Green Party announces plans for national convention

Green-Convention-2012The Green Party of the United States has announced details regarding the Presidential Nominating Convention to be held at the University of Houston from Thursday, August 4 through Sunday, August 7.

GPUS Co-Chair Tamar Yager said, “Following the Republican and Democratic conventions, the Green convention will be watched closely because of widely anticipated dissatisfaction with the projected nominees of both of the established parties. We look forward to welcoming many Bernie Sanders supporters if he doesn’t emerge from the DNC as the nominee, as well as other voters who are considering alternatives to the two corporate-money parties and their candidates.”

Candidates for the presidential nomination will field questions from the media at a joint news conference on Saturday morning, with balloting later that day. The theme of the Green convention is “Houston, We Have A Solution: Vote Green 2016.”

Green Party of Texas State Executive Committee Co-Chair Laura Palmer said, “Texas Greens are excited to host this historic convention, which will bring attention to so many critical issues in a city that lies at the heart of the corporate empire. We believe Houston is uniquely situated to influence the national political dialogue, and to help lead the way in finding solutions for the future.”


Green for Greens: Deborah Shafto, Don Cook, and Alfred Molison for Houston City Council

In Texas’ largest city, three Greens are making a team effort to get elected to Houston City Council. Deborah Shafto, Don Cook, and Alfred Molison are running as “The Progressive Coalition”, with a platform focused on public transportation, recycling, living wage, issue advocacy, policing, and public safety. They hope to guide Houston to a less car-centered future, introduce neighborhood programs like farmers’ markets and community gardens, implement a plan to reduce landfill waste by 90% by 2040, enact a citywide living wage, move to a medically-focused (rather than criminally-focused) drug policy, and convince the city council to voice support for the single-payer bill HR 676.

Deborah Shafto, Don Cook, and Alfred MolisonTexas, the second most populous state after California, has been hard for the Green Party to get a foothold in. Texas Greens briefly gained ballot status in 2000, but lost it and haven’t managed to get back on the statewide ballot since then. However, Green locals in Texas have remained active, and Kat Swift of San Antonio ran for the Green presidential nomination in 2008. Support for candidates like Deborah Shafto, Don Cook and Alfred Molison will strengthen Green locals in Texas, helping the Texas Greens build the organizational capacity to take on challenges like getting back on the ballot and promoting a clean energy future in the heart of America’s oil industry.

As part of their team effort, Shafto, Cook and Molison are sharing all funds they raise equally. You can help this trailblazing Green campaign to succeed, and promote Green growth in Texas, by donating to Deborah Shafto, Don Cook, and Alfred Molison today at their website progressivecoalitionhouston.com.

If you prefer to donate by mail, write a check payable to “Progressive Coalition” and send to:

Progressive Coalition
c/o Mary Cook
7954 Glenheath St.
Houston TX 77061

Please include a completed contribution form so that we can fulfill our disclosure reporting requirements.


Green Watch TV

The Harris County Green Party (TX) is sponsor of a local cable TV program titled GreenWatchTV. Harris County is home to Houston, and the program, shown Wednesday nights from 9 to 10 PM, recently featured Liaquat Ali Shaikh, co-chair of the Pakistani Green Party, in their show titled South Asia Geopolitics.

Many of their programs are available here. The online videos are low resolution webcasts.