R) 1,019 (27.54%)

Here is the story we posted in 2010 about the Fred Horch campaign.

Fred Horch is giving it another shot this year, and I think it will be one of the top races to watch in 2012. From the Maine Green Independent Party:

PRESS ADVISORY, 07/06/2012

Greens Caucus this Sunday for Closely-watched Brunswick House Seat

Fred Horch to Seek Green Party Nomination for District 66 on Sunday

BRUNSWICK, ME – 07/06/12 The Brunswick committee of the Maine Green Independent Party (MGIP) will caucus Sunday, 07/08/2012 to nominate a candidate for State House District 66. The race in the Brunswick district has grasped public attention recently due to criminal allegations surrounding the incumbent Democrat Representative.

Fred Horch, founder of popular Maine Street business, F.W. Horch Sustainable Goods & Supplies, is the only declared candidate for the Green Independent Party ticket. Horch was the Green Independent candidate for the same seat in 2010, finishing a close second in a three-way race and garnering 34% of the overall vote.

“In 2010 Fred Horch came a hair-shy of winning the election. The MGIP is excited that this year, he is already emerging as the district’s favorite,” said Asher Platts, Chair of the MGIP.

Horch lives on Pleasant Street with his wife, Bowdoin Professor and neuroscientist, Hadley Horch and their children. He counts Founder of the Brunswick Sustainability Group and Board Member of the Northwest Brunswick Neighborhood Association among his many roles as a volunteer within the Brunswick community.

“Our Party will be proud to count Fred Horch as our candidate for many reasons from his background and credentials to his deep Brunswick-community roots,” Asher Platts said.

The nominating convention will be held on Sunday, July 8th at the Curtis Memorial Library, beginning at 11:00 a.m.


When Green Matters (Sam Smith at Counterpunch)

Sam Smith, editor of the Progressive Review, has a piece on Counterpunch called When Green Matters. It focuses on the relative success of Green Party candidate Fred Horch in Maine and the past success of John Eder in Maine and why we should pay attention. Please read it all, but I have to reprint the conclusion:

Horch and Eder are examples of backyard Greens, whose influence spreads virally through human contact and experience and not through the mass media. It’s the way every great drive for social change has worked in America – the abolitionists, the populists, the early socialists, and the civil rights movement. Unfortunately, too many Green leaders have read too much Marx and not enough American history.

The big parties gave up human relationships long ago. Which is why we have such a hard time relating to them. But you can’t text your way to the presidency, you can’t Facebook a revolution and you can’t save the planet with Twitter. At some point real people have to join with, talk to, and help other real people.

Which is why a Green small business owner in Brunswick did so well and why so many others could learn something from the story.


More Election Analysis: Top State House Races (With Details)

Upon request this is further breakdown of the top 19 State House (Assembly) Green Party returns, broken into those races where there were only two candidates on the ballot (13) and those where there were more than two (6). Included is the vote (percentage) totals for each of the candidates on the ballot. This is only evaluating those Green Party candidates that finished with over 15% of the vote in a race for State Assembly or State House.

Notable is that in the multi-candidate races, Greens finished ahead of the Republicans in four of those races, and was just a few percentage points behind the Republican in a fifth race. The candidate that came closest to winning was Fred Horch in Maine, who finished just 137 votes (3.7%) behind the top vote getter. The closest 2-way race was in Massachusetts where Mark Miller lost by 981 votes (10%).

Three (or more) candidate races:
State Representative District 66, ME
Alexander Cornell du Houx (D) 1,409 (38.08%)
K. Frederick Horch (G) 1,272 (34.38%)
Jonathan Crimmins (R) 1,019 (27.54%)

State Assembly District 77, WI
Brett Hulsey (D) 12,138 (49%)
Ben Manski (G) 7,761 (31%)
David Redick (R) 4,666 (19%)
David Olson (C) 372 (1%)

State Representative District 120, ME
Diane Russell (D) 1,686 (55.39%)
Anna Trevorrow (G) 945 (31.04%)
Thomas Elliman (R) 413 (13.57%)

State Representative District 115, ME
Stephen Lovejoy (D) 1,926 (53.69%)
Seth Berner (G) 1,002 (27.93%)
Chase Martin (R) 659 (18.37%)

State Representative District 194, PA
Pamela Delissio (D) 12,015 (61.4%)
Timothy Downey (R) 4,007 (20.5%)
Hugh Giordano (G) 3,547 (18.1%)

State Representative District 21, AZ
Tom Forese (R) 42,523 (42.45%)
J.D. Mesnard (R) 39,891 (39.83%)
Linda Macias (G) 17,181 (17.15%)

Two candidate races:

State Representative 3rd Berkshire District, MA
Christoper Speranzo (D) 5,440 (55%)
Mark Miller (G) 4,459 (45%)

State Representative District 39, IL
Toni Berrios (D) 10,299 (65.4%)
Jeremy Karpen (G) 5,446 (34.6%)

State Representative District 115, IL
Mike Bost (R) 21,643 (75.1%)
Charlie Howe (G) 7,178 (24.9%)

