Howie Hawkins: Reflections on 30 years of Green Party organizing

p howie hawkinsThe Summer 2014 issue of Green Pages features an interview with Howie Hawkins (now running for Governor of New York) on his unique perspective on the Green Party as a founding member. From the article:

What got you into being part of the start of the Green Party?

I have been committed to a third party of the people vs. the corporate rulers since 1964 when as a youth in California I witnessed the Republicans, led by spokes­per­son Ronald Reagan, conduct a successful referendum to repeal a fair housing law, and the Democrats seat the segregationist Dixiecrat delegation instead of the integrated civil rights Freedom Democrats delegation from Mississippi at the Demo­cratic National Convention. The Democrats won in 1964 and escalated the war in Viet­nam. So I campaigned for the Peace and Freedom Party in 1968, the People’s Party in 1972 and 1976, and the Citizens Party in 1980. In 1984, I was invited to participate in the first national Green Party organizing meeting in St. Paul, Minn. as a representative of the anti-nuclear Clam­shell Alliance and I think Patch Adams, now Assistant Secretary of Health for Holistic Health in the Green Shadow Cab­inet, and I are the only two left attending that meeting who are still alive and active in the Green Party. Continue Reading


Green Pages Fall 2010 issue now online

The Fall 2010 issue of Green Pages, the national newspaper of the Green Party of the United States, is now online. From the Green Pages website:

With this issue of Green Pages we feature many of the strong candidates the State Green Parties are running for local, state and federal office this campaign season.

Reports are just beginning to emerge that a number of the organizations represented at this summer’s National Peace Conference in Albany, NY are being targeted by the FBI.

Jay Sweeney writes about the dangers of hydrofracking and describes how the Green Party is involved in trying to stop this highly destructive mining of natural gas.

Should ‘Story of Stuff’ education guru Annie Leonard come out as a Green? Read the review and let us know what you think.

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Greens meet with groups from around the world
Get to business at GPUS Annual National Meeting
by Jan Martell, North Carolina Green Party

Michigan Green Party candidate speaks out against state
Outrage as state withholds information of qualifying independent candidates
by the Green Party of Michigan

2010 Maine “Green of the Year” to be honored posthumously
Jack Harrington, 1946–2010

New York Peace Conference draws participants from all over the world
by Joe Lombardo
Green Party of New York State and co-organizer for United National Peace Conference


I am a candidate – I am a Green
Green Party candidates share their thoughts
compiled by David McCorquodale, Green Party of Delaware

A Composite Look at 2010 Green Candidates
by Dave McCorquodale, Green Party of Delaware

Green Candidates: Authors and Writers
by David McCorquodale, Green Party of Delaware

New York Greens go for top seats in state government
A full slate of state candidates raises key issues
by Deyva Arthur, Green Party of New York State


What Happened to the Dream?
by Dee Berry, Progressive Party of Missouri; Paul Krumm, Green Party of Kansas; and Barbara Rodgers-Hendricks, Green Party of Florida

A call to action against dangerous natural gas drilling
Hydrofracking is taking over the northeast
by Jay Sweeney, Green Party of Pennsylvania

Overcoming the Crabs in a Bucket Syndrome
by Brent McMillan, Green Party Executive Director



A review of The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard
by Wendy Kenin, Green Party of California


A Green Party vision for the midterm election: “Stage is set for Green breakthrough”

Brent McMillan, Green Party Political Director, wrote an article entitled “A vision for the midterm: stage is set for Green breakthrough” for the latest issue of Green Pages:

We are well positioned going into the 2010 mid-term, but without the accompanying work this is meaningless. Just having the right message is not enough. The 2006 mid-term was the second strongest for independents and third-party Candidates since 1934. This year could be even bigger, as there is great dissatisfaction with both Democrats and Republicans. Continue Reading


Fall 2009 Green Pages Posted

Green Pages, the national publication of the Green party of the United States, has posted the Fall 2009 edition. To view it, go to: http://gp.org/greenpages-blog/

Table of Contents:
Fall 2009


Presidential candidate, Cynthia McKinney detained by Israel
Humanitarian aid envoy to Gaza seized
by Wendy Kenin, Green Party of California and Lewis Pollis, Green Party of Ohio

A Florida Green’s charges dropped after a vigil for activist injured in Palestine

Confronting the G20
Green activists speak out at summit and are met with police violence
by e b bortz, Pennsylvania Green Party

Nationwide protests calling for an end to the wars in mid-October

Reversing the illusion of change
Green Party of Connecticut wins lawsuit against Clean Elections Law
by Mike DeRosa, co-chair of the Green Party of Connecticut

Convention in Durham develops priorities for the party

by Deyva Arthur, Green Party of New York State
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Summer Issue Of Green Pages Now Online

The Summer issue of Green Pages is now on-line at:

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Tamez Stronghold
Indigenous response to the U. S. Border Wall
by Wendy Kenin, California Green Party

The dangers of the Connecticut campaign finance law
State Greens sue to pull down law prohibitive to minor parties
by Mike DeRosa, co-chair of the Green Party of Connecticut


Greens mourn a founding member
Guy Chichester of New Hampshire dies

This year’s gathering to be cost-effective and fun
2009 Annual National Meeting to be held in Durham, NC
by Jan Martell, North Carolina Green Party

The first 100 days under a Green Party administration
by John Rensenbrink, Maine Green Independent Party

The First 100 Days

Hunger strike for strong climate legislation continues
by SKCM-Curry, Green Party of California

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June 2009 Greenline published

Greenline, the Green Party’s e-bulletin, has just released their June 2009 edition. With stories on registration for this summer’s Annual National Meeting, election results from June 9th elections, and the last opportunity to buy paper versions of Green Pages this year, it is a must read. The entire text is available by clicking this article’s headline.

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Greenline, May 2009

Greenline is the monthly e-bulletin of the Green Party of the United States. This month’s Greenline brings sad news indeed. Emily Citkowski, Green Party National Operations Director since Dec. 16th, 2003 has announced that she is returning to union organizing for her paying job, and will continue to volunteer with the national office as well as with the DC Statehood Green Party. Citkowski was interviewed for Green Party Watch Radio back in mid August.

In addition the May issue of Greenline covers the upcoming Green Party Annual National Meeting, scheduled for Thursday, July 23-Sunday July 26, 2009 on the campus of North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC.

A brief rundown of campaigns nationwide in included as is information about Green Party merchandise, Green Pages’ transition to an online only publication, and ways to stay in touch with the Green Party. The full text of Greenline can be found by clicking the headline of this article.

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Green Party Facebook sites

Various Green Party sites are up and running on a variety of social networking sites. Here are some of Facebook:

Faces of the Green Party
Green Pages, the official newsletter of the GPUS
Charleston (SC) Green Party
And finally, the Green Party of the United States

Please consider joining the GPUS group in particular. There are currently 954 members and it would be so cool if that number topped 1000 because of sign-ups from here.

If you are involved in a Facebook group that is specifically Green Party oriented, state, local, candidate, national, caucus…whatever, please post it in the comments and I’ll bring it to the front and include it in a future post.


Green Party’s Green Pages Now Online

The GPUS Newspaper Green Pages has moved to the GP Server and articles from the Winter issue are now online.

Green Pages Home

Winter 2009 Features:

There are a number of other articles on Elections, World, Opinion, Young Greens and Reports.

Check it out, bookmark it.