UPDATED: Canadian Green Party gains second Member of Parliament

UPDATED: Independent Thunder Bay MP Bruce Hyer has announced that he is joining the Green Party of Canada (story at CBC News).

Rumours are going around speculating that Independent Thunder Bay MP Bruce Hyer may be joining the Green Party of Canada as soon as this Friday!
English: Bruce Hyer, Canadian Member of Parlia...
This move would give the Canadian greens its second seat in the Canadian House of Commons after party leader Elizabeth May.

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Georges Laraque, former NHL enforcer poised to run for Greens in Montreal by-election

English: Georges Laraque

English: Georges Laraque (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to The Globe and Mail, Green Party of Canada deputy leader Georges Laraque is going to run in a Montreal, Quebec area by-election. In Canada a by-election is a special election to fill a seat in the House of Commons between elections. The big announcement is planned for tomorrow morning.

The party has issued a statement saying there will be an announcement tomorrow at a reception hall “regarding the riding of Bourassa.”

The seat was vacated when Bourassa Liberal MP Denis Coderre resigned to run for mayor.


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Canadian Green accuses New Democratic Party of sleezy tactics

“How about we pay you to sit this one out?” seems to be the message the New Democratic Party sent to BC Green Party candidate Andrew Weaver. Sharing sentiments similar to those which drive many former Republicans and Democrats to join the US Green Party, Weaver is quoted at the Vancouver Sun website saying

The NDP are portraying themselves as sugar-coated candy, but I’m finding that below the surface there’s some real ugliness. Anybody who knows anything about me knows that’s one of the reasons I am running: I’m sick and tired of this kind of stuff, of this underhanded political gamesmanship,

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Green Party of PEI looks for new leader as Sharon Labchuk resigns

Sharon Labchuck, leader of the Green Party of Prince Edward Island, in Canada, has resigned the leadership after leading the provincial political party for seven years.

Reports indicate there are several people interested in running for the leadership including Peter Bevan-Baker. Labchuk established the party as the province’s third party in two elections, beating out the long-lived NDP.

Sharon Labchuk announced Thursday she was stepping down as leader after a seven-year run. Bevan-Baker told CBC News he’s looking at the leadership, but hasn’t made a decision yet.”

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Robocall scandal hits Canada

Heraldic badges of the Canadian government

A scandal has broken out that has directly affected Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May‘s own riding. [See press release.] The governing Conservative Party is being charged with making robocalls and live calls to voters in ridings where the opposition had seats, and misdirecting their voters to false Elections Canada polling stations.

There are live callers coming forward with reports to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on this being done. Elections Canada is investigating, and there are calls for a public inquiry.

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US Greens congratulate Elizabeth May, first Green elected to Canadian Parliament

In a press release issued today the Green Party of the United States congratulated Canada’s first Green Party member of Parliament, Elizabeth May. Elected on Monday, May has served as the Canadian Green Party’s leader since her election to that post in 2006. The full text of the press release is below the fold. Continue Reading


I’m dating an MP!

Josh RachlisJosh Rachlis posted that comment on GPW’s Facebook page after the news that Elizabeth May had won her riding was announced on the CBC. His Facebook page included a rant about how the non-conservatives were unable to coalesce, leaving a Conservative government, even though they did not win a majority of the popular vote. After going on about the New Democratic Party, Green Party and Liberal Party working at cross purposes he said “Well, guess I won’t be getting any invites to be interviewed by the media now”…which of course prompted an offer of an interview right here at Green Party Watch. I did point out that we didn’t have a huge readership, but also pointed out that Rupert Murdock didn’t own us…yet!

Well surprise, surprise, surprise…he dropped us a line and said he’s up for it! Of course, we’ll come up with some questions ourselves, but in the meantime, help a fellow out and try to come up with some we can run past him.

He’s an Eco-comedian, screenwriter, actor, voice actor, filmmaker, cartoonist, songwriter, radio & TV host, stand-up comedian, film reviewer, cupcake judge…at least that’s what his Facebook page says.

His Funny or Die page is here, and apparently he’s both loved and hated by Canadians. Surely we can love and hate him down here too.

Catch his YouTube Chanel here.


Greens may win their first Member of Parliament in Canada tonight

Green Party of CanadaSadly, the hour is late…if you have news to report, please take advantage of the comments to let us know what’s going on. Of course, and of the writers here can add directly to the front page, so please do.

The Green MP candidate is Elizabeth May, and her riding, or district, is Saanich – Gulf Islands ahead by better than 2000 votes, 9659 to 7557. Reports can be watched at the CBC and reports specifically for May can be found this CBC link.

UPDATE…CBC Announces that Elizabeth May HAS been elected!


Elizabeth May goes to court

The Green Party of Canada and Elizabeth May are going to court to challenge her exclusion from the televised party leader’s debates that occur in Canada during each election. The debates are organized by a consortium of the television networks.

May was in the debate in 2008.

The Ombudsman of Canada’s public broadcaster the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is backing May in his new blog post. As well some of the non-teleivsion media are also supporting May.

The party’s own petition has over 100,000 signatures. More info. It is expected ousted nuclear watchdog Linda Keen will endorse Elizabeth May.

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