Green National Committee cancels vote on 99% Spring

A proposal sponsored by the Green Party of Washington State which would have the Green Party of the United States endorsing a call from the99%Spring.com to train 100,000 volunteers in non-violent direct action, will not come to a vote. The proposal points out that many endorsing organizations are associated with the Democratic Party.

This Spring We Rise!

April 9-15 we will gather across America, 100,000 strong, in homes, places of worship, campuses and the streets to train ourselves in non-violent action and join together in the work of reclaiming our country. History is calling; it’s time to step up.

The proposal, with Budd Dickinson serving as floor manager, asserts that

The description of the Spring Event includes a list of issues that have made the event both necessary and possible (see 99spring.com).

These issues were created by the bipartisan Wall Street/War Party; it should not be permitted to pose as the party promising to reform them. We refuse to allow our issues to be co-opted by the corrupt and broken two-party system that has generated the problems The 99% Spring addresses. The Green Party is the party with the history of opposing legislation for the 1%.

While the vote on the proposal was cancelled, there is no specific explanation for the cancellation nor a date on when the vote was called off. The proposal suggested that the discussion phase was to run from March 12th to 18th, with a week of voting to follow.

The proposal would have added the Green Party to a long list of organizations already endorsing the event. Former treasurer Jody Grage was the contact person for the proposal. This story will be updated as more details are learned.


More National Committee news

The proposals to place Alaska, Idaho, Wyoming and Vermont into inactive status is being voted on now, as mentioned in an earlier article. As of now there are a few “no” votes, and a few “abstain” votes, but most are voting “yes”. Thus far votes have been cast by 22 states or caucuses.

Two other issues are up for votes right now. One, Proposal 433, would appoint Hank Bardel of New York to the Finance Committee. The other, Proposal 432 would establish a “fast track” system for Steering Committee approval of time-sensitive sign-on letters and/or petitions forwarded by the Eco-Action Committee.

As of now, votes on these two proposals are Continue Reading


Green National Committee news

The Green National Committee (GNC) is responsible for decision making between Annual National Meetings.  Over the holidays they have been busy, and several proposals are now in the voting phase.

In the not too distant past, some proposals and appointments have failed due to a lack of a voting quorum. To address that problem it has been proposed that four states be assigned a “temporary inactive status”. They include Alaska, Wyoming, Idaho, and Vermont.

All these proposals were submitted by the Accreditation Committee. This committee is headed up by Nannette Garrett of Georgia and Roger Snyder of New York.

So far there have been only “Yes” and “abstain” votes cast, but only a few of those. Voting began today and ends on the 10th.


Green Party elects new Steering Committee members, secretary

In voting recorded at the Green National Committee webpage, the following were elected to be co-chairs of the Green Party:
David Strand of MN
Farheen Hakim of MN
Jason Nabewaniec of NY
Mike Feinstein of CA

These four join join sitting members:
Sanda Everett of CA
Craig Thorsen of CA
Jill Bussier of WI

Nabewaniec was a sitting member who ran for re-election. Former members Budd Dickinson of CA, and Clifford Thornton of CT opted not to run for re-election, and Phil Huckelberry of IL resigned his post to focus on IL elections. **Please note, Huckelberry corrected an error in the story. He did not resign his post, but simply opted not to run for re-election.**

In addition, Holly Hart of IA was re-elected Secretary.

**Additional note** These are apparently preliminary results, and will be confirmed by the Elections Tabulation Committee. It is expected that the results will be unchanged after their review.