500 Days to Mid-Term Elections

From the Green Party:

The 2010 elections offer an unprecedented opportunity for the Green Party. In the 2010 election cycle we will have the chance to get the Green message out and to hold the corporate parties accountable. Now more than ever our country needs an alternative that will fight for a Single Payer system, to bring ALL of our troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq, to take serious action on global warming, to bail out Americans who are suffering from the worst recession in nearly three decades, and to create a banking system that works for all of us and not just Wall Street.

The Democratically-controlled Congress has failed us on all these counts. Next year the entire House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate is up for election. In addition, 37 states will be electing Governors. Seats for other statewide officials will be up for election. These elections provide the Green Party with many opportunities to win and maintain ballot lines. The more ballot lines we win in 2010, the more opportunities citizens will have to vote for a sustainable and just future and the stronger we will be when we go into the 2012 elections.
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Green National Committee considers budget

The Green National Committee is considering a new budget for the national party. This proposed budget calls for a basic budget just over $400,000. The GNC will have to begin voting on this proposed budget on the 9th of this month, with a one week time frame for votes to be cast.

A quick review of the budget shows that Emily Citkowski is asking for a reduction in hours to half-time, and Richard Scott, online fundraising director, has left that post, with independent contractors and other staff set to take over those responsibilities.

The Proposed 2009 Budget, Line Item notes and Fundraising narrative can be found through this link.


Help the Power to the People Campaign

In a message important to all McKinney supporters, the national party asks Greens to help the McKinney/Clemente ticket by participating an a phone bank.

Help the Power to the People Campaign

You can also help by reaching out to Greens in other states through our online phone bank. The McKinney-Clemente campaign operates a virtual phone bank where you can work from home, using your unlimited long distance plans and your internet connections to access campaign lists to support fundraising and voter ID work. Phone conferences are being held Wednesday and Friday nights to support your work on the campaign phone bank.

The Green Party of the United States and many state parties have made their fundraising lists available for this purpose. Supporters willing to help the campaign raise funds are urged to send your name, state, phone number and email address to:


You’ll get a response with login credentials, links, instructions and a phone number where you can get your questions answered.