On being a Twit

As 52 of you know, GPW posts are now being Twittered. We are using Twitterfeed.com to post GPW feeds to our Twitter account.

Because we don’t want to make people mad by sending them tweets after normal bedtime we are posting only during reasonable hours using GPW’s post-dating feature. This post, for example, is being written at 5:45 AM East Coast Time, but won’t appear, nor be tweeted until 9:45 AM.

There was apparently a glitch either in Twitterfeed or our particular account yesterday, and posts to the site were not being sent. I posted them directly via the web, and then twitterfeed sent the same post five hours later. From now on we will wait until Twitterfeed fixes whatever problems they have and avoid sending the same info to you twice.

If you are not one of our Twitter subscribers this doesn’t matter to you, but if you don’t subscribe, why not give it a whirl.


Convention Countdown

The Green Party Nominating Convention is coming up this week, July 10-13 (or Thursday thru Sunday for you dateless ones).

Green Party Watch will be there, and will be reporting regularly from the Convention. We will probably use a combination of periodic updates, Live Blogging, and potentially on-site forums and/or Live Chat to give people avenues for commenting on the convention while it is in progress.

If C-Span is covering it (as they likely are) then we will post coverage times as soon as we know them (anyone know them?). If they give the GP the same coverage they gave the Libertarians then they will be broadcasting the candidate forum (8 p.m. eastern, 7 central) and the Saturday floor votes and speeches.

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Seems to be working!

I understand much better now how Green Party Watch Radio works. I will be able to accept calls starting today. I hope that you’ll listen and call as well.

Starting today I will write out what I read, to eliminate the um..ah…well…hmmm. That way you will get decent quality news in as short a time as possible.

Starting next week, and through the November election, GPW Radio will be expanded to 30 minutes. This should leave enough time for all the news, and time for calls. If enough folks participate, I am open to more time.

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The future of Green Party Watch

Well, as Mae West famously said, hang on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

And, to be clear, that is a very good thing. If waters were smooth it would mean that we were not paddling hard enough!

We are now up to better than a dozen contributors, with several more contacted and several more to be contacted. We have a small team of what appears to be very competent technical volunteers. We have several folks commenting regularly, which always drives up the numbers. The site has averaged over 100 hits a day since it’s beginnings, and remains above that threshold so far. A few links have been established, and this weekend I will begin putting together as comprehensive a list of Green contacts I can find so we can promote the site to them as well.

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The genesis of Green Party Watch

Once upon a time there was a website called Third Party Watch, (TWP)and while it was run by a fairly conventional fellow, Austin Cassidy, the site was a good source of Green Party news.

As the Libertarian Party Presidential race heated up the site was sold, and sold again, and turned into Libertarian Party Watch pretty quickly. With precious little at TWP to offer visitors with a need for Green Party news, Green Party Watch was launched as an alternative.

Ronald Kane Hardy registered the domain and set the site up. He and I began to solicit contributors from across the Green blogosphere, and will be expanding our list of writers, reporters and editors as quickly as possible.

It is our hope, all of us here, that this site will be one of your primary sources for Green Party news. We further hope that you will invite friends and the general public to visit here. Afterall, if all we do is talk to one another, how do we bring our message to new folks?