Free and Equal sets presidential debate for August 30, 2016

freeandequalBallot Access News reports that Free and Equal has scheduled its 2016 presidential election debate for August 30 at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles.

The 2012 Free and Equal Debate, which can be viewed online, included Green Party nominee Jill Stein, Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson, Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode, and Libertarian Gary Johnson.


Colorado holds governor’s debate with Green, Libertarian, independent

p harry hempyFree and Equal recently held a gubernatorial debate in Colorado, with all ballot-qualified candidates invited. Green candidate Harry Hempy joined Libertarian Matthew Hess and Libertarian Mike Dunafon on the stage; the Democratic incumbent and the Republican candidate declined to attend. Jill Stein, former US Representative Dennis Kucinich, and Professor Griff of Public Enemy also made appearances.

Watch the video from Free and Equal TV:



Jill Stein, Luis Rodriguez, Ellen Brown, Rosa Clemente to join Public Enemy & more at free LA festival

p Jill SteinThe United We Stand festival in Los Angeles on Saturday May 10th will include 2012 Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, 2008 Green VP candidate Rosa Clemente, 2014 CA Governor candidate Luis Rodriguez, and 2014 CA Treasurer candidate Ellen Brown, along with a lineup including Public Enemy, Immortal Technique, and Dennis Kucinich. From Free and Equal:

Free & Equal will host the “United We Stand” Festival Tour kicking off on May 10th, 2014. The UWS Festival tour will showcase music as well as panels of musicians, actors, writers, journalists, and other speakers discussing key issues such as:

The Patriot Act, NDAA, NSA, war on drugs, drones, foreign policy/war, GMO, Internet freedom, election reform, honest media/music/art, central banks, corporatism, education/student leadership, the environment, spirituality/oneness, and more. The events will be recorded and broadcast globally. Continue Reading


Free and Equal Elections congratulates Green Party of Texas, scolds Democratic Party

The Free and Equal Elections Foundation has issued a statement on the Texas Democratic Party’s attempt to remove Green Party candidates from the ballot. Free and Equal gathered many of the signatures that helped the Texas Green Party qualify its slate of candidates for the ballot.

AUSTIN, Texas – The Green Party of Texas has been facing Democratic Party lawyers and court challenges to their ballot access for the November election and The Texas Supreme Court released a ruling, July 2, 2010, that denied Democratic Party efforts to block statewide Green Party candidates from participating in this election.

Christina Tobin, founder and chair of Free and Equal Elections Foundation, congratulates the Green Party of Texas on their win in the Texas Supreme Court to place their statewide candidates on the ballot.

Covering the battle between the Green Party of Texas and the Democratic Party over ballot access, The Wall Street Journal released three articles: “Texas Democrats See Red Over Green Party’s Ballot Coup,” published June 15; “Texas Green Party Appeals Ballot Decision,” published June 28; and the latest article, “Texas Green Party Gets Favorable Ruling,” published July 2.

“Texas has unfair ballot access laws for independent and alternative parties, like the Green Party of Texas,” Tobin said. “In addition to unfair ballot access laws, the Democratic Party is not acting democratic with this effort to reduce voter choices. The Democratic Party is showing a pattern of anti-democratic behavior in Texas and across this country that all voters should be paying attention to. I know first-hand how Ralph Nader’s candidacies faced attacks from organized Democratic Party efforts paid for by their typical corporate funders. It is a shame that the Texas Democrats are playing the same legal games.” Continue Reading


Free and Equal, Texas Green Party issue joint statement on ballot access petition controversy

Free and Equal and the Green Party of Texas have issued a joint statement on the media reports concerning the state party’s ballot access petition drive and Free and equal’s involvement in making it happen.

Free and Equal Issues Statement in Response to Recent Texas Media Reports

Free and Equal Elections is proud to stand next to the Green Party of Texas today to release this joint statement concerning Texas media reports involving Boyd Ritchie’s anti-democratic attack on the Green Party’s recent petition drive in Texas.

The statement from Free and Equal Founder and Chair Christina Tobin follows:

“Boyd Ritchie’s anti-democratic and anti-choice actions are shameful for a party leader. Free and Equal is a non-partisan organization that helps all parties, and Ritchie appears to have gone hysterical because a Green got on the Texas ballot this week. Ballot access and campaign finance are two completely different things. Ritchie is acting like a hot-headed party boss, not a party leader who deserves respect.”

“In Ritchie’s attempt to inflict harm on the Green Party, he will also harm voters by reducing their choices on Election Day. It’s a shame he would go to such lengths to keep a candidate from running, just because they aren’t a member of his party.” Continue Reading


WA third party leaders issue statement opposing CA Proposition 14

From Free & Equal:

Leaders from Washington State’s Third Party Coalition released a statement today urging California voters to vote no on Proposition 14. The coalition is comprised of the American Heritage Party, Constitution Party, Green Party, Libertarian Party, and Progressive Party.

Here is the full text of the statement:

The Top Two Primary System in Action — The Experience of Third Parties in Washington State Continue Reading


Texas Green Party announces successful petition drive

From the Green Party of Texas:

Green Party of Texas to Hold Press Conference

Turning in of Over 90,000 Petition Signatures
to Secretary of State on Monday

Monday, May 24, 2:00 p.m.
Signatures will be turned in immediately after the press conference.

Outside the Secretary of State’s office, Rusk Building
208 East 10th Street, 3rd Floor, Austin

The Green Party of Texas will turn in over 90,000 signatures on Monday, in an effort to get the Party on the General Election ballot this November. If accepted, this will be the first time the Green Party has had ballot access since 2002. Continue Reading


Illinois gubernatorial debate this Friday

In a press release sent to Green Party Watch the Free and Equal Elections Foundation announced plans to hold a debate in Illinois’ gubernatorial race this Friday, October 9th. Christina Tobin is Chairman and founder of the organization.

“This debate will be unique in that ALL the candidates are invited to participate, not just the Democrats and Republicans.” said Tobin.”We are excited that voters all across Illinois will have the opportunity to hear the candidates speak in person, or online via web stream.”

The full text of the press release is below the fold. Continue Reading


Green candidate ousted from Rochester mayor race, leaving incumbent unopposed

Your News Now Rochester has reported that Rochester business owner Alex White, who had filed over 1500 signatures to run for mayor on the Green Party line, was thrown off the ballot after the Democratic Party challenged his signatures and convinced the Board of Elections to reject over 400 signatures. With White off the ballot, the incumbent Democratic mayor Bob Duffy will be unopposed for reelection.

The Green Party of Monroe County replied to the Democratic petition challenge with a post entitled “Call Democrats and demand your democracy back”.

Transpartisan ballot access crusaders Free And Equal mentioned the undemocratic behavior of the Rochester Democrats in a press release entitled “Democrats, Republicans attempt to limit voter choice in New York State”. [sorry, as a registered NY voter, can’t resist an editorial comment: WHAT A SHOCK!]


Free and Equal heads to Green Party national meeting

From FreeAndEqual.org:

Free & Equal Elections is a truly trans-partisan organization dedicated to ensuring that ALL candidates have a spot on the ballot, regardless of political ideology.

We have been traveling across the country to meet with like-minded activists who are dedicated to breaking the two-party stranglehold on our electoral process. We continue to use this outreach to help plan our all-out legislative assault on restrictive ballot access laws.

After attending Freedom Fest in Las Vegas two weekends ago, and the Libertarian National Committee meeting in St. Louis this past weekend, Free & Equal Elections will be in North Carolina for the National Meeting of the Green Party. There, we will meet with members of the Green Party and compare strategies for ballot access. Continue Reading