State Representative District 11, MT
Janna Taylor (R) 3,160 (74.69%)
Cheryl Wolfe (G) 1,052 (24.86%)

State Representative District 90, AR
David Branscum (R) 7,253 (75.18%)
Mark Swaney (D) 2,394 (24.82%)

State Assembly District 39, CA
Felipe Fuentes (D) 41,056 (78.4%)
Jack Lindblad (G) 11,322 (21.6%)

State Representative District 67, CT
Clark Chapin (R) 5,349 (79.66%)
Nicholas Payne (G) 1,366 (20.34%)

State Representative District 183, PA
Julie Harhart (R) 14,709 (80.9%)
Rex D’Agostino (G) 3,482 (19.1%)

House of Delegates District 11, WV
Bob Ashley (R) 3,262 (81%)
Mark Myers (M/G) 768 (19%)

State Assembly District 51, CA
Steven Bradford (D) 65,388 (81.8%)
Cynthia Santiago (G) 14,625 (18.2%)

State Representative 4th Berkshire District, MA
Smitty Pignatelli (D) 11,269 (82%)
Lee Scott Laugenour (G) 2,483 (18%)

State Representative District 105, IL
Shane Cultra (R) 25,886 (82.2%)
Vince LaMie (G) 5,603 (17.8%)

State Representative District 29, IL
Thaddeus Jones (D) 24,194 (82.9%)
Kenneth Williams (G) 4,993 (17.1%)


Maine Greens Applaud Passage of Instant Runoff Voting in Portland


Maine Green Independent Party Candidates who ran for the office of state house and state senate ran strong campaigns, often finishing a close second in the race Tuesday night. Fred Horch, of Brunswick, ran a close second with 34% of the vote in District 66.

In Portland, voters approved the work the of the Portland Charter Commission that calls for the election of a mayor using instant runoff voting, a method of voting that allows voters to choose their preference of candidates by number.
“This is a great victory for the people of Portland and those of us who worked for this reform on the commission,” said Anna Trevorrow, a Green Independent candidate who finished second in her race for state house in district 120, against incumbent Diane Russell.
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Greens fall short in campaigns for state legislature

Despite having a number of promising campaigns for state legislature in various states, Greens fell short of victory in every race – a few by painfully close margins. However, one former Green running for state legislature as an independent in Maine did win.

In Maine, Fred Horch of Brunswick finished with 34% in District 66, just 4 points (or 200 votes) behind the victorious Democrat. Anna Trevorrow finished 2nd with 31% in District 120, and Seth Berner finished 2nd with 28% in District 115.

In Massachusetts, Mark Miller of Pittsfield finished with 45% in a 2-way race in the 3rd Berkshire District.

In Wisconsin, Ben Manski finished with 31% behind Democrat Brett Hulsey, who had 49%. While Manski did better among voters who designated a candidate in the race, straight-ticket Democratic votes gave Hulsey the edge.

In Illinois, Jeremy Karpen finished with 35% to 65% for Democratic incumbent Toni Berrios.

In Pennsylvania, Hugh Giordano finished with 18% in a 3-way race.

In Maine, independent Ben Chipman won House District 119 with 54% of the vote. Chipman previously worked as an aide to John Eder, who became the second US Green to be elected to a state legislature in 2002. Chipman has also run on the Green Party line in previous campaigns. While not technically elected on the Green Party line, Chipman will no doubt be a voice for Green values in the Maine State House.


Fred Horch Green Independent for Maine’s 66th

Fred Horch is the quintessential Green Party candidate for State Legislature (Dist. 66) in Maine. He is 40 years old, a father of three children, and owner of F.W. Horch Sustainable Goods & Supplies in downtown Brunswick, Maine. He has a strong record of community involvement and a solid Green based platform.

He has made good use of video to support his campaign. Below is his newer, shorter video, below that is a 5 minute introduction to Fred Horch video.

Meet Fred Horch:

There are other videos on his website, check it out.


Maine Green Party Newsletter: upcoming convention, Portland office, 2010 candidates and more

The Maine Green Independent Party has launched a very nice e-newsletter – you can subscribe at the MGIP website. Here is the first issue, with information on the Maine Greens’ 5/1 annual party convention in Greene, new party office in Portland, water policy position, outlook for 2010, featured 2010 candidates, and other links. Enjoy!
Grand Launch of the MGIP Quarterly e-Newsletter!

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MGIP 2010 Annual Party Convention

Androscoggin Grange Hall, Greene – May 1, 2010

9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

The Convention will feature a community dialogue on the theme, “New Direction for the Future,” charting goals and ways to get there for the next five to ten years. The Convention will also feature presentations by the party’s 2010 candidates for the Maine House and Senate. There will be an address by Paul Weiss on the work of the Maine Rail Transit Coalition promoting commuter rail in Maine; an address by Sandy Amborn on the Sierra Club’s initiatives to preserve Maine’s woods and wetlands; and an address by State Grange Historian, Stanley Howe. The Convention will elect Steering Committee officials and will elect delegates to the United States Green Party’s National Committee. Continue Reading