GPW Radio interview with Rev. Billy Talen Tuesday, April 14th at 5pm

The good Reverend will join us here at Green Party Watch Radio for a very special program. Tuesday, April 14th at 5pm he will join us for a conversation about his campaign for Mayor of New York City on the Green Party ticket, the ideas behind the Church of Life After Shopping, what it’s like being the subject of a Morgan Spurlock film and answers the question, what would Jesus buy?


Election results

I will be webcasting election results via Green Party Watch Radio tonight starting at 7 PM East Coast Time. I will take a break from 9 to 10 PM, and return for a second session from 10 PM to midnight. I will have a chat room set up for questions and for folks to submit information. I hope to bring as many Green candidates as possible onto the program, so I invite any of you with information to call in to the show at (646) 478-3778. Of course, if you don’t have info but just want to shoot the breeze, well, that’s OK too. If you want to reach me with info but don’t want to be “on the air”, you can call me on my cell phone toll free at (877) 282-2236. If you have unlimited calling, please spare me the cost by calling me directly at (803) 984-5414.

I can call candidates as well as have them call me, so if you have a candidate you want me to reach out to, send me their number and a time to call and I’ll ring them up. You can send me that info at GreggJocoy@riseup.net. I hope to have both Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente on the show at some point, but I know they will be very busy tonight, so keep your fingers crossed for me.


Eugene Platt to be guest on GPW Radio Sunday, 3 PM East Coast Time

Green Party Watch Radio will host South Carolina’s only elected Green, Eugene Platt, this Sunday from 3 to 3:30 East Coast Time.

Platt is at the center of a legal battlefield. He has been sued in state court by Charleston County Democratic Party Chair George Tempel to keep him off the November ballot. Platt and the South Carolina Green Party have had to go to federal court against the South Carolina Election Commission to overturn a staff decision to bar Platt from the November ballot.

Platt will join Democratic Party nominee Anne Peterson Hutto and incumbent Republican Wallace B. Scarborough once barriers to the voter’s rights to a legal third choice are removed.

Platt, who ran as the Democratic Party nominee against Scarborough in 2006, losing by fewer than 50 votes out of more than 12,000 cast, has needlessly been slandered by the Charleston Post and Currier/s reporter with the phrase Political observers don’t expect Platt to place any better than third should his name appear on the ballot… without naming who these “political observers” are.


Gordon Clark, Maryland Green for Congress, guest on Green Party Watch Radio Sunday, Sept 7th, 8 PM East Coast Time

Gordon Clark will be the guest on a special edition of Green Party Watch Radio at 8 PM East Coast time, Sunday, September 7th. Those who care to do so can call in by dialing (646) 478-3778. Clark is focusing his Maryland 8th District seat on Stopping Global Warming, Ending the War in Iraq, Building the Green Economy and Guaranteed Universal Healthcare.

Taking advantage of social networking sites, Clark has a FaceBook account, a MySpace account, maintains a blog at WordPress.com, a personal blog for Clark also at WordPress, and even has a way for supporters to buy a tee shirt via Zazzle.com. A group of Greens calling themselves New Menu offers information about Clark at their site, and the campaign has set up a low intensity Yahoo! Group.

The Clark campaign has even set up some virtual real estate over at YouTube.

News Rack Blog reports on Clark and impeachment, plans for a blockaide of Iran and much more. PolitickerMD has a series of articles about Clark’s run, and Shared Sacrifice. He has also been on Radio Resistance.

Financian reports apparently indicate that, after taking out the candidate contributions, the Clark campaign is one of the best funded third party efforts.

He’s gotten coverage at Deep Journal as well.


Emily Citkowski on GPW Radio Sunday

Green Party Operations Manager Emily Citkowski will be our guest Sunday on Green Party Watch Radio. Citkowski, who came to the Green Party’s national office from a background in the Teamsters for a Democratic Union where she worked in their Detroit office. She has reported on union activities in Indonesia, and was (is?) a member of Solidarity US.

The program will begin at 3:00 PM Sunday, and will be archived at Blog Talk Radio. To listen live, listen to older programs, or to download a podcast of any of our programs, just visit Green Party Watch Radio and enjoy!


Fixing Green Party Watch Radio

Well, last week I interviewed Richard Carroll. As mentioned in an earlier post, I was unable to get the system to work properly, and the show was almost unlistenable. Some brave souls did though, so I decided there was enough interest that I needed to fix the problem.

I learned how to edit my audio a little bit and the result is a new version of my interview with Richard, and this one is better for sure. You can listen to the new version by clicking here

The most popular show so far was my interview with kat swift. To listen to that one, simply click here.

Today’s program featured Holly Hart, GPUS national Secretary. We talked about Iowa, her run for Lt. Governor, ballot access and so much more. You can listen to that program by visiting this “featured” show.

I learned from the editing process. I learned that I talk too much and don’t add a lot. I’m getting better folks. Soon hopefully all you’ll hear from me is “Our guest today is…” followed by thirty minutes on them talking about things that interest you.


Holly Hart guest on GPW Radio Sunday

National Green Party Secretary for three years, Iowa Green Holly Hart will be the guest this Sunday on Green Party Watch Radio. Tune in this Sunday from 3 to 3:30 PM East Coast time and you’ll hear us live. Of course, as always, the show is hosted at GPW Radio after the webcast too so you can listen at your leisure.

To listen to the program, click here.


Confusion and problems at GPW Radio

My interview with Richard Carroll, Green candidate in the 39th House District in Arkansas, was just that; confused and filled with problems.

I re-booted my computer before the show, as I always do, and called in. Once the show began I talked for a couple of minutes when I saw that Richard was on the line. I wrapped and hit the button to un-mute Richard…and nothing happened. The little hourglass started to twirl where my cursor should be and nothing. Not a word could I hear. I tried to have Richard call me back. Nothing. So I signed off, re-booted my computer again, shut down the other two computers in the room thinking that they might somehow be involved, and called Richard on my cell phone. Continue Reading


Green Party Watch Radio guest: Richard Carroll

Richard Carroll has agreed to be my guest this Sunday on Green Party Watch Radio. Carroll is running for the 39th State House seat in Arkansas. It is possible that he will be the only candidate on the ballot since the Democratic Party in that state has changed party rules in an attempt to keep their nominee off the ballot.

Carroll is a 30 year veteran Union Organizer and has served in office at two different locals of the Boilermaker’s Union He is a self described “green Green”, as in new Green, but said in a brief interview today that he believes in the Green Party’s values and is looking forward to learning more about the Green Party and our members.

The program will air live Sunday at 3 PM East Coast time and will be archived at Blog Talk Radio for those who prefer to listen later.


Green Party Watch Radio today at 3 PM East Coast time

I’ll hope to have some folks at the convention call in. Otherwise I’ll hope to do my best with a week in review. To listen just click the Blog Talk Radio button on the right. To call in just dial (646) 478-3778 and I’ll get you on the air as soon as possible. Remember that this is a New York City number, so long distance rates may apply, but many have toll free on Sundays…