Opposition News website features article on California Greens approaching 30.

Laura Wells

In an article Opposition News, writes of the California Green Party as it approaches it’s 30th anniversary. The article goes into some detail about the founding of the Green Party as well as individual Green Party races and causes, such as opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership.


Two views of the Green Party

Ross Levin offers a diary of goings on in the Green Party in the Philadelphia area. Titled “Keepin busy with the Philly Greens – a march, a dinner, a meeting, and a concert”, Levin details upcoming events in the area, including a concert by Tom Neilson, a march to end foreclosures and an upcoming membership meeting.

In another article at OpEdNews, writer Joe Giambrone writes about his frustrations at what he sees as the failure of the Green Party to make itself available to those who are interested in getting involved. The article, titled “An open letter to a broken Green Party”, details his frustrations at websites that are not updated, emails left unanswered, and party registration that did not result in his being contacted by the state party.


California Green Party says no to propositions

A set of proposals will be voted on soon in California. The propositions will be decided in a May 19th ballot, and the Green Party in California is panning them all.

NewsBlaze.com reports that the California Nurses Association, which supported Ralph Nader in his Green Party backed 2000 run, has also voted to recommend against voters passing the proposals.

From the article:

The Green Party of California today – after polling its members and county councils statewide for the past month – strongly urged state voters to vote “no” on all propositions on the May 19 special ballot, calling the plan a “rotten deal.”