Texas Green U.S. House candidate Tijerina steps up campaign

TijerinaVanessa Tijerina, Green Party candidate for U.S. House in Texas’s 15th District, is stepping up her campaign.

Tijerina, a nurse and activist, visited United Nations in New York to delegate on behalf of economic development, global faith awareness, and civil rights earlier this month. She recently debated Democratic candidates for the open-seat race, and has opened a campaign office.

Tijerina for Greener Texas campaign director Cary Lee Peterson said, “It will be a good election for South Texas; definitely a game changer. I’m proud to represent the first Hispanic-American congresswoman, who abundantly possesses the qualifications on foreign relations and social affairs to lead District 15 into a prosperous future.”


GP.org profiles Texas Green Party

texasThe official Green Party of the United States website at GP.org has published a profile of the Green Party of Texas. It reads in part:


The GPTX has already set a new record in 2016, with more than 50 candidates seeking offices across the state. There are candidates for the U.S. House in 19 of the state’s 36 districts, the first time the Green Party will field candidates in a majority of the state’s races.

“Texas is a red state, so there is no ‘lesser evil’ risk in voting Green,” says state co-chair Aaron Renaud. “Besides, the Democrats do not have the energy or motivation to fix the campaign finance system, in that regard they are just as culpable. In the end, I would say to vote for the only party that doesn’t accept corporate donations. I would say to put real people into office, not politicians.”

But there are challenges in organizing in a state that covers more than a quarter-million square miles and that has more than 250 counties.

Co-chair Laura Palmer says, “Because the state is so large, party cohesion is one of our biggest challenges. Getting to know party members in other areas, keeping track of the status of local parties, and having the ability to screen volunteers for key roles are all enormous concerns.” Palmer says the GPTX has started to implement an “intentionally regional approach,” urging locals in the same parts of the state to work together.


Tomlinson to run for U.S. House in Texas as Green

tomlinsonPeace activist Rusty Tomlinson announced Wednesday that he will seek the Green Party nomination for the Texas 13th District U.S. House seat. The seat is currently held by Republican William “Mac” Thornberry, the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.

Tomlinson told The Amarillo Globe-News, “[Thornberry] is in the position of keeping the United States strong militarily. I am more of a pacifist. I believe in, instead of seeking to be a world power, we should seek to be an equal partner of the family of nations…and start with talking instead of killing.”

Tomlinson, a retired special education teacher, is running under the slogan “A Radical Change”. He told the newspaper, “I will work to drastically reduce the size of our military and its budget. I will work to change our nation from the world’s only superpower, to an equal partner in the family of nations, ready to work as an equal.”

KAMR-TV Amarillo had a report on Tomlinson’s campaign, which can be viewed online.


Green Salinas to run for Texas railroad commissioner

Martina-SalinasGreen Party activist Martina Salinas will run for Texas railroad commissioner in 2016. The commission regulates the oil and gas industry and other resources in the state. It no longer regulates railroads.

Her campaign said, “As a non-politician candidate, Salinas will strive to be the voice for the citizens of Texas, such as the citizens in the Rio Grande Valley who are fighting to preserve their quality of life by standing against a big industry that wants to build a unwanted LNG plant in South Texas.”

Salinas ran for railroad commissioner in 2014, receiving two percent of the vote in a four-way race.


Green Party of Texas puts out call for 2016 candidates

texasThe Green Party of Texas has put out a call for candidates for 2016 in advance of the December 14 filing deadline.

The party said, “The Green Party ballot line is set up and waiting for people like you to participate in the democratic process. Yes, the system is rigged, and skewed, and gerrymandered, and full of big bucks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get into the game.”

The announcement had a link to the form with the Texas Secretary of State’s office required to file for office. There is no filing fee.