Anita Stewart: More on the oil gush

In a posting to friends and supporters at Facebook, Florida Green Party leader Anita Stewart writes about the ever expanding Gulf Coast oil spill. Stewart is running for the Hillsborough County Soil and Water Conservation Board, and her insights are worth reading.

More on the oil gush
In the coming days and weeks and decades, we will see the true casualties and the destruction of our once pristine beaches, ecosystems and wildlife.

Floridians and Americans from elsewhere are talking about a boycott of BP and other oil companies. It is important to realize this: BP PAYS for barrels of Dawn dishwashing soap that it donates to the local wildlife sanctuaries for cleanup after accidents such as this latest one in the Gulf of Mexico. It is merely part of the payoff exchange plan for doing business and the unsuspecting public is unaware of these connections. But the problem goes even deeper than that… Continue Reading